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CES 2024

XGIMI Debuts New and Updated Technologies for Its Next Generation Projectors at CES 2024

The new and updated innovations will be featured across XGIMI’s 2024 projector lineup, starting with the all-new HORIZON Max and CES 2024 Innovation Award Winning Aladdin smart projector lamp and speaker.



LAS VEGAS, Jan. 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — XGIMI, the award-winning projector and laser TV brand, is introducing a handful of new technologies at CES 2024, including ISA 5.0 (Intelligent Screen Adaptation) and Dual Light 2.0, along with partnerships with IMAX & DTS (IMAX Enhanced is a partnership between IMAX and DTS),Google and MediaTek. The new technologies and strategic partnerships will debut alongside XGIMI’s new 2024 projectors, starting with the IMAX Enhanced certified HORIZON Max at CES 2024. Also being showcased at CES 2024 is Aladdin, the soon-to-be-released 3-in-1 smart projector lamp and speaker, which has been selected as a 2024 CES Innovation Award honoree and is XGIMI’s first smart home-connected product. CES 2024 attendees can go hands-on with HORIZON Max, Aladdin, and other incredible XGIMI technologies, at LVCC, Central Hall – 22515.

Experience IMAX’s Signature Picture with DTS Audio from the Comfort of Home
Expected to launch in late 2024, HORIZON Max is the world’s first Long Throw smart projector that is IMAX Enhanced certified, bringing IMAX’s picture and signature sound, via DTS:X, to the home. The groundbreaking IMAX Enhanced certification, previously exclusive to premium-priced projectors, underscores XGIMI’s commitment to providing inclusive premium-grade entertainment. “With the HORIZON Max, we’re reshaping home entertainment, delivering a cinematic experience previously reserved for high-end projectors,” Apollo Zhong, CEO and founder of XGIMI, stated. “With the HORIZON Ultra, we brought Dolby Vision to 4K long-throw home projectors for the first time. Now, HORIZON Max boasts both IMAX Enhanced certification and Dolby Vision for picture/image performance. XGIMI remains steadfast in its commitment to enhancing projection technology, striving to bring the theatrical movie experience into every home. HORIZON Max not only establishes a new benchmark for the industry with this certification but also represents a significant milestone for the brand by introducing the most refined versions of its signature ISA and Dual Light technologies. In 2024, we are excited to expand our line-up with more cutting-edge projectors featuring IMAX Enhanced certification and Dolby Vision, reinforcing our commitment to delivering unparalleled visual experiences in partnership with industry leaders.”

A Projector on Autopilot
XGIMI’s new, revolutionary ISA 5.0 (Intelligent Screen Adaptation) technology uses hardware and software enhancements to introduce a paradigm shift in smart projector engineering. Through its exclusive, fully automated motorized gimbal, HORIZON Max goes beyond traditional projection systems by automatically locating the best projection positioning on the wall, and intelligently remembering settings for specific walls, offering users unparalleled convenience. Users can use the HORIZON Max for gaming on one side of the room and enjoying movies on the other, and the projector will seamlessly transition when moved between walls, automatically adapting its software and hardware settings to optimize the experience for each activity. This new feature offers users more control and flexibility over the projected image and content. Integrating 3D ToF in ISA 5.0 enhances HORIZON Max’s ability to swiftly detect the surrounding space, enabling users to find the optimal projection spot effortlessly. This alleviates the usual hassles associated with traditional projectors, offering the most seamless and user-friendly experience.

Remarkable Picture Quality
HORIZON Max also achieves extraordinary picture quality through its updated Dual Light 2.0 technology – XGIMI’s brand-new, exclusive system with a dual-light light source. It integrates a Triple laser for an extended color range and a phosphor light to enhance any imperfections produced by the Triple laser. The proprietary optical engine is equipped with MCL lasers commonly used in commercial theaters, leading the way in triple laser performance. As a result of the upgrade to Dual Light 2.0, the viewing experience provided by the HORIZON Max is cinematic and comfortable, boasting an ultra-wide color gamut, ultra-high brightness (3,100 ISO Lumens), ultra-high contrast (2000:1 native contrast ratio) and ultra-high color accuracy. The new system delivers XGIMI’s brightest display to date, a 35% increase from the HORIZON Ultra. The HORIZON Max, boasting IMAX Enhanced Certification and Dolby Vision, sets a new standard in home entertainment, surpassing peers in its price range. XGIMI will bring its updated Dual Light 2.0 and ISA 5.0 technologies to more of XGIMI’s lineup in 2024, including portable and home projectors.

One Projector, Three Breakthrough Devices
At CES, XGIMI will also unveil Aladdin, a revolutionary product that seamlessly blends a smart ceiling lamp, high-end projector, and connected speakers, to optimize your living space. By delivering a cinematic experience of up to 100 inches directly from the ceiling, Aladdin solves the issues of traditional projectors, eliminating concerns like bulkiness, screen blockage, and glare, providing an immersive viewing experience without compromising floor space. Its strategic positioning prevents direct light exposure, prioritizing user safety, and allows an impressive 0.7:1 projection ratio, effortlessly transforming any space into a media haven. Aladdin is set to launch in Japan in June 2024.

“Aladdin is a truly unique triple-threat that represents the harmonious fusion of cutting-edge projector technology and sophisticated smart home design,” continued Zhong. “We are deeply honored to receive a prestigious CES Innovation Honoree Award, underscoring the groundbreaking technological advancements we’ve pioneered with Aladdin. Its seamless integration of an HD projector, smart light, and premium audio experience, encapsulates our mission of delivering unparalleled home entertainment experiences to the masses. We look forward to building on this success and driving further Smart Home innovation in 2024 and beyond.”

Intelligent Design for an Effortless Integration
Aladdin’s modern design offers the same hassle-free installation as a standard ceiling light but provides users with a feature-rich projector, and a 360-degree Harman Kardon smart speaker. This eliminates the need for extensive in-ceiling installs and allows Aladdin to effortlessly integrate into existing home decor. Beyond typical projector use cases, Aladdin offers immersive dynamic wallpapers, life-sized interactive children’s books, and soothing ambient sounds for bedtime, bringing pure magic to the living space. It was selected as a 2024 CES Innovation Award honoree thanks to its exceptional design and its transformative function in the smart home, in addition to XGIMI’s commitment as a brand to push the boundaries of home entertainment technology.

Dedication to Continuous Innovation through Strategic Partnerships
A key strategic partnership the brand is excited to introduce is with MediaTek. The brand stands as a crucial partner for XGIMI, with the entirety of XGIMI’s premium product line adopting MediaTek’s cutting-edge chips. Together, they’ve spearheaded a revolutionary transformation in the projector space, fundamentally reshaping the landscape of home entertainment.

Looking ahead to 2024, MediaTek, in collaboration with Google TV and XGIMI, is set to unveil a range of intelligent projection solutions. This strategic alliance aims to propel a more diverse and immersive home entertainment experience, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of smart projection technology and the companies at the forefront of projector innovation.

XGIMI is showcasing the HORIZON Max, Aladdin, and other exciting innovations in its 2024 product lineup at CES, January 9-12, 2024, in Central Hall – Booth 22515 of the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC).

To learn more about the HORIZON Max and other XGIMI products, visit the XGIMI Website, or follow @XGIMItech on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Since 2013, the state-of-the-art XGIMI projectors have helped countless people worldwide to create genuinely immersive audio-visual experiences. Working with reputable partners like Google, Harman Kardon, and Texas Instruments, XGIMI builds all-in-one entertainment devices, perfected due to their user-oriented philosophy. Through industry-leading innovation, streamlined setups, and unique designs, XGIMI always strives to develop the best home and portable projectors for everyone to enjoy. Learn more at XGIMI Projector Technology.



CES 2024

CGMagazine Launches Annual CES Awards and Best of 2024 Series



ST. CATHARINES, ON /CNW/ – CGMagazine is pleased to announce the launch of its annual CES Awards and Best of 2024 series, highlighting the most impressive and innovative consumer electronics and technology products of the year.

The CGMagazine Most Innovative of CES 2024 and Best of CES 2024 Awards recognize excellence and innovation across a range of product categories like gaming, computing, home entertainment, smart home technology, sustainability, accessibility, and more. CGMagazine’s expert editorial staff selected its winners after evaluating products at CES 2024 in Las Vegas earlier this month.

“The CGMagazine CES Awards allow us to shine a spotlight on the most exciting and meaningful new gadgets and gear showcased at the biggest tech show of the year,” said CGMagazine Editor-in-Chief Brendan Frye. “Our team spends days scouring the CES show floor looking for products that solve problems in thoughtful ways and push the industry forward.”

Complementing the CES Awards, the Best of 2024 series highlights CGMagazine Editors’ picks for the most impressive devices across a variety of categories like displays, laptops, smartphones, foldables, tablets, and more. These awards recognize products that represent meaningful innovation and progress in their respective fields.

“From groundbreaking new display technologies to clever mobile accessories, our Best of 2024 series calls attention to the gadgets and gear that wowed us over the past year,” Frye said. “These awards give a snapshot of where consumer technology is headed and the products leading the way.”

CGMagazine CES Awards and CES 2024 coverage is available online now, and the Best of 2024 articles are going up over the month of January on www.cgmagonline.com, with the Best PC Case and Best Projector currently online.

About CGMagazine

Now based in the Niagara Region of Ontario, Canada, originally based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, CGMagazine is a print and digital magazine that covers the latest in technology, gaming, and media—part of the CGMagazine Publishing Group.

CGMagazine started as a monthly Canadian print publication in 2010. Comics & Gaming Magazine has since expanded to include a globally distributed digital magazine as well as a thriving website, all of which seek to explore the culture and news of comics, gaming, tech, and film.

With comics and gaming now at the forefront of media popularity, CGMagazine endeavours to better connect our readers with their hobbies, be that through topical news, reviews, and interviews with industry veterans and newcomers alike, providing insight into these mediums’ influences on and impact on our culture.

To stay up-to-date with CGMagazine news, follow CGM on X (formerly Twitter)FacebookInstagramTwitchTikTok and YouTube or visit them at www.cgmagonline.com.

SOURCE Comics Gaming Magazine

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CES 2024

CES 2024: A Glimpse into the Future of Technology

CES 2024 showcased AI, digital health, sustainable energy, inclusivity, and environmental protection, shaping the future of technology.



CES 2024 has brought to light a wave of transformative technological advancements. The event showcased a significant surge in AI products, applications, and technologies, with a notable emphasis on “tech for good,” including sustainability, inclusivity, and personalized consumer experiences.

Artificial Intelligence took center stage, demonstrating its expansive reach from chips to robots. Innovations in chips, hardware, and data infrastructure have paved the way for AI to permeate every industry. Notable products included AMD’s Ryzen AI 2nd Generation PCs, Microsoft’s AI Keyboard, and NVIDIA’s Avatar Cloud Engine.

Digital health emerged as a core beneficiary of AI research and innovation, offering personalized and intelligent solutions. Health wearables and platforms showcased at CES 2024 are set to revolutionize early detection, treatment outcome prediction, and healthcare delivery.

Energy and power solutions took a sustainable turn, with smart plugs, connected thermostats, and solar integration paving the way for eco-friendly energy management. The event also highlighted advancements in portable battery and solar-power banks, marking a shift towards sustainable energy sources.

Inclusivity was a prominent theme, with technology bridging access gaps and supporting underrepresented communities. Products such as Garmin’s Venu 3 Smartwatch Wheelchair Mode and LG’s Universal Up Kit showcased the industry’s commitment to inclusivity.

Sustainability remained a key focus, with companies showcasing technologies designed to mitigate mankind’s impact on climate change. From renewable energy sources to e-waste recycling, CES 2024 underscored the industry’s dedication to environmentally conscious solutions.

CES 2024 offered a glimpse into a future where technology intertwines with sustainability, inclusivity, and personalized experiences. As the event continues to shape the tech landscape, it also serves as a platform for businesses to gather market intelligence and make informed decisions to drive future innovations.

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CES 2024

CES 2024: Exploring the Best Innovations and Products

CES 2024 showcased groundbreaking tech like LG’s transparent OLED T, Belkin’s Auto-Tracking Stand Pro, and Volkswagen’s ChatGPT integration.



The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 has just wrapped up, and as always, it didn’t disappoint. This year, the event showcased a wave of groundbreaking tech products that are sure to impact the way we live, work, and play. From cutting-edge TVs to inventive accessories and smart home gadgets, here’s a roundup of some of the most noteworthy highlights from CES 2024.

The LG Signature OLED T stole the show in the TV category, unveiling a see-through display that promises to redefine visual experiences. With its impressive contrast and innovative design, this TV is poised to set new standards for home entertainment. Another standout product was the Belkin Auto-Tracking Stand Pro, an accessory that offers content creators a new level of flexibility and creativity. This stand, equipped with Apple’s DockKit technology, autonomously tracks and frames subjects, revolutionizing the art of capturing content.

One of the most intriguing announcements came from Volkswagen, which revealed the integration of ChatGPT into its vehicles featuring the IDA voice assistant. This integration promises to deliver an enhanced conversational experience for drivers, showcasing the growing influence of AI in the automotive industry. Additionally, the Hyte Keeb TKL Mechanical Keyboard garnered attention for its smooth key switches, customizable lighting, and unique design, offering a compelling option for keyboard enthusiasts.


In the realm of smart home products, the GE Profile Smart Indoor Smoker stood out as a game-changer. Offering a solution for indoor smoking, this appliance features advanced smoke filtration technology, app connectivity, and a spacious interior, allowing users to enjoy the flavors of smoked food without the need for outdoor space. This innovation is set to transform the culinary landscape for those who enjoy smoked delicacies.


CES 2024 was a testament to the relentless innovation driving the tech industry forward. As we look ahead, these products are poised to redefine our everyday experiences, from entertainment and content creation to cooking and automotive interactions. The event demonstrated that the future is not only promising but also remarkably inventive, as technology continues to evolve and enrich our lives in unexpected ways.

As these products hit the market in the coming months, tech enthusiasts and consumers alike can look forward to embracing a new era of possibilities. CES 2024 has set the stage for a year of transformative advancements, and the products showcased are sure to leave a lasting impact on the tech landscape.

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