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What we cover

We are not a source of “Hard News,” or partisan political commentary. Daily News offers pop culture and current events news and media. News you can use This Moment!

The Team!!!

The people behind Daily News are a group of bloggers with various talents and interests, offering insight and knowledge into hobbies, food and drink, pop-culture events, indie films, science and technology, community and social justice, travel, “how-to” videos, and more.

Stories This Moment

Stories This Moment is our venue where we present content that profiles and highlights people who are doing creative and interesting things, with goal of reaching people in a positive way.

Whether it’s through arts and entertainment, science, community activism, events and philanthrope, we cover it through our STM Vlog and podcast, paired with our TNCN news/blog that we were producing since 2016 and our TNCN YouTube channel where we have close to 700 videos.

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