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My Unforgettable UFO Encounter: A Night of Mystery and Wonder

In my backyard, a remarkable UFO sighting left me captivated and questioning the mysteries of the night sky.



On the evening of July 3, 2023, in my own backyard in Phoenix, Arizona, I experienced a mind-boggling UFO sighting that left me in awe and curiosity. As I closed the blinds in the spare bedroom, a strange light in the sky caught my attention, setting off a series of extraordinary events. Join me as I recount the details of this unforgettable encounter with the unknown.

A Peculiar Discovery:
It was around 8:40 PM, Phoenix Local Time, when the sounds of fireworks outside diverted my attention. Glancing through the blinds, I spotted a mysterious light moving above the trees to the southwest. While my initial thought was that it might be a passenger jet approaching Sky Harbor International, something about its behavior seemed odd and inexplicable.

An Unexpected Excursion:
Eager to investigate further, I decided to head to the backyard with my loyal companion, Luna, our spirited dog. The scorching day had finally cooled down after reaching a sweltering 116 degrees, making it the perfect time for Luna and me to enjoy the outdoors.

The Enigmatic Light:
As Luna playfully raced around the yard, my gaze remained fixed on the peculiar light. It appeared like an out-of-place star, intriguing and captivating. Sensing the need to document this extraordinary event, I swiftly retrieved my phone from the patio table, intending to use the Sky Guide app for identification.

An Intensifying Presence:
Just as I was about to open the Sky Guide app, the light’s brightness suddenly surged, becoming more vibrant and captivating. Realizing this could be a rare opportunity, I swiftly switched my phone to camera mode and began recording, ensuring every moment was captured.

Unpredictable Maneuvers:
To my astonishment, the light defied conventional explanation as it commenced a series of bewildering movements. It shifted to the left, then to the right, and unexpectedly dipped down to a lower altitude. Each maneuver left me more spellbound than before.

A Stunning Revelation:
As I continued to record the enigmatic light, it performed an inexplicable act that defied logic. It seemed to release a teardrop-shaped object glowing in a captivating orangish or amber hue. The object transformed into a single, radiant light source before disappearing behind the distant roofline of a row of houses. Meanwhile, the main light faded in and out, adding to the mystique of the sighting.

Was someone playing tricks with drone technology?

Rod Washington

“Unforgettable UFO Sighting: Phoenix Mystery”

Sharing the Experience:
In an effort to share this extraordinary encounter with others, I uploaded the video footage to YouTube and the STM Daily News website. The intention was to invite discussion, analysis, and perhaps even connect with others who might have witnessed similar phenomena.

My backyard UFO sighting on that eventful night of July 3, 2023, will forever remain etched in my memory. The inexplicable movements, the mesmerizing object, and the fading light left me with more questions than answers. As I continue to search for truth and understanding, I remain grateful for the opportunity to witness such a remarkable event and share it with the world. The enigma of the unknown continues to inspire awe and fuel our fascination with the mysteries that lie beyond our comprehension.


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Rod: A creative force, blending words, images, and flavors. Blogger, writer, filmmaker, and photographer. Cooking enthusiast with a sci-fi vision. Passionate about his upcoming series and dedicated to TNC Network. Partnered with Rebecca Washington for a shared journey of love and art.

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SQAIRZ Dominates Baseball Performance with Breakthrough Footwear Clinical Study



WINDHAM, N.H.  /PRNewswire/ — In an unprecedented move that bridges biomechanic science with sports innovation, SQAIRZ, a leader in performance golf footwear, proudly announces its strategic venture into baseball. The launch comes on the heels of a 10-month clinical study spearheaded by Dr. Paul Klutts, which was presented at the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons International Scientific Conference on February 9, 2024.  This clinical study has shed light on the significant impact of SQAIRZ’s patented footwear design on baseball performance.  

Dr. Klutts remarked, “Ten months ago, we began studying the SQAIRZ technology because we know that there are so many variables that impact the players ability to optimize exit velocity.  What we found as physicians is that from clinical and biomechanical standpoints there is a correlation between increased ground reaction forces of the hind foot with batting exit velocity. We are very proud of the fact that these findings are the first clinical baseball performance shoe study that has been published as a poster presentation at the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons International Scientific Conference.”

Unprecedented clinical study concludes that SQAIRZ new baseball shoes measurably improve batting exit velocity.

The study meticulously examined the subtalar joint’s role and the effect of performance footwear, specifically designed to promote ground reactive forces, on exit velocity. The research concluded that SQAIRZ baseball shoes, by enhancing ground reaction forces in the hindfoot, measurably improve batting exit velocity. The results of the clinical study findings were groundbreaking: 60.5% of players reported over a 2MPH increase in exit velocity by simply switching their shoes to SQAIRZ. The significance of these results cannot be overstated. With every 1 MPH increase in exit velocity translating to approximately 10 additional feet of ball distance. This marks a significant advancement in sports science, demonstrating the tangible benefits of biomechanically informed footwear.

SQAIRZ is setting new benchmarks for performance gains in baseball as the game requires extremely fast and reactive movements, static and dynamic agility, with an emphasis on precise footwork. Because the only option the baseball player has for leverage, control, and power is the ground, the correct pair of baseball shoes can significantly impact a player’s performance on the field, mound, and especially in the batter’s box. Leveraging the foundational principle that superior balance and stability lead to enhanced performance, SQAIRZ has successfully applied its patented technology to conquer the challenges of baseball with their new GFP baseball shoe.

This unprecedented performance enhancement is attributed to the shoes’ strategic design features, including a patented toe box and wider base, and AI generated traction system which ensure optimal energy transfer and minimize energy leaks during the kinematic sequence. 

“Our journey began with the goal of enhancing performance in golf, leveraging our patented footwear technology to achieve a notable 2.9mph average increase in swing speed,” Bob Winskowicz, Founder & CEO of SQAIRZ states. “This success laid the groundwork for our strategic expansion into baseball, proving our technology’s versatility across land-based sports. After nearly two years of rigorous testing across all skill levels, the benefits have been consistently remarkable. By simply changing a player’s shoes to SQAIRZ, we saw performance improvements in pitching, running, and hitting.  The recent independent clinical study validates our findings, underscoring the efficacy of our approach. Inspired by this success, we’re excited to extend our innovative solutions beyond baseball and golf, exploring new territories including pickleball. This is just the beginning of redefining performance footwear across sports.”

With MLB players already incorporating SQAIRZ shoes into their training regimen, the brand is set to release three versions of their GFP baseball shoe: turf, molded cleat, and metal cleat models. SQAIRZ GFP, standing for Ground Force Production, will be available in May. 

Since 2019, SQAIRZ has been proud to offer game-changing results to golfers around the world, culminating in award-winning models and three wins on the PGA Tour. As SQAIRZ continues to expand its influence beyond golf, this strategic entry into baseball marks a significant milestone, giving baseball players a competitive edge, backed by independent, clinical research. SQAIRZ’s entry into baseball not only sets a new standard for athletic footwear but also paves the way for further footwear advancements across all land-based sports.


SQAIRZ is at the forefront of performance athletic footwear, dedicated to advancing athlete stability, balance, and performance through innovative design. Renowned in the golf industry, SQAIRZ is now extending its impact across sports, proving that foundational advancements can transform the game.


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The Controversy Surrounding Guaranteed-Basic-Income in Arizona: A Republican Stance

Arizona Republicans unite against guaranteed-basic-income programs, citing concerns over socialism and unearned payments.



Arizona Republican lawmakers have taken a stand against the concept of guaranteed-basic-income programs with the recent passing of House Bill 2375. Despite the state grappling with high rates of homelessness, the Republican majority in the Arizona House of Representatives voted in unison to prohibit such programs. This decision has sparked a debate on the effectiveness and implications of such initiatives in addressing poverty and wealth disparity.

The bill’s sponsor, GOP Rep. Lupe Diaz, equated guaranteed-basic-income programs to socialism, labeling the payments as “unearned.” This perspective aligns with the broader Republican stance on welfare policies and government assistance. The legislation aims to block any scheme that provides individuals with regular cash payments without a prerequisite of work or training.

Basic-income programs have gained momentum nationwide as a potential solution to bridge the wealth gap and alleviate poverty. These initiatives offer financial support to specific demographics, often those living in poverty or near the poverty line, without imposing conditions on how the funds should be utilized. They stand in contrast to universal-basic-income programs, which distribute funds universally regardless of income levels.

The contentious nature of this bill underscores a fundamental ideological divide regarding social welfare and economic policies. While proponents view guaranteed-basic-income as a progressive step towards addressing systemic inequalities, opponents like the Arizona Republican lawmakers raise concerns about dependency, misuse of funds, and the encroachment of socialist ideologies.

As the bill progresses to the Arizona Senate, where Republicans hold a slight majority, the fate of guaranteed-basic-income programs in the state hangs in the balance. The outcome of this legislative battle will not only impact Arizona but may reverberate across the nation, shaping the discourse on poverty alleviation and social welfare policies.

The debate around guaranteed-basic-income programs reflects the broader societal conversation on economic justice and the role of the government in supporting vulnerable populations. While opinions may differ on the efficacy of such initiatives, it is imperative to critically assess their potential benefits and drawbacks in the pursuit of a more equitable society.

Source: Business Insider


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First of 20 Pickleball Kingdom Clubs in Tennessee Plants Its Flag in Nashville



NASHVILLE, Tenn., Feb. 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Pickleball Kingdom, the nation’s leading indoor pickleball franchise, is thrilled to announce the location of its first Tennessee location at 5035 Harding Pl, Nashville, TN 37211. This marks the beginning of an ambitious expansion plan to establish 20 premier indoor pickleball facilities across the state.

Jesse and Emily DeMund, the esteemed area representatives for Tennessee, are at the forefront of this exciting new venture. Their passion for pickleball and commitment to community engagement are set to make the Nashville location a cornerstone for the sport’s enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Pickleball Kingdom Founder and CEO, Ace Rodrigues, commented, “This is monumental. We have the right location, at the right time, and most importantly with the right people in Jesse and Emily. This is the first of many more clubs for Tennessee.”

A New Era for Pickleball in Tennessee

Pickleball Kingdom’s state-of-the-art facility in Nashville features multiple indoor courts designed to accommodate players of all ages and skill levels. With an emphasis on community and accessibility, the venue aims to become a hub for pickleball enthusiasts, offering leagues, open play, tournaments, and professional instruction.

“Pickleball is more than a sport; it’s a community,” said Jesse DeMund. “Our goal is to create a welcoming environment where everyone can enjoy the game, whether they’re picking up a paddle for the first time or competing at a high level. And Nashville is the perfect spot for this flagship location.”

Seeking Entrepreneurs to Join the Kingdom

As Pickleball Kingdom embarks on its mission to spread the joy of pickleball across Tennessee, the company is actively seeking driven individuals to join its franchise family. Prospective franchisees have a unique first-mover advantage in the rapidly growing sport, with comprehensive support from the Pickleball Kingdom team.

“This is an unprecedented opportunity to be at the forefront of the fastest-growing sport in the country,” added Pickleball Kingdom COO, Rob Streett. “The opportunities to serve our communities are boundless. We are motivated everyday by how we can make our members’ experience in the Kingdom better.”

Future Locations

“We have some strong franchisees in our Tennessee system already, but I would encourage people who have ambition and vision to reach out so we can have a conversation,” stated DeMund. “We have an aggressive growth plan, so we need people who want to be a part of that meteoric growth.”


About Pickleball Kingdom

Pickleball Kingdom is the premier indoor pickleball franchise in the United States, dedicated to promoting the sport of pickleball through high-quality facilities, instruction, and community engagement. With a vision to create a nationwide network of pickleball venues, Pickleball Kingdom is on track to redefine the landscape of recreational sports.

For Franchise & Media Inquiries:
COO Rob Streett, 373673@email4pr.com

SOURCE Pickleball Kingdom

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