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Sony’s Ci Media Cloud Enhances Functionality and Expands Integrations for Streamlined Post-Production Workflows

Sony’s Ci Media Cloud has recently announced several integrations and enhanced functionality to better serve creators.



Sony’s Ci Media Cloud has recently announced several integrations and enhanced functionality to better serve creators. Ci Media Cloud is a cloud-based solution that allows users to capture, backup, review, transform, and run streamlined post-production workflows without moving or copying content. With these new updates, Ci provides even more flexible and robust functionality and collaboration, combining ease of use and the convenience of real-time access.

With a focus on trending topics in imaging, cloud, networked capabilities, as well as virtual production, Sony will present its comprehensive end-to-end ecosystem, provide demos and offer hands-on time with the latest technologies at NAB Show 2023.

One of the recent feature updates includes the ability to search files by timed text, saving users from the unnecessary hassle of sifting through files to find specific moments in videos. Forensic watermarking is also added to offer more security options. Improvements to commenting in MediaBox share links allow for more effective and specific feedback. Ci’s Workflow app, which enables a secure, automated VFX pull workflow by simply submitting an edit decision list (EDL), is expanding to include additional input and output format support.

At NAB Show, Sony is displaying broadcast, live event, newsgathering and cinematic content solutions and workflows

Ci Media Cloud’s mobile app enhancements will allow for bulk upload and download, the ability to upload files directly from a mobile device, download files to a device for offline viewing, and native Japanese language support. New pricing plans for Pro and Team online customers provide more storage and data transfers, and new add-on options to expand usage give users the flexibility to create a custom plan for their needs. The Team plan supports unlimited users for enhanced collaboration, at no additional cost.

Ci is also available as part of Sony’s new cloud-based platform, Creator’s Cloud, which provides enterprises in the Media & Entertainment industry, as well as individual creators and small teams, with secure access to efficient services and apps to maximize their production workflows.

Recent collaborations and integrations with industry leaders including Teradek, Atomos, and Pomfort’s Silverstack Lab provide users with even more options to incorporate Ci as a part of their organic workflow, using their preferred tools. Deloitte will also be a new strategic service provider, allowing companies to easily integrate Ci into their media supply chains and production workflows by leveraging Ci’s REST API.

In conclusion, Ci Media Cloud’s recent enhancements provide users with more functionality, flexibility, and security while collaborating with industry leaders to provide even more integration options. Ci continues to prove itself as a valuable tool for creators looking to streamline their post-production workflows.




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Newton Cinema Announces Their Next Film ‘PARADISE’



LOS ANGELES, Aug. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Newton Cinema announces its fourth film, ‘PARADISE,’ accompanied by the unveiling of its first-look poster. The film is directed by Prasanna Vithanage, winner of over 35 international and national awards. Celebrated Indian filmmaker Mani Ratnam will be presenting the film under the banner of Madras Talkies.

Newton Cinema Announces Their Next Film ‘PARADISE’

‘PARADISE’ is in English, Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, and Sinhala languages. The film features the cast of Roshan Mathew, Darshana Rajendran, Shyam Fernando, and Mahendra Perera. Cinematographer is Rajeev Ravi, winner of multiple Best Cinematographer awards and over 40 films including ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ and ‘Liar’s Dice’. Editor is Sreekar Prasad, Limca Book of Records award winner with a portfolio of over 600 films including ‘RRR’ and ‘Ponniyin Selvan’. Sound Designer is Tapas Nayak, known for his contributions in notable films including Oscar-nominated ‘Lagaan’. Music Director is “K” (Krishnakumar) who has scored over 30 films.

Anto Chittilappilly, Producer and CEO of Newton Cinema, expressed his admiration for Prasanna Vithanage’s masterful storytelling, noting that viewers will be captivated by this extraordinary thriller. Chittilappilly stated, “PARADISE is a perfect blend of artistic brilliance and commercial entertainment, demanding to be experienced on the big screen.”

Newton Cinema’s filmography encompasses titles such as ‘LALANNA’S SONG‘ directed by Megha Ramaswamy, ‘KISS’ directed by Varun Grover, and ‘FAMILY’ by Don Palathara. ‘LALANNA’S SONG’ premiered at IFFLA, Los Angeles, and was honored with a special commendation. ‘KISS’ showcased at NYIFF, New York, securing the Best Director accolade at BISFF, Bangalore, and clinching the Best Short Narrative at Tasveer, Seattle. With its premiere at IFFR, Rotterdam, ‘FAMILY’ won the Best Film accolade from HFF, Turkey, subsequently garnering nominations for Best Film and Best Director at IFFM, Melbourne.

About Newton Cinema

Established in 2020 by Anto Chittilappilly and Sanita Chittilappilly, Newton Cinema stands as a global film production house, dedicated to curating extraordinary stories that challenge social norms and inspire positive change. By amplifying the voices of the marginalized, Newton Cinema fosters inclusivity, upholds humanity, and strives for a more peaceful world. Deeply committed to sustainability, Newton Cinema promotes social, environmental, and economic transformations for the future. Newton Cinema operates offices in Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco, Mumbai, and Kochi.

For more information, please visit:

Website | Instagram X FacebookLinkedIn YouTube


SOURCE Newton Cinema

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Alison Murray’s Ariel: Back to Buenos Aires – Unveiling Argentina’s Adoption Secrets

Uncover Argentina’s adoption secrets in Alison Murray’s captivating dance drama, Ariel: Back to Buenos Aires.



Alison Murray’s highly anticipated feature film, Ariel: Back to Buenos Aires, is set to captivate audiences as it unveils the harrowing secrets of Argentina’s regime-era adoptions. The film, distributed by Level 33 Entertainment, will be available on demand starting September 12, 2023, in Canada and the U.S.

Ariel: Back to Buenos Aires Trailer (WHFF 2023)

Ariel: Back to Buenos Aires follows the compelling journey of a brother and sister returning to their birthplace, Argentina, for the first time as adults. Immersed in the enchanting tango clubs of Buenos Aires, they unravel the long-kept family secrets and the heart-wrenching reasons behind their parents’ emigration. This profound voyage of rediscovery and self-understanding takes them on an emotional rollercoaster.

The film offers a rare glimpse into Argentina’s tumultuous history during the military dictatorship era, shedding light on the horrific practice of stealing babies from mothers who dared to oppose the oppressive regime. Director Alison Murray masterfully weaves together the themes of identity, family secrets, and political truth against the backdrop of the captivating beauty of Buenos Aires and the seductive allure of tango.

Supported by an exceptional ensemble cast, including talented leads Raphael Grosz-Harvey and Cristina Rosato, Ariel: Back to Buenos Aires delivers captivating performances. The film’s artistic brilliance is heightened by the mesmerizing tango choreographies, expertly captured by renowned cinematographer Rodrigo “Rolo” Pulpero. The evocative soundtrack, composed by Pauchi Sasaki, adds depth and emotion to the narrative.

Ariel: Back to Buenos Aires has already garnered critical acclaim, winning prestigious awards such as “Best Foreign Feature” at the Arizona International Film Festival and “Best International Feature” at the Latino Film Market NYC. It has also been selected for numerous other festivals, showcasing its universal appeal.

Alison Murray’s deep connection with tango shines through in every frame of the film, creating a world of enchantment and passion. Drawing from her personal experiences, Murray’s storytelling elevates Ariel: Back to Buenos Aires from a dance drama to a profound exploration of truth and self-discovery.

For more information about Ariel: Back to Buenos Aires, including the film’s trailer and where to watch it, visit the official website at www.ArielTangoMovie.com. Stay connected with the film on social media through Facebook (@ArielTangoMovie1) and Instagram (@ArielTangoMovie) using the hashtags #ArielTangoMovie and #ArielTangoMovie.

Actress Eleonora Wexler &  Juan Maliziain “Ariel: Back To Buenos Aires”

About the director:

Alison Murray is a writer/director based between Canada and Argentina. She studied dance and film direction. She helmed music videos in the UK in the 1990s and has made award-winning documentaries and feature films. Alison lived for many years in Buenos Aires, where her two daughters were born, and where she won the Buenos Aires Tango Championship with her husband Carlos Boeri.

To learn more about, Ariel: Back To Buenos Aires please visit the following links:

Film’s Website: www.ArielTangoMovie.com

Filmmaker’s Website: www.TheHellhound.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ArielTangoMovie1

Instagram: @ArielTangoMovie

Source: Hellhound Productions
Publicity: ChicArt PR – [email protected]

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Harley Chamandy’s Allen Sunshine Wins Karlovy Vary’s First Cut+ Award



MONTREAL /CNW/ – The final installment of First Cut+  is coming to an end, and this edition’s winning project has been revealed. First Cut+ is a program designed to increase the appeal and commercial viability of feature films. This latest installment took place during  KVIFF ‘s Eastern Promises Industry Days , a major segment of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival . This year, First Cut+ presented eight captivating films (see news ) which are currently in post-production.

Harley Chamandy , an emerging Canadian filmmaker making his directorial debut, won the First Cut+ TRT award for his film, Allen Sunshine . Thanks to this recognition, initiated in partnership with the Turkish public broadcaster TRT , a prize of 5,000 euros was awarded to the winner. A group of film professionals presided over the decision-making process – including

Francesca Tiberi , Head of Sales Acquisitions at True  Colours , Marge Liiske , CEO of Baltic  Event  and Head of Industry at Tallinn  Black  Nights  Film Festival , and Esra Demirkiran , Festival Coordinator at TRT Cinema.

The reasoning of the jury is as follows: “For an outstanding cinematic effort by an emerging filmmaker of remarkable talent, presenting a sensitive portrayal of genuine friendship and the journey to loneliness after loss, while developing a minimalist approach , but deeply impactful storytelling and cinematography. »

Produced by Chantal Chamandy for New York-based company Mother and Son Films and by Laurent Allaire for Chasseurs Films du Canada , Allen Sunshine tells the story of a former music mogul who takes refuge in an isolated house on the edge of a lake to mourn the suicide of his famous wife. He consoles himself by composing ambient electronic music and maintains an unexpected friendship with two young boys he meets on the lake, to fish. Throughout his grief, Allen encounters characters who remind him of what he has lost and forgotten, as well as what he hopes to gain and reconcile.

SOURCE Mother and Son Films & Hunters Films

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