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Aliens on Earth: Former Intelligence Official David Grusch Reveals US Government Possesses ‘Intact’ Spaceships

Former intelligence official David Grusch claims US government has “intact” spaceships not made on this planet.



Are we alone in the universe? Is there evidence of extraterrestrial life and technology on Earth? Recently, a new whistleblower has emerged claiming that the US government possesses “intact” spaceships not made on this planet. This stunning revelation has reignited the debate about the UFO phenomenon and its implications for science, society, and security. In this blog post, we will explore the evidence, arguments, and controversies surrounding this claim, based on two recent articles from Interesting Engineering and Sandboxx.

Photo Credit: David Grusch

The first article from Interesting Engineering reports that a new whistleblower, David Grusch, has come forward to confirm and expand on the claims made by Luis Elizondo, a former director of the Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), who claimed that the US government possesses “vehicles not made on this earth.” Grusch, who worked for the US Navy and the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), claims that he saw firsthand evidence of extraterrestrial technology during his service, including “intact” spaceships that were recovered and stored in a secure facility. He also claims that the government has been covering up and suppressing the truth about the UFO phenomenon for decades, and that the recent disclosures are just the tip of the iceberg.

The second article from Sandboxx provides more background and context to Grusch’s claims. It notes that Grusch served as a Senior Intelligence Officer for the DIA’s Aerospace Threat Program from 1996 to 2010, where he was responsible for collecting and analyzing data on foreign aerospace threats. He also worked for the Navy’s Office of Naval Intelligence, where he was involved in the investigation of the USS Nimitz UFO incident in 2004, which involved the sighting of anomalous aerial objects by Navy pilots. Grusch claims that the sighting was just one of many similar incidents that have been kept secret by the government, and that the objects seen by the pilots were not human-made or explainable by conventional physics.

So, what can we make of these claims? Are they credible and convincing, or are they just another conspiracy theory or hoax? The truth is, we don’t know yet. While Grusch is a former intelligence official with a good reputation and credentials, his claims are still based on personal experience, memory, and interpretation, and they lack independent verification, empirical evidence, and scientific peer review. Moreover, his claims have been contested by other officials, scientists, and experts, who argue that the UAPs reported by the AATIP could be explained by natural or human-made phenomena, such as atmospheric disturbances, optical illusions, or misidentifications.

However, there are also reasons to take Grusch’s claims seriously and to investigate them further. One reason is that his claims are consistent with other reports and sightings of UAPs that have been documented and analyzed by experts. For example, the USS Nimitz incident was confirmed by multiple Navy pilots and radar operators, and it led to a series of encounters between Navy aircraft and UAPs that were recorded and analyzed by the AATIP. Moreover, the recent disclosures by the US government and the military of their investigations into UAPs and their potential threats to national security suggest that there is more to the phenomenon than meets the eye.

Another reason to take Grusch’s claims seriously is that they could have profound implications for science, society, and security. If his claims are true, they would challenge our assumptions, beliefs, and values about the nature of reality, the limits of technology, and the diversity of life in the universe. They would also raise questions about the ethical, legal, and political implications of contact or communication with extraterrestrial civilizations, as well as the risks and opportunities of reverse engineering or exploiting their technology. Thus, the study of UAPs and the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) are not just idle curiosity or speculation, but legitimate and important endeavors that require rigorous and transparent investigation, analysis, and debate.

In conclusion, the claim that the US government possesses “intact” spaceships not made on this planet is a controversial and intriguing one that requires careful examination and evaluation. While there are reasons to be skeptical or critical of extraordinary claims, there are also reasons to be open-minded and curious about the UFO phenomenon and its potential implications. Whatever the truth may be, the search for it is a fascinating and challenging adventure that tests our scientific and intellectual capabilities, as well as our moral and existential values. As the famous physicist Enrico Fermi once asked, “Where is everybody?” The answer may be closer than we think.


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Pickleball in California Sees Unprecedented Growth: Investment Needed

California’s pickleball surge necessitates investment in courts to meet demand and sustain growth.



Pickleball, the popular paddle sport, is experiencing unprecedented growth in California. According to the recently released 2023 State of Pickleball: Participation & Infrastructure Report by Pickleheads and The Sports & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA), the state will need to build a staggering 3,748 courts at a cost of $131.2 million to meet the increasing demand over the next 5-7 years.

The report also reveals that California currently has only 0.67 dedicated pickleball courts per 10,000 people, which is 45% below the national average. In fact, the state ranks 41st in the nation in terms of dedicated court coverage per capita. These figures highlight the urgent need for investment in pickleball infrastructure to keep up with the sport’s meteoric rise.

Brandon Mackie, Co-founder and COO of Pickleheads, emphasizes the significance of this growth, stating, “Pickleball continues to grow at an unprecedented rate in California. Our estimates show the state will need to invest $131M in courts over the next 5-7 years. This represents an exciting challenge for both public and private enterprises in California.”

Pickleheads, the leading online platform for pickleball, has been instrumental in compiling comprehensive data on pickleball courts across the country. Their database currently includes 51,937 courts across 12,081 facilities in the U.S.

To gain further insights into the state of pickleball and its infrastructure, the 2023 State of Pickleball: Participation & Infrastructure Report can be purchased on pickleheads.com for $350.

As pickleball’s popularity continues to soar, the investment and expansion of pickleball facilities in California will play a crucial role in meeting the growing demand and ensuring players have ample opportunities to enjoy the sport.

SOURCE Pickleheads

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Dink Ninja Paddle Review: High-Quality Performance!

“Discover the Dink Ninja Paddle’s high-quality performance in our review! Elevate your pickleball game with this top-notch equipment.



“Dink Ninja Paddle Review: Slicing and Dicing Its Way to High-Quality Performance!”

In a recent episode of Sleeves Senior Pickleball Report, renowned host Mike Sliwa took on the challenge of reviewing the Dink Ninja 🥷White Hot Edition 🔥 Carbon Paddle. Known for his expertise and insightful analysis, Mike left no stone unturned as he explored the paddle’s features and performance.

The Dink Ninja paddle boasts an 18k Carbon Fiber face that delivers an impressive combination of power, spin, and accuracy. Its dual layer PP honeycomb core, coupled with a flexible paddle surface, provides an unmatched touch, allowing players to execute precise shots with ease. With a thickness of 16mm, this paddle offers increased power for those aggressive shots on the court.

What sets the Dink Ninja apart is its proprietary textured surface, which effortlessly generates impressive ball spin. Mike Sliwa couldn’t help but be impressed with the paddle’s ability to enhance his game and take it to the next level.

If you’re looking to elevate your pickleball game, the Dink Ninja 🥷White Hot Edition 🔥 Carbon Paddle might just be the game-changer you need. Don’t miss out on this incredible paddle that slices and dices its way to high-quality performance.

Discover everything you need to know about the legendary Dink Ninja paddle by clicking the link below.


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Hyundai 2024 Santa Cruz: Best Urban Pickup by Cars.com

“Hyundai’s 2024 Santa Cruz named Best Urban Pickup by Cars.com, blending adventure with practicality.”



Hyundai’s 2024 Santa Cruz has been named the Best Urban Pickup by Cars.com in their Pickup Truck Buying Guide. The Santa Cruz impressed Cars.com’s editors with its ability to combine adventure and practicality, as well as its range of desirable features. Ricky Lao, the director of product planning at Hyundai Motor America, expressed gratitude for the recognition and emphasized the brand’s commitment to innovative design, powerful drivetrains, driver convenience, and advanced safety features.

The 2023 Hyundai Santa Cruz Night Edition photographed in Irvine, Calif., Aug. 18, 2022.

According to Aaron Bragman, Cars.com’s Detroit Bureau Chief, the Hyundai Santa Cruz is the ideal truck for urban environments. Its sleek and compact design, lockable hard-top tonneau cover, and comfortable ride make it a dream for city dwellers. Additionally, its Surround View Monitor makes parallel parking on narrow city streets a breeze.

To receive a Cars.com Top Pick designation, vehicles must demonstrate solid fuel economy, capability, and value. For pickup trucks, payload and towing capacities are also considered. Moreover, practical attributes that cater to family needs are taken into account, as many pickups are used for this purpose.

Cars.com Inc. is a leading automotive marketplace platform that connects car shoppers with sellers through digital solutions. Hyundai Motor America focuses on “Progress for Humanity” and offers a technology-rich lineup of cars, SUVs, and electrified vehicles to U.S. consumers. In 2022, Hyundai’s dealers sold over 724,000 vehicles in the U.S., with a significant portion produced at Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama. For more information, visit www.HyundaiNews.com.

Hyundai Motor America on Twitter | YouTube | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn | TikTok 

Source: Hyundai

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