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Scary Monsters Are Real and Living Among Us

The FBI estimates that at least 50 serial killers are operating in the U.S. today. A perpetrator has to murder at least three people in order to be considered a Serial Killer.



Scary Monsters Are Real and Living Among Us
By Bill Knell

When I was a kid my parents told me that I had to watch out for the Boogeyman if I misbehaved or went outside after dark. This is something that parents used to tell their children to encourage good behavior and discourage them from wandering outside without permission. This myth began centuries ago in Europe where the Boogeyman was another name for the devil. Well, this creature used by parents as a scare tactic may not be real, but there are very dangerous monsters that are real and walk among us. I once came close to meeting one.

On June 26, 1977, I was living in Queens, New York City, just a few blocks from a disco club called Elephas. I walked near and past that club all the time. On that night Sal Lupo and Judy Placido met at Elephas. Judy was being bothered by some guy that kept hitting on her. Sal stepped in to help by pretending to be her boyfriend. It was after three in the morning, so the two decided to leave together just in case. They went outside and sat in Sal’s car with the windows up because it was raining.

Suddenly, there were loud sounds and glass breaking. Judy and Sal had been shot by the infamous.44 caliber killer. The shots stopped and the perpetrator was gone. Sal and Judy were injured, but alive. Others weren’t so fortunate. Later identified as David Berkowitz and arrested on August 10, 1977, their attacker killed six people and injured nine others in eight separate attacks. The press nicknamed him the ‘Son of Sam’.

David Berkowitz claimed that his neighbor’s dog gave him orders to kill. That’s how he interpreted the animal’s all night barking sessions. If the dog kept barking after one of Berkowitz’s attacks, the Son of Sam believed that he was being ordered to kill more people. The dog’s name was Sam. Unfortunately, those attacks are not unique in the history of crime.

The FBI estimates that at least 50 serial killers are operating in the U.S. today. A perpetrator has to murder at least three people in order to be considered a Serial Killer. By that standard there are probably more like 500 serial killers currently active throughout the nation. Why? Because it is difficult to identify them. Some, like the infamous Zodiac Killer have never been identified or captured.


Zodiac operated in Northern California from the late 1960s to the early 1970s. Five deaths are directly linked to him, with 28 others suspected. He claimed to have murdered a total of 37 people in taunting letters to the police and newspapers. The total number of victims for others is much higher. Andrei Chikatilo, a.k.a. The Red Ripper, confessed to the murders of 56 women and children between 1978 and 1990 in the Russian SFSR, the Ukrainian SSR and the Uzbek SSR.

Psychiatrists that have had the opportunity to personally speak with captured serial killers have discovered that they all suffer from Antisocial Personality Disorder. In 2017 the Mayo Clinic explained the behavior of people with ASPD this way: “People with antisocial personality disorder tend to antagonize, manipulate or treat others harshly or with callous indifference. They show no guilt or remorse for their behavior. Individuals with antisocial personality disorder often violate the law, becoming criminals.”

Serial Killers live in the real world, but maintain a surreal world that belongs exclusively to them. In their world they justify murder as the sensible solution to whatever need they have or mission they must fulfill. That world is their secret identity and they will do anything to protect it. Those that don’t get caught tend to be highly intelligent and able to control themselves to the extent that they try to stay off police radar. Their greatest weapon again being captured is that they tend to kill randomly.

If police or feds cannot connect the dots when it comes to the victims and locations, there isn’t a lot else they can do except hope that a tip from the public will bring some results. Random crimes involving rape, murder and physical assault to steal is not just a problem for police, it can affect any of us at any time. The best way to avoid these situations is to know more about those likely to commit the crimes, where they might occur and what you can do to stay safe.

Because serial killers suffer from ASPD and are experts at hiding their secret identities, we can assume they can be anyone. If someone new comes into your personal life or work, practice persistence. Wait a long while before responding to any invitation from that person that will result in you being alone with them for any amount of time. Serial killers and most rapists are impatient. If you say no to invitations to have a meal together, go out on a date or just meet socially after work, they will move on to someone else less cautious.

If you live in a town that is not a city and it is located near a major highway, you and your loved ones need to be extra careful. This isn’t your great grandparents’ USA anymore. Early morning hours, late night hours and dinnertime hours are when killers and rapists hunting in rural areas tend to strike. Jogging by yourself has become too great a threat for women and men. Go out to social events in groups and set a curfew for yourself and others in your family. Don’t fall into a Bundy Trap. Serial Killer Ted Bundy wore a fake arm sling and asked women for help getting something in or out of his vehicle.


Knowing the types of traps that serial killers and rapists use is very helpful in staying safe, so practice due diligence and learn all you can. Knowledge is your best weapon against these criminals. You will not only keep yourself and your family safe; you will help your friends and coworkers stay safe by helping them to avoid situations that might put them in danger. For more, visit

Bill Knell is a popular Speaker, Author, Writer and Researcher. Although his work covers many diverse topics, he is best known as a Paranormal Researcher with over forty years of experience investigating UFOs and other Paranormal Mysteries. Bill has authored hundreds of articles, written several books and presented over 2000 seminars on Paranormal Phenomenon in the USA and Canada since the 1970s. He has appeared on popular TV shows like Hard Copy, A Current Affair, 20/20 and been a guest on CNN, Headline News, Fox News, CBC News, BBC News, PBS and other major Networks. Bill hosted a popular cable TV show in the NYC area sponsored by Time/Life that regularly beat the network news broadcasts in ratings and was nominated for an Emmy. Considered a UFO Expert by the media, Bill was a consultant to a number of films and TV productions including Independence Day, Men In Black, War Of The World’s, The Fifth Element, Fire In the Sky and The X Files.. Bill Knell’s World of Weird

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Investigators Explore Impact of Cigarette Smoking and Alcohol Consumption on Black Breast Cancer Survivors



Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey Results Published in JAMA Network Open

Newswise — New Brunswick, N.J. – Investigators from Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey, the state’s  only National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center, together with RWJBarnabas Health, found that a higher risk of mortality in Black breast cancer survivors is associated with a history of cigarette smoking along with regular alcohol consumption at the time of diagnosis. The work, led by Nur Zeinomar, PhD, MPH, associate member of the Cancer Prevention and Control Program at Rutgers Cancer Institute, along with senior author Elisa V. Bandera, MD, PhD of Rutgers Cancer Institute, Rutgers School of Public Health  and Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School,is published in JAMA Network Open (doi:10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2022.52371)

There is limited data about how lifestyle factors are associated with breast cancer prognosis in Black women, as the majority of evidence is based on studies in white breast cancer survivors.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which includes limited alcohol consumption and avoiding smoking, has been associated with improved survival following a breast cancer diagnosis (Li Q et al. Breast Cancer. 2022 Nov;29(6):957-966.). In this population-based cohort study of 1,926 Black breast cancer survivors, researchers found that those who smoked at the time of breast cancer diagnosis had a 52 percent increased risk for death due to any cause, compared with those who never smoked. This association was most pronounced for women with greater ‘pack-years’ of smoking and who regularly consumed alcohol, suggesting that smoking at the time of diagnosis is associated with a higher risk of mortality among Black breast cancer survivors, report the authors.

“Our findings add to the evidence of the detrimental health impacts of smoking and underscore the need of tailored and targeted survivorship care for breast cancer survivors, particularly Black women and those with heavier levels of smoking,” notes Dr. Zeinomar, who is also an assistant professor of medicine at Rutgers Robert Wood Jonson Medical School. “According to the American Cancer Society, there is a 40 percent increased risk of death for Black women diagnosed with breast cancer compared to non-Hispanic white women, thus better understanding how these modifiable risk factors are associated with prognosis is important for clinical recommendations and management following a breast cancer diagnosis.”

The authors note limitations of the study include limited information on cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption after diagnosis, as well as data on other types of smoking including passive smoking and e-cigarette use. Additionally, both alcohol consumption and smoking could potentially be underreported as both exposures in the study were based on self-reporting. The investigators say future studies should examine the role of continued smoking after a cancer diagnosis as well as smoking cessation in breast cancer survivorship.

Author acknowledgements, disclosures and other information can be found here 

About Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey  As New Jersey’s only National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center, Rutgers Cancer Institute, together with RWJBarnabas Health, offers the most advanced cancer treatment options including bone marrow transplantation, proton therapy, CAR T-cell therapy and complex surgical procedures. Along with clinical trials and novel therapeutics such as precision medicine and immunotherapy – many of which are not widely available – patients have access to these cutting-edge therapies at Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey in New Brunswick, Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey at University Hospital in Newark, as well as through RWJBarnabas Health facilities. To make a tax-deductible gift to support Rutgers Cancer Institute, call 848-932-8013 or visit


Source: Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey

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McKinley Thompson: African American Auto Designer



The first-generation Bronco was designed by McKinley Thompson Jr., who was the first African American designer hired at Ford Motor Company.


Edited by: Rod Washington

Images: Ford Motor Company



Wikipedia Wiki Commons


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Stirling Professional CBD Partners with Chiro Heroes in the Fight Against Human Trafficking



Chiro Heroes is a nonprofit organization whose members work directly with young people impacted by human trafficking and enslavement.

CARY, N.C. ( – According to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the buying and selling of people is the fastest-growing industry in the world. As the prevalence of human trafficking continues to be on the rise domestically, with cases being reported in all 50 states, Stirling Professional CBD is partnering with Chiro Heroes, a group of doctors and concerned members of the public who volunteer their time and efforts to serve those who have been freed from human trafficking or enslavement.

Stirling’s CEO has joined the Board of Advisors of Chiro Heroes and will be focusing on increasing its visibility. “It’s an honor to join forces with Chiro Heroes to support its mission of assisting those impacted by human trafficking and enslavement,” said Joe Kryszak, CEO of Stirling CBD. “Everyone involved takes great pride in doing what they can to stop one of the fastest growing criminal enterprises in the world.”

In August 2000, Dr. Eric Harrison, Co-Founder and President of Chiro Heroes, was inspired to create an organization with the goal of offering healing and support to survivors of human trafficking so they can thrive physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. He took the idea to his colleagues and fellow chiropractors in Utah, where he practices, and then to the Utah Chiropractic Physicians Association. The support was overwhelming, and within two months, Chiro Heroes was founded.

“I was inspired to ensure more chiropractors across the country were aware of the evils of human trafficking and to raise money to help in the fight against human trafficking and in the recovery efforts of those who have been freed,” said Harrison.

To date, Chiro Heroes has donated more than $70,000 to the fight against human trafficking. These funds have been used to help start a scholarship fund within Operation Underground Railroad as well as assist the Malouf Foundation build a home that will house girls between the ages of 11-18 that have been freed from sex slavery.


To learn more about how to help in the fight against human trafficking and to support victims, visit

About Stirling CBD Professional

Since 2018, Stirling Professional CBD has manufactured and distributed the Purest Hemp-Based CBD, Delta 8 THC, and Delta 9 THC Products. Founded in 2014 in Santa Cruz, CA, as a premium cannabis flower company, Stirling launched its first CBD products in 2014. Stirling continues to lead in new product innovation and quality. Stirling Professional this the premier partner for PURE.POTENT.TESTED.™ Chiropractic CBD.

About Chiro Heroes
Chiro Heroes is a group of doctors and concerned members of the public who volunteer their time and efforts to serve those who have been freed from human trafficking or enslavement. They are not paid for their time, and 100% of donations go directly to helping those freed from human trafficking. To learn more, visit

Source: Stirling CBD

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