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PetSmart Helps Pet Parents Check Off Bucket List Adventures This Summer



From new Arcadia Trail outdoor products and safety tips to a chance to win a road trip with your pup, PetSmart is making summer adventure easy

PHOENIX, May 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Summer is all about travel and checking those must-do adventure experiences off of the bucket list. And this year, pet parents aren’t leaving their pets behind. According to a recent survey* from PetSmart, more than 60% of pet parents believe it is important to bring their dog along on outdoor activities over the summer. Knowing that pet parents have a passion for exploring the great outdoors with their dogs by their side, PetSmart is inspiring dream summer adventures with the new Arcadia Trail Summer Bucket List Contest in which 10 pet parents will win the ultimate road-trip vacation with their dog. PetSmart also is gearing up pet parents with new products from the outdoor-focused Arcadia Trail collection as well as expert tips to help keep pets safe while adventuring.  

Courtesy of PetSmart

Arcadia Trail Summer Bucket List Contest **
As people are dreaming of bucket list adventures to take with their pets, PetSmart surveyed pet parents to see what outdoor activities top their lists. Among the top experiences people want to have with their pets this summer are water activities, camping, hiking and road trips.

PetSmart’s Arcadia Trail Summer Bucket List Contest will give pet parents and their dogs a chance to make their bucket list adventure come true. People are asked to share why it’s important for them to head out on an ultimate road trip with their pup, and PetSmart will choose 10 pet parents and their dogs to receive a fully customized road trip experience along with 100,000 PetSmart Treats reward points and a full suite of merchandise from the 2023 Arcadia Trail collection, available only at PetSmart.

To enter, pet parents can visit now through June 7.

Safety Tips Made for Adventure
To help keep pets and pet parents safe and healthy on their adventures, Dr. Jennifer Bruns, DVM, MPVM, of PetSmart Veterinary Services, shares tips to keep in mind when planning for outdoor activities, including:

  • Go at your pet’s pace. If your dog isn’t accustomed to outdoor adventures, be mindful of how much energy an activity like swimming or hiking can take from them. Keep an eye on them and watch for any signs of distress.
  • Stay safe in the water. Even if your dog is a strong swimmer, always outfit them with a life jacket when near bodies of water, especially if you’re on a boat or kayak and are far from shore.
  • Be mindful of the heat. Just like humans, dogs can experience heatstroke, the symptoms of which can take hours or even days to show up. Watch for signs of distress such as excessive panting or difficulty breathing, weakness, increased heart rate, diarrhea or vomiting.
  • Keep your pet fueled and hydrated. In the hot summer months, your pet needs extra water, too. Take frequent water and snack breaks to keep pets hydrated and fueled to continue the adventure.
  • Pets get sunburned, too. Protect your dog from the sun with regular breaks in the shade and apply pet-safe sunscreen to their noses, ears and other areas where their coat doesn’t cover the skin.
  • Have proper identification on your pet. Be sure your dog is wearing a tag on its collar and that the information is up to date in case you get separated. Don’t forget to update the information connected to their microchip as well.

New Arcadia Trail Gear Made for the Outdoors
Having the right gear is critical for any outdoor excursion. PetSmart’s Arcadia Trail collection of adventure-approved dog toys, clothing and gear are tough enough for all outdoor activities, including camping, hiking and water play. New items in the expanded collection include a new Pet Wagon, an Inflatable Dog Raft, a Quick-Dry Dog Harness, a Portable Dog Showerhead and a Waterproof Car Seat Cover, as well as durable dog toys, like the Water-Repellant Canvas Duck Dog Toy and Adjustable Ball Launcher.

For more safety tips, trip inspiration and to enter the Arcadia Trail Summer Bucket List Contest, visit For more information on the Arcadia Trail collection, as well as PetSmart’s services and ways to shop, visit

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*Survey methodology: This random double-opt-in survey of 2,000 American pet owners was commissioned by PetSmart on Jan. 4-5, 2023. It was conducted by market research company OnePoll, whose team members are members of the Market Research Society and have corporate membership to the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) and the European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research (ESOMAR).

**NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. The PetSmart Arcadia Trail Contest is sponsored by PetSmart LLC. Open to legal residents of the 50 United States and D.C. who are 18 years of age or older and the age of majority in their jurisdiction of residence as of the date of entry. Begins at 8 a.m. ET on 05/16/23 & ends 11:59 p.m. ET on 06/07/23. Void where prohibited. Prize package includes: 3 nights’ hotel accommodations, pet-centered activities, Arcadia Trail Gear package, and more. ARV: $5,000. Prize restrictions apply. For complete Official Rules, visit

About PetSmart
PetSmart LLC is the leading pet retailer offering products, services and solutions for the lifetime needs of pets. At PetSmart, we love pets and we believe pets make us better people. Every day with every connection, PetSmart’s passionate associates help bring pet parents closer to their pets so together they can live more fulfilled lives. This vision impacts everything we do for our customers, the way we support our associates and how we give back to our communities. 

PetSmart operates approximately 1,660 pet stores in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico, as well as more than 200 in-store PetSmart PetsHotel® dog and cat boarding facilities. We provide a broad range of competitively priced pet food and products, as well as services such as dog training, pet grooming, pet boarding, PetSmart Doggie Day Camp™ and pet adoption.

PetSmart, PetSmart Charities® and PetSmart Charities® of Canada work with nearly 4,000 animal welfare organizations to bring adoptable pets into stores so they have the best chance possible of finding a forever home. 

Through this in-store adoption program and other signature events, PetSmart has facilitated over 10 million adoptions, more than any other brick-and-mortar organization.

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Nutram expands pet food offering to 48 Pet Planet stores



Canadian pet nutrition company partners with Pet Planet Natural Pet Grocer to offer pet guardians with local food choices.

ELMIRA, ON /CNW/ – Nutram Pet Products, a Canadian Pet Nutrition company, is thrilled to announce its partnership with Pet Planet to expand offering Canadian-made pet food to 48 stores across Western Canada.

“We’re proud to begin offering our recipes through Pet Planet retail stores,” said Rob Viliani, VP Sales and General Manager, Nutram Pet Products. “This partnership embodies our support of Canadians supporting Canadians supporting Canadians.”

Nutram, Canadian Pet Nutrition. Crafted in Canada since 1993. (CNW Group/Nutram Pet Products Inc.)

The pet food brand has been producing dog and cat recipes since its humble beginnings in 1993. Now based out of a small farming community west of Toronto, Elmira, Ontario is home to the privately-owned production facility for Nutram.

Nutram offers all-natural recipes for both dogs and cats, catered to their specific wellness needs. Offering natural solutions for skin, coat or stomach sensitivities, weight control, cognitive development in young pets, and more. Each recipe bolsters holistic benefits, naturally achieved through the high-quality ingredients it contains.

For thirty years, Nutram has made a commitment to offer their pet food recipes in Canadian-owned pet specialty retail stores across Canada.

“It’s extremely important for us to support other Canadian-owned businesses,” Viliani said. “With the quality of Canadian ingredients at our fingertips, backed by decades of knowledge of pet nutrition, we feel a partnership with a strong Canadian pet specialty chain, such as Pet Planet, is a great opportunity to bring Canadian products to pet guardians.”

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Pet Planet hand selected Nutram as part of their exclusive food offerings available to their pet guardians based on a rigorous review process, ensuring each recipe met the nutrition quality and food safety standards they have in place, granting Nutram a Certificate of Trust.

“Launching a new food in our stores is never an easy process,” Laura Leah English, Co-Founder and CEO at Pet Planet Group said. “For us at Pet Planet, it takes time to find the right fit for our Guardians and the right brand that truly understands the mission, vision, and values of Pet Planet. We believe we have found a great partner in Nutram in all these areas.”

As part of the review process, Nutram shared their exemplary quality standards were a result of their British Retail Consortium Global Safety (BRC) quality assurance program, recognizing three components of food safety: quality nutrition, food safety, and legality of marketing claims.

“Nutram pet food is high quality,” said English. “The choice to partner with them complements our shared goal of delivering pets with the best nutrition available, all while supporting local.”

Through the new partnership, Pet Planet will be offering Nutram recipes in their 48 stores across Western Canada, including Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, and more.

To learn more about Nutram’s dog and cat recipes, visit: 

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About Nutram
Since 1993, Nutram has been a 100% Canadian, family-owned pet wellness company. Taking a holistic approach to pet nutrition, Nutram offers all-natural pet food options for dogs and cats, produced in their privately-owned world-class production facility in Elmira, Ontario. Learn more at

SOURCE Nutram Pet Products Inc.

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Affordable Aquarium Pets: Best Fish for Budget Aquariums

Discover the best fish for pets on a budget and where to find affordable aquarium supplies and equipment for beginner aquarium owners.



Gold fish or goldfish swimming.

Aquariums can be a great addition to any home, providing a calming environment and a unique focal point. However, getting started with an aquarium can quickly become an expensive endeavor. If you’re on a strict budget but still want to enjoy the benefits of an aquarium, there are still plenty of affordable options available to you.

When it comes to finding the best fish for pets on a budget, it’s important to consider a few key factors. First, you’ll want to look for fish that are hardy and easy to care for, as they’ll be less likely to require expensive equipment or specialized care. You’ll also want to consider the cost of the fish themselves, as well as any necessary supplies and equipment.

One of the best places to find affordable aquarium supplies and fish is your local pet store. Many pet stores offer a wide selection of fish at varying price points, as well as affordable aquarium kits that include all the necessary equipment to get you started. Be sure to ask the staff for recommendations on hardy, low-maintenance fish that are well-suited to beginner aquarium owners.

Another option is to look online for aquarium supplies and fish. Many online retailers offer competitive pricing and a wider selection than you might find at your local store. However, be sure to factor in the cost of shipping and handling when making your purchase.

When it comes to selecting the best fish for your budget aquarium, there are several species that are particularly well-suited to low-maintenance setups. Some good options include:

  • Betta fish: These colorful fish are known for their hardiness and ability to thrive in small spaces.
  • Goldfish: While often associated with outdoor ponds, goldfish can also do well in indoor aquariums with proper care.
  • Guppies: These small, lively fish are easy to care for and come in a variety of colors and patterns.
  • Tetras: These peaceful fish are a popular choice for community aquariums and come in a range of colors and sizes.

Ultimately, the key to finding the best fish for pets on a budget is to do your research, shop around for the best deals, and choose hardy, low-maintenance species that are well-suited to your aquarium setup. With a little planning and effort, you can enjoy all the benefits of an aquarium without breaking the bank.

Here are a few suggestions for affordable stores that offer aquarium equipment and fish:

  1. Petco: Petco offers a wide range of affordable aquarium supplies, including starter kits, filters, heaters, and lighting. They also carry a variety of affordable fish species.
  2. Chewy: Chewy offers a large selection of aquarium supplies at competitive prices, including filters, heaters, and decorations. They also have a variety of affordable fish species available.
  3. Amazon: Amazon offers a wide range of aquarium supplies and equipment at competitive prices, including filters, heaters, and lighting. They also have a large selection of affordable fish species available for purchase.

Our website, STM Daily News, provides a dedicated section for pets where readers can find a wealth of information, news, and tips on how to care for their furry companions. From advice on nutrition and grooming to training and behavior tips, we cover a wide range of topics that are relevant to all pet owners. We understand that pets are an important part of the family, which is why we are committed to providing valuable content that helps pet owners provide the best possible care for their beloved pets.

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Bipartisan Support for Brightline West’s $3.75B High-Speed Rail Project

Brightline West’s $3.75B high-speed rail project receives bipartisan support for federal funding request, construction could begin this year.



Brightline West’s request for $3.75 billion in federal funding for its Las Vegas to Southern California high-speed rail project has received support from a group of bipartisan elected officials from Nevada and California.

The funding, which would cover about one-third of the total project cost, would come from the Federal-State Partnership for Intercity Passenger Rail Grant Program.

Brightline West has already secured lease agreements for a station site on Las Vegas Boulevard and an agreement with the California highway department for using the I-15 right-of-way.

If the funding is secured, construction could begin this year, with high-speed trains operating by the end of the decade.

Find out more about Brightline West here:

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