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First-of-its-kind program expands to sailings on the ALL-NEW Islander, adds additional benefits and introduces unlimited usage



ORLANDO, Fla. /PRNewswire/ — Today, Margaritaville at Sea will re-launch their industry-leading “Heroes Sail Free” program as “Heroes Sail Free, Heroes Sail First,” featuring major enhancements. The significant upgrade to the program will now allow U.S. military service members (active duty and veterans), police, firefighters, EMS personnel, nurses, and educators to sail for free with a paying guest, as many times as they like throughout the year on the new Margaritaville at Sea Islander, embarking on its maiden voyage in June from Port Tampa Bay as well as the Margaritaville at Sea Paradise from Port of Palm Beach. In addition, all passengers sailing in the hero’s stateroom will receive an Express Pass and other exclusive benefits* as part of the enhanced program.

“Heroes Sail Free, Heroes Sail First,” with additional benefits and unlimited usage on Margaritaville at Sea.

Passengers booking the “Heroes Sail Free, Heroes Sail First” package will receive an Express Pass to jumpstart the fun with priority embarkation and disembarkation at both home and destination ports. The package also includes two complimentary welcome beverages to toast the start of the vacation, priority luggage delivery, and expedited booking assistance for Shore Excursions for all sailing destinations. Heroes will also now receive a free cruise fare with a paying guest, or the best retail discount available, on unlimited sailings throughout the year, including consecutive “back-to-back” sailings. To receive this exclusive offer only available with Margaritaville at Sea, heroes will continue to book online through the link available on Govx.com or at margaritavilleatsea.com/offers/heroessailfree/.

The industry-first “Heroes Sail Free” program launched in 2022 through a partnership with GovX.com. Heroes can verify their eligibility through GovX and reserve a stateroom now for sailings on the all-new Margaritaville at Sea Islander, which begins sailing June 2024 out of Port Tampa Bay with stops in Key West, Cozumel, and Progreso, Mexico. On Margaritaville at Sea Paradise, heroes can book their free Bahamas cruise now from the Port of Palm Beach in Florida to Freeport, Grand Bahama Island.

Recently recognized as having the #1 cruise itinerary by USA Today 10Best, Margaritaville at Sea brings the iconic Margaritaville brand to the open ocean for a truly one-of-a-kind cruising experience. Guests can relax and unwind in comfort, choosing from a range of staterooms and suites, all dressed in nautical details and colors inspired by the sea, sand, and sky. While on board, guests enjoy endless live entertainment across numerous themed shows, dining venues, bars, and lounges. Both ships also feature the St. Somewhere Spa, Fins Up! Fitness Center, Pickleball at Sea, Fin City Arcade, kids clubs and play areas, Margaritaville Casino, and more.

Guests can visit MargaritavilleatSea.com for more information and reservations. Fans can stay up to date with ship offers, special events, and more by following Margaritaville at Sea on Facebook and Instagram.

*One Express Pass per cabin. Two complimentary welcome beverages per cabin (up to $15). Free fare for the 2nd guest excludes taxes and fees, which apply to all guests and applies to inside stateroom category only.

About Margaritaville at Sea
Margaritaville at Sea brings Margaritaville’s iconic hospitality to the open ocean for a one-of-a-kind offshore vacation experience. The cruise line’s maiden vessel, the Margaritaville at Sea Paradise, offers easy-breezy getaways from Palm Beach to Grand Bahama Island, while the new flagship vessel, the Margaritaville at Sea Islander, will set sail June 2024 out of Port Tampa Bay on four- and five-night adventures to Key West and Mexico. Guests aboard Margaritaville at Sea can relax and unwind in comfort, featuring a range of fully redesigned suites, and balcony, ocean view and interior staterooms dressed in nautical details and colors inspired by the sea, sand, and sky. The ships also feature numerous inclusive and specialty dining restaurants centered around chef-crafted, island-inspired cuisine, uniquely themed bars and lounges that provide non-stop live entertainment paired with premium cocktails, kids’ clubs and arcades, the action-packed Margaritaville Casino, the St. Somewhere Spa & Salon, multiple pools, hot tubs, and plenty of quiet spaces to soak up the Caribbean sun. Sail away to an island state of mind at MargaritavilleAtSea.com.

SOURCE Margaritaville at Sea


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Senior Pickleball Report

Find Your Perfect Match: Serve Club App Connects Tennis and Pickleball Players Nationwide



Imagine Tinder but for finding hitting partners. Recreational tennis and pickleball players flock to apps to meet and connect with other players that otherwise find it difficult to find people at their skill level and similar availability.

NEW YORK /PRNewswire/ — Amid the latest surge in popularity for tennis and pickleball, Serve Club emerges as a revolutionary app, transforming how enthusiasts connect. Rather than a typical dating or social app, Serve Club matches players and coaches, fostering a vibrant community of sports aficionados. This innovative platform taps into a cultural renaissance for racket sports, which has been revitalized by a post-pandemic yearning for social interaction and a shift toward health-conscious, statement-making workouts. After witnessing the challenges coaches and players face in finding suitable partners, co-founders Darnell Nance and Daniel Cline were inspired to create Serve Club as a solution to bridge the gap between online connection and real-world meetups.

Fashion labels such as Skims, Kith, and Lacoste are now crafting trendsetting tennis apparel, and the entertainment industry is also riding this wave. Films like “King Richard,” “Break Point,” and Zendaya’s “Challengers” reflect the sport’s growing cultural footprint. Additionally, fashion designer and “Project Runway” alum Erin Robertson has co-founded Pickle Pop, an indoor pickleball venue in Santa Monica, further highlighting the sport’s burgeoning appeal.

Daniel Cline, CEO of Serve Club, emphasizes that the platform is designed to be at the heart of this sports revival. “Serve Club transcends typical fitness apps by linking users directly with a lively community of players,” said Cline. The app uses an algorithm to match players with opponents of similar skill levels, ensuring a compatible and challenging game. Furthermore, it accommodates players nationally and internationally, allowing them to continue playing and connecting with new friends even while traveling.

Serve Club’s offerings extend beyond just player connections. It provides access to skilled tennis and pickleball coaches for either personal or group training, helping users refine their skills and maximize their potential on the court. “The platform empowers coaches to find active players eager to elevate their game, simplifying the coaching process,” notes Lendale Johnson, a professional tennis player turned coach.

The app streamlines the logistics of scheduling, from booking individual or group sessions to processing payments, making it a win-win for both coaches and students. For more information about Serve Club, visit https://serveclub.com, or download the Serve Club app for iOS.

Serve Club is more than an app—it’s the thriving nucleus of a growing tennis and pickleball community. It not only connects like-minded sports enthusiasts but also enhances their playing experience with a beautifully designed, technologically advanced platform.
Website: https://serveclub.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/serveclubapp/

SOURCE Serve Club



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Senior Pickleball Report

Exclusive Interview: Thomas Yelloweyes of Night Train Pickleball

Uncover the secrets to mastering pickleball with Thomas Yelloweyes on the People of Pickleball podcast. Don’t miss out on this exclusive interview!



Attention all pickleball enthusiasts! Get ready for an upcoming episode on the People of Pickleball podcast that promises to be a game-changer. Host Mike Sleeves Sliwa sits down with the legendary Thomas Yelloweyes, the mastermind behind Night Train Pickleball in Oregon. As an OG in the Pickleball Universe and a coach worth his weight in gold, Thomas Yelloweyes shares his invaluable insights and expertise in this not-to-be-missed interview. Whether you’re a newbie looking to perfect your game or a seasoned player seeking advanced strategies, this episode has something for everyone. Stay tuned for the release and prepare to take your pickleball skills to new heights with the wisdom of Thomas Yelloweyes! 🏓✨ #PickleballPodcast #CoachInterview #GameChanger

Thomas Yelloweyes


Instagram: @nighttrainpickleball

Thomas Yelloweyes
Image Credit: Pickleball Fire

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Wickle Elite 1: A Game-Changing Pickleball Paddle

Describing the paddle as a game-changer, Sliwa went as far as suggesting that the sport itself should consider rebranding to “Wickleball” in honor of this groundbreaking equipment. With a low price tag that won’t leave your wallet in a pickle, the Wickle Elite 1 promises to elevate your pickleball experience without breaking the bank.

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PiklNation: We believe that pickleball is not just a game, but a lifestyle. Our mission is to add joy, style, and humor to the pickleball community. https://www.piklnation.com/

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Picklin is revolutionizing pickleball practice with The Dink Net! Improve your dink game and revolutionize your practice with this portable net that sets up in under 60 seconds. Perfect for practicing your skills anywhere, The Dink Net enhances muscle memory and helps you become an expert player faster. Picklin is dedicated to enhancing your game with innovative products, ensuring your transition into pickleball is smooth and enjoyable. 

Use code SENIORPICKLEBALLREPORT for 10% off your entire order. Elevate your pickleball experience with Picklin! https://startpicklin.com/seniorpickleballreport 

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Food and Beverage

Keep Your Cool with the New Chick-fil-A Summer Merchandise Collection

Chick-fil-A: Newly launched online shop features must-have fan favorites including Waffle Fry Pool Float, Pickle Pickle™ Pickleball Set, Chicken Sandwich Towel and more



ATLANTA, /PRNewswire/ — Have you ever wanted to play pickleball, with pickles? Or dreamed of floating away on a bed of Waffle Fries? Well, Chick-fil-A® is bringing fans all that and more with the launch of its new Chick-fil-A® Originals Summer Collection, helping fans stay cool and add a delicious flair to summertime fun.

Chick-fil-A® Originals Summer Collection

Since launching seasonal branded merchandise ‘drops’ in 2022, Chick-fil-A is making its popular fan collections a permanent offering with the launch of their new online shop. Shop Chick-fil-A™ features the Chick-fil-A Originals Summer Collection, available July 1 while supplies last, alongside a curated selection of brand products.

Beat the Heat in True Chick-fil-A Style
Whether lounging by the pool or hitting the beach, the new merchandise collection has you covered with items everyone can enjoy, including:

  • Large Waffle Fry Pool Float: Perfect for lounging in the pool with a signature Chick-fil-A fan-favorite
  • Chick-fil-A Soft Sided Backpack Cooler: Ideal for keeping refreshments cool and in style while on the go
  • Pickle Pickle Pickleball Set: Great for sporty fans to hit the courts in style
  • The Original Chick-fil-A® Chicken Sandwich Towel: For pool days or lounging at the beach, this towel adds a playful touch to your summer essentials
  • Cow Print 32oz Water Bottle: Stay hydrated throughout your summer festivities with your favorite cow-themed design
  • Cow Print Bucket Hat: Keep cool and stylish with this trendy bucket hat – available in both adult and kids’ sizes – for summer adventures and sunny days

“We’re always looking for ways for Guests to have fun with our brand both inside and outside the restaurant, and we know from previous merchandise offerings how much they like to show their Chick-fil-A love through apparel and accessories,” said Dustin Britt, Senior Director of Brand Strategy, Investment and Entertainment at Chick-fil-A, Inc. “We’re thrilled to offer a wide range of both brand-new releases and returning items and can’t wait to see fans decked out in their Chick-fil-A favorites this summer!”

Discover Shop Chick-fil-A™
The new online shop will be live starting July 1, 2024. Chick-fil-A enthusiasts can enjoy easy access to ‘always-on’ brand items, alongside new limited time collections throughout the year. Chick-fil-A One® reward members can be the first to hear about new merchandise drops by signing up for notifications.

For more information or to begin shopping for your new summertime — or anytime — favorites, visit Shop Chick-fil-A™.

About Chick-fil-A, Inc.
Chick-fil-A, Inc. is the third largest quick-service restaurant company in the United States, known for its freshly-prepared food, signature hospitality and unique franchise model. More than 200,000 Team Members are employed by independent owner-operators in more than 3,000 restaurants across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. In 2023, the company shared plans to expand by 2030 into Europe and Asia. Chick-fil-A owner-operators live and work in the communities their restaurants serve, each supporting local efforts to address hunger, education, and making a positive impact. The family-owned and privately held company was founded in 1967 by S. Truett Cathy. More information on Chick-fil-A is available at www.chick-fil-a.com and @ChickfilANews. 

SOURCE Chick-fil-A, Inc.

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