Move over Heinz. The first-ever sustainable sauce brand, AWSM Sauce, is mixing things up with a play to bring a saucy stadium name back to the state.

PHILADELPHIA /PRNewswire/ — If you didn’t know about the ketchup rivalry in Pennsylvania, you do now. In upheaval around Heinz Field’s name change, the Philly-based sustainable ketchup brand, AWSM Sauce, is launching a $57 million IndieGoGo campaign to reform Pittsburgh’s ketchup game and create “AWSM Stadium” in Pennsylvania.

“We heard that Steelers fans are upset with the name change, so we thought, why not have a Philly sauce brand step in and help keep Pennsylvania the sauce capital of the world?” AWSM Sauce co-founder Carl Starkey says with a grin on his face. “We are changing the sauce game by offering the first sustainability focused option in the category. AWSM Sauce has already served sports fans at Target Field in Minneapolis and our goal is to reduce waste in stadiums nationwide. So why not start at home!”

The sports-loving dads launched AWSM Sauce this past May to address the 100M pounds of plastic and 120M gallons of water that Heinz alone uses to produce more than 1 billion single-use plastic ketchup bottles EACH YEAR.

For every $5 donation to the IndieGoGo, contributors will receive a sample of AWSM Sauce’s sustainable ketchup –– $50 gets a two-flavor starter kit that includes the reusable containers. If AWSM Sauce doesn’t meet its far-reaching goal of $57 million, all net proceeds will go toward naming the next stadium at any level and keep Pennsylvania the Ketchup Capital of America.

Only pouring lighter fluid on the tense rivalries between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh sports, these co-founders, Paul Lehmann and Carl Starkey, are on the mission to take down big plastic and change the sauce game.

The $57M IndieGoGo goal is not only a nod to Heinz 57, but the 20-year, $57 million contract Heinz previously had with the stadium.

About AWSM Sauce

AWSM Sauce is the only way to get great-tasting condiments and eliminate single-use packaging from the kitchen. All you need to do is add water and shake in a reusable container. It’s that easy. Enjoy sauces made fresh when you need them and eliminate aging condiment clutter from your fridge in an environmentally friendly and AWSM new way!

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By Rod Washington

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