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Government Supported Driving Mobility Retailer Training for Safer Mobility Scooter Driving Launches at House of Lords



BUCKS, UNITED KINGDOM /EINPresswire.com/ — With support from The Department for Transport, Driving Mobility has held a Westminster launch event announcing its new PWMS training scheme for mobility scooter and powered wheelchair retailers.

This new voluntary scheme aims to improve road safety through an approved and consistent way of providing appropriate mobility scooters or powerchairs. With the number of mobility vehicles increasing in the UK, Driving Mobility is introducing the first ever accredited training programme so products are matched more effectively with customer capabilities. Led by clinicians from the Driving Mobility assessment centres, retailers will be able to combine their new skills with their own product expertise, so consumers are able to drive more safely on better suited products.

Driving Mobility invited scooter retailers, assessment centre managers and influential individuals from across the mobility sector to the House of Lords event. These included Baroness Tanni Grey-Thomson; Margot Shatz, Department for Transport; and Raymond Hodgkinson MBE. Speeches explaining the new PWMS Training Scheme were delivered by Tanni, Margot and finally by Edward Trewhella, Driving Mobility CEO. Feedback was positive from the guests who attended and several significant retailers registered for training on the day.

Isaac Harvey MBE, voted one of the most influential people in the UK with a disability, commented: “I had afternoon tea at the House of Lords. I never thought I would ever put that sentence together or actually do it. It honestly was just great to be in a space around other change makers and seeing this initiative launched for retailers of mobility equipment to better inform those in choosing the right product that will be safe and suitable for their individual needs.

Isaac was also joined at the launch event by fellow #Power100 disability influencer Helen Dolphin MBE. As a respected expert in accessibility and inclusion, Helen was equally supportive of the new training scheme as she explained: “For a disabled person knowing you are going to a retailer who is going to help you choose and buy a product which is most suitable for you is so important. There have been too many accidents where disabled people are using equipment that is totally unsuitable. This accreditation will help disabled people in finding an appropriate retailer who will take the time to find out about what they need so they can be safe and confident using their scooter.”

In conclusion Edward Trewhella said: “Alongside the Department for Transport, we are aware that the way people are travelling is changing especially with increased ownership of mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs. Our launch is timely and promises to enhance road safety for all through more suitable mobility vehicle provision and greater awareness of the Highway Code.”


Source: Agility PR Solutions

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Robooter Showcases Innovative Power Wheelchair X40 at CES 2024



Robooter Showcases Innovative Power Wheelchair X40 at CES

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Robooter, a leading autonomous mobility device manufacturer renowned for its robotic technology supporting the elderly and disabled, is proud to present the innovative power wheelchair X40 and offer a new space and mobility solution through its partners at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2024), held from January 9 to 12 in Las Vegas.

With 3275 exhibitors, including 1051 startups, the annual CES exhibition is lauded as “the most powerful tech event in the world”. For rising companies like Robooter, CES is a pivotal platform to showcase products, technologies, and solutions that significantly enhance daily life.

Introducing the X40: A New Era in Intelligent, Foldable Power Wheelchairs

Robooter has developed a comprehensive portfolio of electric wheelchairs, mobility aids, and living assistance devices.

This year, the spotlight at CES is on the X40, the semi-outdoor, electrically foldable wheelchair. Designed to address the challenges of lower limb mobility, the X40 offers ample legroom and operates smoothly on most surfaces without needing a turning radius.

The IF Design award-winning X40 is fully integrated with omnidirectional wheels, remote control, and an adjustable maximum speed for added safety. Equipped with a long-lasting battery and an easy-to-use interface, it ensures effortless navigation. An optional compact 10Ah battery makes the wheelchair conveniently transportable on various modes of public transportation.

Expanding Mobility Solutions with the E Series

In addition to the globally successful X40 featured at CES, in 2023, Robooter launched the new E Series, further expanding its range of innovative products. This series is designed with an emphasis on indoor and outdoor adaptability, meeting the diverse needs of elders and people with disabilities.

The E40 indoor foldable wheelchair, part of the E Series, is ideal for individuals with limited lower limb mobility. It features a user-friendly, two-step folding mechanism, ample legroom, and a compact turning radius. Its ergonomic backrest and intelligent software, with cruise control and speed limit functions, provide unparalleled comfort and ease of use.

For outdoor adventures, the E60 series showcases advanced technologies. The E60 and E60-A models are equipped with 10-inch omnidirectional wheels, while the E60Pro and E60Pro-A feature larger 12-inch wheels, conquering obstacles up to 3.1 inches in height. Their shock-absorbing springs and high-performance omnidirectional wheels allow free movement in any direction, enhancing navigation in complex terrains and a variety of outdoor environments. When folded, these wheelchairs easily fit into car trunks, promoting convenient travel and accessibility.

Robooter’s Commitment to the U.S. Market and Partnerships

Robooter places immense value on the U.S. market, actively seeking to deepen relationships with local partners. Its participation at CES, alongside esteemed American collaborators, signifies the company’s commitment to expanding its presence and enhancing accessibility solutions in the U.S. market.

A Message from CEO, Jiangguo Li 

“Robooter leverages technology to enhance the lives of billions with lower limb disabilities. Our acclaimed X40 power wheelchair, featuring omnidirectional wheels and remote control capabilities, demonstrates our commitment to innovative solutions. Since our inception in 2016, we have been at the forefront of using AI and robotics to empower independence. Our philosophy of ‘compassionate technology’ drives us to innovate solutions that slow mobility loss progression, reduce complications, and elevate the experience for all users. Robooter – where technology meets compassion.”

Robooter’s Autonomous Mobility: A Benchmark in Smart Infrastructure Integration

Robooter’s autonomous mobility solutions are setting new standards in smart infrastructure integration, illustrating the transformative power of technology in traditional sectors. The company’s debut at CES is more than presenting a product; it’s about redefining accessibility in diverse environments. Robooter’s intuitive mobile app bridges the gap between devices, offering seamless navigation and intelligent assistance. An innovative blend of AI and machine vision ensures a user experience that is natural and responsive. With Robooter’s technology, the company is not just moving people – it’s advancing the way the world connects and interacts.

For more information, please visit www.robooter.com.


For further information: Keira Zhou, zhourr@bangbangrobotics.com

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Expanding Food Access in Under-Resourced Communities: Diana Gregory Outreach & LISC



In partnership with the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC), Diana Gregory Outreach Services is making a significant impact in under-resourced communities by expanding access to healthy, affordable food. With a mission to enrich lives through healthy eating, the organization focuses on providing fresh produce, nutrition education, and meaningful social interactions to seniors and veterans in the Phoenix area.

“Transforming Communities Through Healthy Food: Diana Gregory Outreach & LISC”

The Equitable Food Access grant program, facilitated by LISC, plays a vital role in supporting this initiative. It is part of a larger effort to address economic disparities and foster solutions for healthy food access in predominantly communities of color. LISC’s commitment to breaking down systemic racial barriers aligns with their Project 10X initiative, which aims to create equitable opportunities for health, wealth, and overall well-being.

Through the collaboration between Diana Gregory Outreach Services and LISC, individuals in under-resourced communities can now enjoy improved access to nutritious food, empowering them to lead healthier lives.

For more information about LISC and Diana Gregory Outreach, visit: https://dianagregory.com/

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National Institutes of Health All of Us Research Program Mobile Tour Visits New Jersey



PERTH AMBOY, N.J. /PRNewswire/ — Starting this week, National Alliance for Hispanic Health and Network of the National Library of Medicine in New Jersey will host the All of Us Journey, a traveling educational exhibit that brings the National Institutes of Health’s All of Us Research Program to communities across the United States. The Journey features interactive activities, videos, games, quizzes, and more—all designed to demonstrate the power of participation in health research. Interested attendees will learn how they can help shape the future of health for themselves, their families, and their communities for generations to come. Attendees will also have the opportunity to register for the All of Us Research Program during their visit.

New Jersey is one stop on the All of Us Journey’s national tour. The public are invited to attend and learn how they can help change the future of health as participants in the All of Us Research Program.

Tuesday, August 29 to Friday September 1, 2023
10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Puerto Rican Association for Human Development, Inc.
100 1st St
Perth Amboy, NJ 08861

Tuesday, September 5 to Friday September 8, 2023 
10 a.m. – 4 p.m. on Tuesday to Thursday
8 a.m. – 2 p.m. on Friday
Rowan University
201 Mullica Hill Road
Glassboro, NJ 08028

Tuesday, September 12 to Friday, September 15, 2023
10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Centenary University
400 Jefferson St
Hackettstown, NJ 07840

The All of Us Research Program, led by the National Institutes of Health, aims to recruit at least one million participants that reflect the diversity of the United States.  All of Us will help researchers understand more about why people get sick or stay healthy. To learn more about the All of Us Research Program and upcoming events, visit https://www.joinallofus.org/.

About the All of Us Journey
All of Us is a registered service mark of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS). The Journey is managed by Montage Marketing Group in collaboration with Scripps Research Translational Institute, and funded by the National Institutes of Health award OT2OD035580

SOURCE Montage Marketing Group

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