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The Power of Pets



(Family Features) Love. Community. Belonging. Pets offer people the chance to explore friendships and connections they didn’t always think were possible.

Pets provide companionship and help bring people together. In fact, according to Mars’ “Pets Connect Us” report 73% of pet parents have made connections despite generational, cultural or ethnic differences because of their four-legged pals.

Learn more about the report, which leveraged consumer insights to shed light on the future of pet parenthood in the U.S. and Canada, at BetterCitiesForPets.com/2023report.

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National Puppy Day: Celebrating Cuteness and Compassion

“Join us in celebrating National Puppy Day on March 23! Embrace the cuteness, raise awareness about puppy mills, and consider adoption to spread love.”



National Puppy Day, observed on March 23rd, is a delightful occasion that brings a flood of cuteness and joy to dog lovers worldwide. Established in 2006, this day is dedicated to celebrating the boundless love and irresistible charm that puppies bring into our lives. It’s a day to shower these adorable furballs with affection, appreciation, and perhaps a few extra treats!

Celebrate National Puppy Day

The sight of playful puppies frolicking around with their wagging tails and innocent eyes has a universal appeal that can melt even the coldest of hearts. Whether it’s their clumsy antics, unwavering loyalty, or the sheer happiness they exude, puppies have a unique way of brightening our days and teaching us valuable lessons about love, compassion, and living in the moment.

However, beyond the cuddles and the Instagram-worthy moments, National Puppy Day also serves as a gentle reminder to raise awareness about the harsh realities of puppy mills. These commercial breeding facilities often prioritize profit over the well-being of the animals, leading to issues like overcrowding, poor living conditions, and inadequate healthcare. By promoting adoption from shelters and rescue organizations, we can help give deserving puppies a second chance at a loving home and a brighter future.

So, on National Puppy Day, let’s take a moment to cherish the presence of these furry companions in our lives, advocate for their welfare, and consider how we can make a positive difference in the lives of all puppies, both young and old. Whether you’re a proud puppy parent, a dog enthusiast, or simply someone who can’t resist a wagging tail and a wet nose, let’s come together to celebrate the joy and magic that puppies bring into our world. Happy National Puppy Day! 🐾



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Caring for a Feathered Flock



(Family Features) An antidote to the stresses of work and the fast pace of modern life may be closer than you realize. Whether on family farms or in urban backyards, chickens have the power to make your corner of the planet better.

Not only does raising chickens provide you with access to eggs for a tasty, nutritious and versatile food source, it also allows your family to be more self-sufficient, reduce your food miles and establish a family hobby that allows you to connect with one another.

“Chickens make wonderful companions and are often an overlooked option when a family is seeking the countless social, cognitive, physical and emotional benefits of pet ownership,” said Dr. Tanya K. Bailey, a pet therapist and creator of Pet Away Worry & Stress, a program that celebrates the healing connection between humans, animals and nature. “The fact is, many backyard chicken owners view their chickens as lovable household pets that contribute to their family’s sense of well-being.”

Before you bring your own flock home, consider these tips for raising chickens successfully:

You may think of chickens as grain-eating vegetarians, but they’re actually omnivores with a diverse diet. Most chickens eat insects, as well as herbs, fruits, vegetables and grains. Experts recommend having enough food available for chickens to graze throughout the day, but a single daily feeding is usually adequate.

A specially designed chicken waterer can help ensure your hens always have a supply of clean water, but some prefer a trough-style waterer instead.

Chickens require room to roam, but they also need protection from predators and the weather. The most common setup for chicken housing involves an enclosed coop and a secure area where they can wander freely. Plan to secure several square feet of space per chicken to avoid crowding.

The coop you need will depend on many factors, but a versatile option like the Eglu Pro chicken coop is suitable for flocks of varying sizes. It provides housing for up to 10 large hens or 15 bantams with a low-maintenance design and hygienic, comfortable habitat. The coop offers a controllable climate with adjustable vents and double-walled insulation and numerous features to protect chickens from predators, including raccoon-proof locks.

“Over many hours, we watched, learned, asked and then invented an enhanced coop that does justice to the brilliance of the humble chicken, a pet that can bring so much joy to family members of all ages,” said Johannes Paul, co-founder of Omlet. “The ingenuity of the Eglu Pro is that it turns the dream of keeping chickens into a reality for everyone. Created not just for the chicken but because of the chicken, this coop helps those who are looking to slow down, destress and take control of their busy lives or crave the need to build a community around them.”

It’s important to keep a close eye on your chickens’ health and safety. Proper housing and routine cleaning are keys to deter predators and prioritize hygiene to help minimize illnesses. Just like other pets, chickens require sufficient exercise and stimulation to maintain good health, which you can provide with foraging activities.

If you’re considering a new pet, chickens make for a lovable, economical option. Find more advice for raising a feathered flock at omlet.us.


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Bonding with Your Four-Legged Friend



(Family Features) Your dog may be one of your best friends, but that bond doesn’t happen overnight. Investing in quality one-on-one time can have a big impact on the bond you build with your four-legged companion.

One of the best ways to show dogs love is by keeping them healthy and spending quality time with them. Dedicating time every day to your dog’s well-being can help establish a connection, give you opportunities to express affection and foster shared bonding moments.

Teaching your dog obedience isn’t just about eliminating undesirable behaviors. Training allows you to clearly communicate your expectations to your dog. It also builds your dog’s confidence through positive feedback received after mastering a command or new trick. Most dogs thrive on meeting their owners’ expectations, so consistent commands they can recognize and follow help deepen your connection.

Another way to build trust through behavior training is establishing regular routines. Giving your dog a clear set of expectations helps build mutual trust. You can create routines around the key milestones of each day, such as mealtimes, walks and bedtime.

Some pets love bathtime; others avoid it at all costs. Either way, you can make the experience more rewarding for you and your pet if you use it as an opportunity to spend some quality time together and shower your pet with extra affection.

Many pets are especially sensitive to grooming near their eyes, but keeping the eyes clean and free of dirt and buildup may help reduce the risk of infection, reduce tear stains and support your dog’s eye health. Consider options like Project Watson eye wash for dogs, which comes in an easy-to-use bottle with a tip that allows for a steady stream of solution to use alone or by soaking a clean washcloth. Made with naturally inspired, high-quality ingredients, the eye wash is designed to match the pH of a dog’s eye and help remove dried mucous, foreign materials, pollen and other irritants.

Between grooming sessions, you can also clean your dog’s eyes with eyelid wipes. The wipes, which are part of the Project Watson line of dog care products developed by the experts at Bausch + Lomb and evaluated by veterinarians, are formulated with micellar technology that cleanses and hydrates around the eyes while helping remove excess buildup associated with irritated, dry eyes. The gentle formula is paraben free, pH-balanced and fragrance free, made to mimic the ingredients found in natural tears and provide a soothing, gentle cleaning.

Your dog needs daily exercise, just like you. Make your workouts do double duty by taking your dog along for a walk or jog. Just be sure to match your workout level to your pet’s abilities; just like humans, dogs need to build up endurance before tackling an extended route. Also be mindful of the terrain and ensure your pet’s paws are safe from potential risks like sharp or abrasive surfaces and extreme heat or cold.

Down Time
While dogs need plenty of practical attention and structure, some of the best bonding comes from letting loose and simply enjoying interacting with your pooch. That might mean wrestling with a favorite toy, throwing a ball or just snuggling on the couch with plenty of petting and scratches.

For more suggestions to keep your four-legged friend happy and healthy, speak with your veterinarian or visit tryprojectwatson.com.

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