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Adidas Launches CHAMPION THE GIRLS Initiative to Inspire Next Generation of Women’s Football Fans

“Adidas launches CHAMPION THE GIRLS, an initiative to inspire the next generation of women’s football fans through role models and equity in sports.”



On June 1st, 2023, adidas announced its latest initiative, CHAMPION THE GIRLS, aimed at promoting the next generation of fans and players in women’s football. This program reserves a block of seats for young girls and their role models to experience a European football club final, setting the stage for lifelong connections to the sport and igniting a flame in the emerging generation of the women’s game. The announcement comes as the world readies for what promises to be an incredible summer for women’s football – punctuated by the UWCL final. By inspiring the next generation of women and girls, adidas can help cement the building blocks for better equity in the future of the game.

Gonzalo Calvo, Global Director of Brand Communication, Communities, and Culture at adidas, highlighted that love and passion for football often start from witnessing the magic created by the biggest players and having role models encouraging and supporting their football journey. Nadine Kessler, Managing Director of Women’s football at UEFA, expressed her pride in backing this adidas commitment, setting up a platform to inspire and support the future of the women’s game.

Beyond CHAMPION THE GIRLS, adidas will contribute 1% of net sales of the UWCL Pro-Ball Eindhoven to the Common Goal movement, aiming to increase participation, representation, and leadership for women and girls in the grassroots game. To support the launch of CHAMPION THE GIRLS, adidas has pictured some of its biggest athletes alongside their loved ones in striking campaign images that celebrate the role that parents and role models play in driving positive influence on the next generation of player and fan. The collection features Del Piero and Kaka with their daughters, Ian Wright with his grand-daughter, and Russo and Zadrazil with their mothers.

Adidas’ CHAMPION THE GIRLS initiative is a powerful testament to the brand’s long-term commitment to helping make football equal, enabling access, equity, and safety for all who want to play. The brand works collaboratively with fellow changemakers on the journey to achieving fairness in sports. By inspiring the next generation of women and girls in football, adidas is creating a space at grassroots level, through to the top of women’s club football, to help make sport equal.

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Source: adidas



Hunger in the US: Feeding America Report Reveals Urgent Crisis

New Feeding America report reveals persistent hunger crisis in the US, calling for urgent action.



Feeding America, a leading hunger-relief organization, has released its 2023 Elevating Voices: Insights Report, shedding light on the persistent crisis of hunger in the United States. Despite progress made during the pandemic, the report emphasizes that food insecurity remains a pressing issue that requires urgent attention from both federal and local governments. The report, based on surveys and interviews with individuals and Native American communities, provides valuable insights to inform policies aimed at combating hunger and creating a more equitable society

Experience the full interactive Multichannel News Release here: https://www.multivu.com/players/English/9173851-feeding-america-report-reveals-hunger-in-us-remains-urgent-crisis/

The Urgency of Food Insecurity:
According to the report, an overwhelming 88% of individuals facing hunger believe that food insecurity should be treated as an urgent crisis, challenging the notion that an improving economy and lower unemployment rates have sufficiently addressed the issue. This sentiment highlights the deep-rooted struggles faced by millions of Americans in accessing adequate food and underscores the need for sustained efforts to tackle the problem comprehensively.

Insights from Elevating Voices:
Feeding America’s Elevating Voices: Insights Report draws from the real-life experiences, concerns, and ideas of over 1,000 individuals and 12 Native American communities who have either directly received charitable food assistance or experienced food insecurity within the past two years. By amplifying the voices of those affected, the report provides a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by communities across the nation.

Neighbors cite several issues they say are related to the root causes of hunger and food insecurity in America: high cost of rent or buying a home (55%), losing a job and being unemployed (44%), and too many low-wage jobs (42%).

Feeding America’s Commitment:
Feeding America is dedicated to creating an America where no one goes hungry. The organization works in collaboration with a nationwide network of food banks, food pantries, and meal programs to support tens of millions of people experiencing food insecurity. Their approach goes beyond immediate hunger relief, as they also invest in innovative solutions to ensure equitable access to nutritious food, advocate for legislation that improves food security, and address underlying factors impacting food access, such as health, cost of living, and employment.

A Call for Action:
The findings of the Elevating Voices: Insights Report serve as a rallying cry for policymakers, organizations, and supporters to unite in the movement to end hunger. Feeding America encourages collaboration with individuals experiencing food insecurity to craft effective policies and promote lasting change. By leveraging the report’s insights, stakeholders can work towards creating a society where everyone has access to the food and resources necessary for a healthy and fulfilling life.

Feeding America’s 2023 Elevating Voices: Insights Report provides a critical examination of the ongoing crisis of hunger in the United States. Despite progress made during the pandemic, the report emphasizes that food insecurity remains an urgent issue requiring immediate attention. By listening to the experiences and ideas of those affected by hunger, policymakers and organizations can develop informed policies and strategies to address the multifaceted aspects of food insecurity. Feeding America’s commitment to ending hunger and their call for collaboration underscores the importance of collective action in building a more equitable and nourished society for all.

About Feeding America 


Feeding America is committed to an America where no one is hungry. We support tens of millions of people who experience food insecurity to get the food and resources they say they need to thrive as part of a nationwide network of food banks, statewide food bank associations, food pantries and meal programs. We also invest in innovative solutions to increase equitable access to nutritious food, advocate for legislation that improves food security and work to address factors that impact food security, such as health, cost of living and employment.   

We partner with people experiencing food insecurity, policymakers, organizations, and supporters, united with them in a movement to end hunger. Visit www.FeedingAmerica.org to learn more.

SOURCE Feeding America via PR Newswire

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iTutorGroup Settles EEOC Discrimination Suit

iTutorGroup settles EEOC suit for age discrimination in hiring, pays $365,000.



iTutorGroup, a provider of English-language tutoring services to students in China, has reached a settlement with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) in an employment discrimination lawsuit. The company has agreed to pay $365,000 and implement other measures to address the allegations of discriminatory hiring practices. This case highlights the importance of upholding anti-discrimination laws and ensuring equal opportunities for all job applicants.

Discriminatory Hiring Practices:
According to the EEOC’s lawsuit, iTutorGroup programmed its tutor application software to automatically reject female applicants aged 55 or older and male applicants aged 60 or older. As a result, more than 200 qualified applicants based in the United States were unfairly rejected solely based on their age. This conduct violates the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), which prohibits employers from discriminating against individuals based on age.

Legal Consequences:
The EEOC filed the lawsuit after attempts to resolve the matter through conciliation were unsuccessful. The settlement requires iTutorGroup to pay $365,000, which will be distributed to the applicants who were wrongfully rejected due to their age. Additionally, iTutorGroup must implement non-monetary relief measures to prevent future discrimination, should they resume their U.S. operations. These measures include extensive training on anti-discrimination policies, the issuance of a robust new anti-discrimination policy, and strict injunctions against discriminatory hiring practices based on age or sex.

Importance of Upholding Anti-Discrimination Laws:
This case serves as a reminder that companies, even those operating internationally, are bound by U.S. anti-discrimination laws. Regardless of the location of their operations, businesses must ensure that their hiring practices adhere to the principles of equal opportunity and fair treatment. Discrimination based on age, or any other protected characteristic, is unacceptable and can have detrimental effects on both job applicants and the overall workplace environment.

The settlement reached between iTutorGroup and the EEOC demonstrates the consequences that companies may face when engaging in discriminatory hiring practices. By paying a significant settlement amount and implementing measures to prevent future discrimination, iTutorGroup aims to rectify the harm caused and ensure compliance with anti-discrimination laws. It is crucial for all employers to prioritize diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunity in their hiring practices, fostering a fair and respectful work environment for all employees.

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Assistory Outreach Services: Celebrating Community Impact at the Assistory Awards Breakfast

Assistory Awards Breakfast: Honoring community champions who make a difference through activism, philanthropy, and advocacy.



Assistory Outreach Services President Jon Taylor (L) presenting award to Laura C Bulluck (C), Travis Hardin was the master of ceremonies (R) Image: STM Daily News

Assistory Outreach Services, a 501c charitable organization, recently held their first annual Assistory Awards Breakfast & Fundraiser at the Double Tree Hotel in Tempe, AZ. This event aimed to recognize and honor four exceptional individuals who have made a significant impact in their community through activism, philanthropy, and advocacy. The breakfast was the brainchild of Jon Taylor, the president and CEO of Assistory Outreach, who also organized and hosted the event.

Assistory Outreach Services is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving the unsheltered, low-income population, and seniors in Maricopa County. Their mission is centered around providing high-quality services that promote dignity, empowerment, independence, safety, self-esteem, and self-sufficiency. Since 2021, they have been actively involved in coordinated community efforts to combat homelessness, food insecurity, and digital illiteracy.

The Assistory Awards Breakfast provided a platform to acknowledge individuals who have demonstrated exceptional dedication to their community. The honorees included Michael Malone, recipient of the Vendor Award for his contributions through Malone Sport and Print; Laura C Bulluck, a leadership coach and empowering conversationalist who received the Peer Award; Kurt Rinske, Chief of Brands at Jerry’s Restaurant and Los Sombreros, founder of Level Up Projects, and president of Clothes Bin Recycling (AZ Franchise), who was honored with the Community Champion Award; and John Akram, a member of The 100 Black Men of Phoenix, who received the Humanitarian Award.

The event was made even more meaningful by the presence of Travis Hardin, a Tennessee native and community advocate who served as the master of ceremonies. Travis’s remarkable achievements include being honored as a top 100 candidate for the John C Maxwell Global Leadership Award, receiving the Wells Fargo Diversity Champion Award, and being nominated by United Way Worldwide for a reality series showcasing ordinary people making extraordinary differences in their communities.

Through the Assistory Awards Breakfast, Assistory Outreach Services highlighted the incredible work being done by individuals who selflessly contribute to the betterment of society. This event served as a reminder of the importance of supporting and recognizing those who make a positive impact in their communities. Assistory Outreach continues to lead the way in addressing homelessness, food insecurity, and other pressing issues, making a lasting difference in the lives of those they serve.

For more information about Assistory Outreach Services, check out this link https://assistoryoutreachservices.com/

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