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Hawaii Creators fosters community, collaboration across the Aloha State



HONOLULU /PRNewswire/ — The timeless traditions of storytelling and collaboration in Hawaii have a new home with the launch of Hawaii Creators (HawaiiCreators.com), an open community of artists and performers spanning the Hawaiian Islands.

Originally founded in 2016 as Hawaii Social Media Services, the name Hawaii Creators reflects the greater diversity and inclusiveness of today’s traditional and digital platforms for expression and interaction.

“Even before the web and social media, technology was a transformative force in connecting people globally,” says co-founder Peter Kay, a serial entrepreneur and life-long media maker. “Hawaii, despite its isolation, embraced its potential and power to entertain and educate people around the world, and today that potential is limitless—everyone deserves to be seen and heard.”

“Hawaii Creators is not a clique or a club, and we even shy away from the word ‘influencer,'” says co-founder Ryan Ozawa, a native Hawaiian journalist with more than 30 years’ experience in online publishing. “We welcome people who create because it’s a passion or calling as much as those who see it as a career, and we measure success by the number of stories told and lives touched, not the number of likes or brand deals.”

While online community building is a distinct strength of Hawaii Creators members, the group is also committed to real, in-person, face-to-face interaction and events.

“Coming out of the pandemic, I think people crave the warmth and energy you can only get when gathered in the same space,” says co-founder, musician, and event organizer Emi Hart. “Hawaii Creators will bring people together to forge deeper connections, learn together, and truly appreciate our island home.”

The heart of Hawaii Creators are the words, images, sounds, and flavors that its members share with the world. As a group, Hawaii Creators will focus on helping people who are new to content creation and digital media, providing training and one-on-one mentorship, connecting members with each other for collaborative projects, and organizing meetups, presentations, and workshops.

“Everybody has a story, and we’re going to help people tell theirs,” Kay says. “Next month we’re launching a series of live-streamed Hawaii Creators conversations—interviews with members where we can learn who they are, why they do what they do, how they’ve grown, and where they’re headed.”

“If someone wants to make a living as a creator, we’ll share all the knowledge and tools we can to help them succeed,” adds Hart, who was the first community manager for Yelp Hawaii and organized some of Hawaii’s most successful social media campaigns. “But Hawaii Creators celebrates everyone, and many of our members freely share their mana’o, their aloha, simply because it makes people happy.”

About Hawaii Creators

Hawaii Creators is an open, inclusive, supportive, and collaborative community of storytellers, artists and performers in, from, and inspired by the Aloha State. The group comprises creators in every medium, from authors, bloggers, and podcasters to YouTubers, Twitch streamers, lifecasters and broadcasters. Founded in 2016 as HawaiiSocial.com (dba Hawaii Social Media Services), Hawaii Creators has seen dozens of platforms come and go, but the irresistible spirit of the islands has consistently sustained and grown the reach and influence of Hawaii’s people. For more information, visit HawaiiCreators.com.

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The Arizona Diamondbacks: More Than Just a Baseball Team

Arizona Diamondbacks: More than a baseball team. They excel in philanthropy, supporting their community through charitable initiatives. #Diamondbacks #Arizona #Community



Image: Rebecca Washington

When you step into a ballpark, the sights and sounds of the game surround you. The aroma of hot dogs and the refreshing taste of a cold beer are often part of the experience. Perhaps you’ll even have the chance to catch a fly ball. But beyond the thrill of the game, there’s something special about the Arizona Diamondbacks. As a team deeply invested in their community, the Diamondbacks have made a significant impact through their philanthropic efforts. Let’s explore how this Major League Baseball team has gone above and beyond to support their community through charitable initiatives.

The Arizona Diamondback Foundation:
Working at Chase Ballpark has given me the opportunity to witness firsthand the incredible work of the Arizona Diamondbacks in the community. Since its establishment in 1997, the Arizona Diamondback Foundation has been a driving force behind numerous charitable endeavors. This nonprofit organization has consistently contributed $50 million annually to various charities, focusing on areas such as homelessness, indigent healthcare, and children’s programs.

D-backs Give Back

Supporting Education and Youth Programs:
One of the standout initiatives of the Diamondbacks is their dedication to education and youth development. They have refurbished 41 baseball fields across the state, providing safe and enjoyable spaces for young athletes. Additionally, the Diamondbacks have partnered with organizations like the Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center and the Boys and Girls Club of Maricopa County, recognizing their outstanding work in these areas.

Recognizing Academic Excellence:
The Arizona Diamondbacks also recognize the importance of education and academic excellence. Through their commitment to supporting schools, they established an excellent award program. By the end of 2012, they had awarded $250,000 to 51 schools across the state, highlighting and celebrating the achievements of students and educators alike.


The 50/50 Raffle:
During every Diamondbacks game, fans have the opportunity to participate in a 50/50 raffle. Half of the proceeds from this raffle go to a designated charity, while the other half goes to the lucky ticket holder. This unique initiative not only raises funds for worthy causes but also engages fans in the spirit of giving back.

A Community-Driven Team:
When you enter Chase Ballpark in Arizona to witness a Diamondbacks game, it’s clear that they are more than just a baseball team. They are a team committed to making a positive impact on the community they call home. By supporting various charitable initiatives, the Diamondbacks have demonstrated their dedication to improving the lives of those in need.

Image: Rebecca Washington

The Arizona Diamondbacks have proven themselves to be champions not only on the baseball field but also in their unwavering commitment to the community. Through the Arizona Diamondback Foundation, their investment in education, youth programs, and charitable initiatives has made a significant difference in the lives of many. So, next time you head to a Diamondbacks game, remember that you’re not just supporting a baseball team, but an organization that truly cares about its community. Join them in their mission to make a positive impact and witness the power of sports in transforming lives.

If you’re interested in learning about the ways in which Dback engages with the community, please visit this link for more information. https://www.mlb.com/dbacks/community

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Metrolink Expands Service: San Bernardino Line Supports I-10 Closure

Metrolink expands service on San Bernardino Line to ease traffic congestion during I-10 freeway closure, providing a convenient alternative for travelers.



Image: Metrolink

In response to the recent closure of a crucial section of the I-10 freeway in downtown Los Angeles, Metrolink has stepped up to provide expanded weekday service along the San Bernardino Line. This measure aims to ensure that travel from the Inland Empire to downtown Los Angeles remains accessible during the closure period. The closure, caused by fire damage, has significantly affected the daily commute of over 300,000 vehicles. Governor Gavin Newsom estimates that repairs will take 3-5 weeks.


Expanded Service:
Starting November 14, Metrolink will introduce four extra trains in each direction, with three in the morning and one in the afternoon, connecting L.A. Union Station and the Covina Station. These trains will make stops at all stations in between. Additionally, an evening train will run between L.A. Union Station and the Rancho Cucamonga Station. To accommodate the increased demand, extra passenger cars will be added to San Bernardino Line trains.

Benefits for Travelers:
Metrolink’s additional service on the San Bernardino Line will greatly alleviate traffic congestion caused by the freeway closure. It provides a safe and convenient alternative for travelers who need to reach downtown Los Angeles. Moreover, Metrolink ticketholders can enjoy free connections to most local public transit services, including all LA Metro bus and rail lines.

Metrolink’s proactive response to the I-10 freeway closure demonstrates its commitment to supporting commuters and ensuring their access to downtown Los Angeles. By expanding service on the San Bernardino Line and offering free connections to other public transit options, Metrolink aims to minimize the impact of the closure on travelers and alleviate traffic congestion. This temporary measure will provide a reliable and convenient transportation solution until the freeway repairs are completed. https://metrolinktrains.com/news/metrolink-news/metrolink-expands-service-on-san-bernardino-line-to-support-travelers-impacted-by-i-10-freeway-closure/

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Diana Gregory Outreach Services: Nourishing Veterans and Seniors Through Food Access

DGOS fights food insecurity, supporting veterans and seniors through outreach services.



Diana Gregory Outreach Services (DGOS) began as a humble fresh produce delivery service in 2009, operating out of a pick-up truck. Over the years, it has evolved into a remarkable organization that supports thousands of seniors, including many veterans, through mobile food drives and nutrition education initiatives. With the generous support of the Walmart Foundation and a LISC Equitable Food Access grant, DGOS is expanding its reach, hiring more staff, and increasing the number of individuals it can serve.

Diana Gregory with volunteers at Veggie for Veterans event at the Carl T. Hayden VA Medical Center in Phoenix, AZ on November 14, 2023.

A Personal Journey:
The inspiration for DGOS came when Dennis McGarry, a Vietnam War veteran, noticed the lack of resources available to his fellow veterans and other individuals facing food and housing insecurity. Determined to make a difference, he crossed paths with Diana Gregory, the founder and CEO of DGOS, during a cooking class for residents of his Phoenix apartment building. Together, they embarked on a mission to fight food insecurity, initially focusing on seniors, many of whom were veterans. Six years ago, DGOS expanded its efforts to include pop-up events at VA hospitals, providing much-needed support to those who have served their country.

From Humble Beginnings to Impactful Initiatives:
What began with a pickup truck and a dedicated team of volunteers has grown into a passion project for Diana Gregory. Having retired from a successful career in sales and marketing at Anheuser-Busch, she now leads an initiative that delivers thousands of pounds of fresh produce to those in need. Thanks to a $110,000 LISC Equitable Food Access grant, funded by the Walmart Foundation, DGOS is scaling up its efforts and plans to support 20,000 seniors and veterans with food access and nutrition education this year.

Supporting the Cause:
DGOS has received additional support through the Funds to Feed Initiative, made possible by the City of Phoenix and administered by LISC, totaling $175,000 since 2020. The recent Equitable Food Access grant will allow DGOS to increase the frequency of its distribution events and serve 20% more people compared to the previous year. This milestone would not have been possible without the funding provided by LISC, as acknowledged by Diana Gregory.

Expanding Reach and Volunteer Engagement:
The grant has enabled DGOS to hire more staff and pilot a volunteer engagement model that offers stipends to trained drivers responsible for packing and delivering fresh produce. La Shonya McNeil, a program officer with LISC’s health team, explains that this approach has attracted a dedicated group of veteran and senior volunteers who are committed to improving food access and fostering social connections among underserved individuals in Phoenix.

Addressing Food Inequities:
DGOS is one among eight LISC Equitable Food Access grantee partners working to combat local food system inequities throughout the United States. They employ various interventions, such as hosting neighborhood client choice food pantries and advocating for food policy changes. By supporting organizations like DGOS, LISC aims to ensure that those who have selflessly served their country have consistent access to nourishing food.


Filling an Overlooked Need:
While mental health issues and homelessness among veterans receive significant attention, the lack of food access remains an often overlooked yet pressing concern. In the United States, one in nine working-age veterans lives in food-insecure households, and one in four veterans has diabetes—an ailment directly linked to poor nutrition. Diana Gregory hopes that by supplying fresh food, DGOS can provide healthier options for veterans and their families, making a tangible difference in their lives.

Gratitude and Enrichment:
A crucial aspect of DGOS’s program is recognizing veterans for their contributions. Each recipient of a bag of produce is personally thanked for their service, a gesture that holds significant meaning for many veterans. Expressions of gratitude may be rare for some veterans, particularly those who are homeless. By providing nourishing food and acknowledging their service, DGOS aims to enrich the lives of veterans and seniors in a meaningful and tangible way.

Diana Gregory Outreach Services has transformed from a grassroots initiative into a powerful force in the fight against food insecurity. Guided by the dedication and vision of Diana Gregory, DGOS continues to expand its reach, supporting thousands of seniors and veterans with fresh produce and nutrition education. With the support of grants and partnerships, DGOS is making a significant impact, ensuring that those who have served their country have access to the nourishment they need. Through their efforts, DGOS is not only filling stomachs but also uplifting spirits, one bag of produce at a time.

For more information on Diana Gregory’s Outreach Services, visit: https://dianagregory.com/

Check out this release about Veggies for Veterans: https://www.lisc.org/our-stories/story/thanking-veterans-their-service-one-bag-groceries-time/

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