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Vlog and Podcast providing news and information about everyday life.
STM Podcast is a weekly program on various topics that are covered by our news-blog, STM Daily News, and also related to our indie film/ video projects.

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STM Daily News Podcast

Josh talks about citizenM! STM Daily News Podcast

STM Daily News contributor, Josh Willingham, talks to the STM Vlog about a special and unique hotel he stayed at while visiting Seattle with his wife. STM blog/vlog : @STMDailyNews #citizenm Video Version of the interview  
  1. Josh talks about citizenM!
  2. Jon Taylor of Assistory Outreach Services talks about Community Conversations
  3. Diana Gregory Talks to us about Diana Gregory's Outreach Services
  4. A Chat with Sandy Kim!
  5. What's Going on With Sleeve's Senior Pickleball Report?

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STM Vlog

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