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Black Enterprise Announces Free Conference for Women in Tech



The Women of Power TECH Conference welcomes all rising executives and fearless founders to a virtual experience that will elevate networks and careers

NEW YORK /PRNewswire/ — Today, leading Black-owned media outlet BLACK ENTERPRISE is kicking off its Women of Power Tech Conference to accelerate career paths for women entrepreneurs and techies through a 2-day virtual experience on Thursday, Sept. 8th and Friday, Sept. 9th.  

Launched in 2020, the Women of Power TECH Conference is BLACK ENTERPRISE’s inaugural virtual conference, with sessions, workshops, and coaching designed to help women identify new trends and gain the digital upskilling necessary to advance across an array of tech-driven industries. The free event is back with two days of learning and insight to help attendees continue to innovate and execute.

“At BLACK ENTERPRISE, we are committed to the economic and intellectual advancement of the Black community,” said Earl “Butch” Graves Jr., President & CEO of BLACK ENTERPRISE. “Women of Power TECH is demonstrative of our efforts to create quality programming that not only uplifts our core audience but also expands our reach to new audiences and hopefully sparks the next generation of female leaders.”

Featuring a powerful lineup of female executives and entrepreneurs across STEM fields, the robust programming allows the audience to hear from women who are dominating the industry such as tech leaders from WalmartFidelity Investments, American Airlines, Verizon, Merck, and speakers from Black tech startups Incredible Health, Storehouse in a Box, KeepWOL, OneKIN, Jet Constellations, Bootup, Mueshi, and more. The event will also feature a live Q&A with Felecia Hatcher, CEO of Pharrell William’s nonprofit Black Ambition, and Real Housewives of Atlanta personality/tech entrepreneur and investor Tanya Sam, and various conversations to provide upcoming changemakers the opportunity to explore entrepreneurial paths, business mentorship, and tech career advancements.

“There is a critical gap in the tech industry putting women at a disadvantage to succeed and grow at a similar rate as men,” said Alisa Gumbs, Vice President and Deputy Chief Content Officer of BLACK ENTERPRISE. “Black women especially are underrepresented in tech and will benefit from virtually connecting with some of today’s most successful business influencers while gaining access to major corporations eager to recruit women of color for leadership positions and build supplier partnerships.


The Women of Power TECH Conference will be Thursday, Sept. 8th, and Friday, Sept. 9th, beginning at 10 a.m. each day. Guests will have the flexibility to enjoy an inclusive experience across two distinct tracks:

  • An executive track filled with career opportunities in STEM and solutions for the common obstacles Black women face getting their foot in the door, working in tech, and advancing their careers.
  • An entrepreneur track that gives startups and small business owners the information they need to leverage technology’s advantages, from Web 3.0 to venture capital funding.

Women of Power TECH Summit sponsors include American Airlines, Fidelity, JPMorgan Chase, Merck, United Health Group, and Walmart.

For more information about this year’s programming and to register for the event, please visit

Founded in 1970, BLACK ENTERPRISE is a mission-centric publication focused on providing relevant information for success-minded people at every stage of their financial journey. Designed to highlight Black leadership and entrepreneurial journeys, BLACK ENTERPRISE reaches its audience through its events, linear, and digital channels. BLACK ENTERPRISE aims to be a fountain of knowledge for the how in achieving financial success. To learn more about the company, please visit and follow it on social media across InstagramTwitter, and Facebook.


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Business and Finance

Mad Mobile and Samsung Join Forces to Bring Businesses Tap & Pay Technology



TAMPA, Fla. ( – Mad Mobile Inc., a global leader in Connected Commerce and mobile payments for retailers and restaurants, announced they will now offer Tap & Pay capabilities to businesses in collaboration with Samsung Electronics America. The Tap & Pay capability powered by Mad Mobile on Samsung mobile devices will give businesses a quick, streamlined way to accept contactless customer payments.

“We are excited to collaborate technologies with Samsung and provide our customers the most streamlined, lightweight, and affordable Tap & Pay solution today,” said Mad Mobile’s Chief Growth Officer, Tod Monchecourt. “Joining forces, our Connected Commerce platform supports Tap & Pay on Samsung mobile devices, including handheld tablets.”

Mad Mobile and Samsung are working together to give retailers the tools they need to create secure, convenient customer experiences that will help increase engagement and their bottom line. With just one tap, businesses can reduce checkout lines, increase efficiency, and process payments faster.

Monchecourt added: “We are dedicated to providing our customers with cutting-edge solutions in the form of a modern, mobile-first POS platform. By joining forces with Samsung, we further this mission, allowing our customers to benefit from the most advanced technologies and omnichannel strategies available.”

About Mad Mobile


Mad Mobile is building the next generation of digital and mobile experiences globally for more than 21,000 retail and restaurant locations. The company’s platform offers modern point-of-sale transactions, offering businesses new ways to connect with customers. Mad Mobile powers major retailers such as Ralph Lauren, Tractor Supply, Signet Jewelers, Meijer, Estée Lauder, Talbots, and Urban Outfitters. To learn more, visit

About Samsung Electronics America, Inc.

Headquartered in Ridgefield Park, N.J., Samsung Electronics America, Inc. (SEA) is a leader in mobile technologies, consumer electronics, home appliances and enterprise solutions. The company pushes beyond the limits of today’s technology to provide groundbreaking connected experiences across its large portfolio of products and services, including mobile devices, home appliances, home entertainment, 5G networks, and digital displays. As EPA’s ENERGY STAR® Corporate Commitment Partner, SEA is dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment through its eco-conscious products, practices, and operations. To learn more and to get involved, visit For the latest news, visit and follow @SamsungNewsUS. SEA is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Source: Mad Mobile

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Electric vehicles helping drivers to reduce their bills



  • 90% of vehicle-owning US households could reduce their bills as well as their carbon footprint by switching to electric vehicles. 
  • 85 million households could halve their transport bills by going electric compared to just 25 thousand households if they switched to newer, gasoline-fuelled cars. 
  • Adopting an electric vehicle would more than double the number of US households with low transport costs, spending less than 2% of their annual income on transport fuels. 

Newswise — Drivers in Washington, California, and New York are set to see the greatest reductions in transport costs and greenhouse gas emissions due to a combination of cleaner power grids and low electricity prices in comparison to gasoline prices, among other factors.  

Over 90% of vehicle-owning US households could slash their greenhouse gas emissions as well as their transport costs by switching to electric vehicles. A study maps the change in annual income spent on transport fuels for vehicle-owning US households upon adopting electric vehicles.  

US households are highly dependent on private vehicles, with over 80% of journeys taken via personal cars. These journeys are not only bad for the environment and public health, but they are also expensive: around 67% of US households are currently considered to have medium-to-high travel costs, spending greater than 2% of their annual income on transportation. 

“Joshua Newell, co-author of the study and Professor of Environment and Sustainability at the University of Michigan, says: “As the need for decarbonisation becomes increasingly urgent, it is crucial that we identify where and how we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, starting with assessing the long-term affordability of electric vehicles. Our results show that not only are electric cars better at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but in most cases, they are cheaper to run too.” 

Study evaluates the cost-effectiveness of switching to electric vehicles in comparison to new gasoline-fuelled vehicles, for different regions across the United States. The results show that 71% of US drivers could halve their transport bills by going electric. In comparison, just 0.02% of drivers would see the same reduction in fuel costs by switching to newer, gasoline-fuelled cars. 

Moreover, the team found that adopting an electric vehicle would more than double the number of US households with low transport costs, spending less than 2% of their annual income on transport fuels. Nationwide, this equates to over 80% of vehicle-owning households. 

“Our research contributes to the topic of energy justice, ensuring participation in the energy system is equitable, affordable, and accessible for all. We are hopeful that this study will inform people on where significant, affordable reductions in greenhouse gas emissions can be made. For the majority of people, the ongoing fuel cost of electric vehicles will be even lower than adopting newer, more efficient gasoline vehicles. However, the prominent differences across the nation emphasize the need for a regional approach to electric vehicle transitions,” concludes Jesse Vega-Perkins, lead author of the study. 

Source: Institute of Physics (IOP) Publishing


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Business and Finance

GEGO, a Global GPS Tracker Designed to Airline-Proof Luggage



Airlines keep losing luggage, but GEGO has crafted a personalized, real-time tracking service to help travelers keep their bags safe during a tumultuous time for the airline industry.

MIAMI ( – The downed FAA system was just one of many unexpected crises that travelers experienced this year. Lost luggage was again, a huge problem for passengers caught in the airports while the airlines scrambled to handle the situation. 

Unfortunately, lost luggage has just become an all-too-common problem among travelers. Each year, nearly 28 million bags are lost in the airline industry and about 5 percent of those bags are never recovered. What’s more, the number of bags lost at airports increases every year, particularly this past year with the chaos the airline industry experienced around the travel-heavy holiday period. 

To address these challenges, leading IoT company GEGO has created the only all-encompassing luggage tracking service on the market. Designed to be TSA compliant, GEGO’s GPS trackers can be used all over the world and come with 24/7 customer support that will help locate bags in minutes. With so many airlines struggling to keep track of bags right now, GEGO’s customer support hotline is crucial in giving travelers peace of mind and helping them to recover their items.

Unlike other Bluetooth trackers, GEGO has location history, SMS alerts upon arrival, optimized battery modes, and a 24/7 customer support hotline. The SIM card inside GEGO’s trackers is provided by one of the largest telecom companies in the world and uses 2G-4G GSM coverage, allowing the tracker to be used from anywhere in the world. The tracker provides real-time location updates through the app and has unlimited global coverage with no roaming charges.


In addition, GEGO’s luggage trackers can be used to track other valuable items in day-to-day life, help people find where they parked their car, and track the whereabouts of children and seniors.

“What really makes GEGO stand above the competition is our 24/7 customer service hotline, as it provides customers with a support system and a quick solution that, oftentimes, the airlines just cannot provide in times of crisis,” said Yohanna Isis, head of marketing for Gego. “Now is the time to invest in a luggage tracker to give you some peace of mind during your next trip.”


GEGO is leading innovation in the IoT space as leaders in software-based RTLS (Real-Time Locating Systems) solutions, pioneers in Smart Luggage, and the market leader in luggage tracking hardware and software. GEGO’s simple API/SDK architecture provides enterprises and travelers with scalable solutions for tracking the location of travel bags and other high-value assets. For more information visit

Source: GEGO

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