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What is Nude Recreation Week?

Nude Recreation Week is a real event that promotes the idea of enjoying the outdoors without clothing.



What is National Nude Day?

Nude Recreation Week is a real event that promotes the idea of enjoying the outdoors without clothing. It is a week-long celebration of the human body and its natural state. The history of Nude Recreation Week is a fascinating one, with its origins dating back to the early 1970s.

The idea of Nude Recreation Week came from a group of naturists who wanted to promote the benefits of nudity in the outdoors. They believed that nudity was a natural and healthy way to enjoy the outdoors, and that it allowed people to connect with nature in a more meaningful way. The first Nude Recreation Week was held in 1976, and it has been celebrated every year since then.

There are many ways to celebrate Nude Recreation Week legally. Many naturist organizations offer events and activities that are open to the public, such as nude hikes, beach cleanups, and other outdoor activities. There are also many private resorts and campsites that cater to naturists, and they offer a variety of activities and amenities for those who want to enjoy the outdoors in the nude.

The opinions about Nude Recreation Week are divided. Some people believe that it is a healthy and natural way to enjoy the outdoors, and that it promotes body positivity and self-confidence. Others believe that it is inappropriate and offensive, and that it should not be allowed in public spaces.

On one hand, some people argue that nudity is a natural state for humans and that it should be celebrated. They believe that nudity is not inherently sexual or offensive, and that it is a healthy way to connect with nature and with other people. They also argue that nudity promotes body positivity and self-confidence, and that it can help people overcome body shame and negative self-image.

On the other hand, some people argue that nudity is inappropriate and offensive, especially in public spaces. They believe that nudity is a private matter and that it should not be displayed in public. They also argue that nudity can be sexualized and that it can lead to inappropriate behavior and harassment.

Nude Recreation

In conclusion, Nude Recreation Week is a real event that promotes the idea of enjoying the outdoors without clothing. It has a fascinating history, and it is celebrated by many people around the world. While opinions about nudity are divided, it is clear that there are many ways to celebrate Nude Recreation Week legally, and that it is a healthy and natural way to enjoy the outdoors.




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Senior Pickleball Report

Dill Dinkers® Enters Dallas with 50-Unit Regional Development Deal

Dill Dinkers Leading Provider of Dedicated Indoor Pickleball Facilities Satisfies Demand with Seasoned Entrepreneurs in Texas



DALLAS /PRNewswire/ — Dill Dinkers, an established leader of indoor pickleball facilities, has quickly risen to prominence for its fun, friendly, and welcoming environment where players of all ages and skill levels can play, socialize, and improve their skills. Today Dill Dinkers has announced its 14th regional development deal with business partners who have committed to the growth of at least 50 locations in the area including Euless, Southlake, Keller, Frisco, Little Elm, McKinney, and Mansfield.

Backed by Justin Goehring and Brock Oldenkamp, the two entrepreneurs are thrilled to introduce a dedicated indoor pickleball concept and a year-round solution for players who are subdued by the Texas heat and southern wind. Goehring, as an established entrepreneur, spent his career with Verizon where he ran private distribution before venturing into the business as a franchisee himself in his late 20s, greatly expanding the footprint. In addition, he grew a truck business from 13 to 100 trucks for FedEx before spearheading his own franchise business. Today, Goehring owns Bazooka Charlie’s Barber Co., a barbershop franchise with seven locations and growing throughout Dallas. Meanwhile, Oldenkamp owns KNO Construction, a company that specializes in commercial and residential construction and is an avid real estate investor.

“After playing pickleball for ten minutes, I was hooked,” said Justin. “Dill Dinkers has established itself as a leader in providing accessible indoor pickleball facilities, and I am thrilled to bring such a valuable concept into the area I grew up in. We noticed that there weren’t many pickleball courts here and are looking forward to providing players more court time year-round with high-quality indoor courts that create a safe place where players can have fun and improve their skills. We are thrilled to be early adopters of an emerging concept and appreciate the collaboration thus far with the executive team to develop the Dill Dinkers name and look forward to elevating the pickleball player experience in our community.”

Goehring’s experience as a seasoned franchisor and Oldenkamp’s expertise in real estate and construction, combined with their extensive knowledge operating Bazooka Charlie’s and KNO Construction, position the team to develop a strong franchise network as Dill Dinkers regional developers. The team is thrilled to extend Dill Dinker’s vision of spreading the joy of pickleball and has already identified several commercial spaces for their initial locations. As they grow their footprint in the DFW region, the business partners are seeking franchise candidates who are passionate about providing pickleball players with a premier indoor pickleball offering while supporting their local community. 

“Justin and Brock are exactly the type of developers we are looking for,” said Dr. Ben Litalien, Chief Development Officer at Dill Dinkers. “They are joining our team with strong business acumen and an established franchise network that will no doubt bring success to their locations in the Dallas region. The pair believe in the power of pickleball to drive impact locally and we’re excited to support them as they build something special for Dallas and the Dill Dinkers family for years to come.”

Since its inception in November 2022 in Columbia, Maryland, Dill Dinkers has been at the forefront of the pickleball phenomenon with its state-of-the-art dedicated indoor pickleball facilities. The company has four company-owned locations in Maryland with another set to open in Manassas later this month, and since the launch of its nationwide franchise program last September, the brand has signed developers in Texas, Washington D.C., North Carolina, Connecticut, South Carolina, Arizona, Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania for over 250 committed locations. By year-end, Dill Dinkers expects to have a total of 30 opened locations and more than 500 committed locations as it continues to partner with qualified applicants targeting markets coast to coast.

“We started Dill Dinkers because of our unwavering passion for the sport and the community it has provided us,” said Co-Founder and CEO Will Richards. “As a former Dominos multi-unit franchisee, it was crucial for us to build a strong network of support ahead of our franchising launch, and now with our 14th regional developers on board, we are thrilled to welcome experienced operators like Justin and Brock who are just as passionate about spreading the joy of pickleball. We look forward to seeing how the team extends our name in Dallas and how other entrepreneurs can benefit from a premier indoor pickleball offering and a strong network of support.” 

The Dill Dinkers franchise offers regional territories and single units for development featuring nine revenue streams, a robust operating system, a proprietary reporting and management platform that is mobile-enabled through Court Reserve, an intensive training system, and a turnkey marketing program for grand opening and membership development. Delivering a national quality professional experience, the brand now boasts its national partnership with Collin Johns, and each facility is equipped with a pro pickleball director and offers industry-leading paddles, nets, and other high-quality products through its national brand partnership with JOOLA.

For more information about Dill Dinkers, visit www.dilldinkers.com.

Connect on the brand’s social pages by visiting https://www.linkedin.com/company/dill-dinkers and/or https://www.facebook.com/dilldinkers/.

About Dill Dinkers Pickleball
Dill Dinkers Pickleball is a leading provider of dedicated indoor pickleball clubs in the country. The Dill Dinkers brand is known for its fun, friendly, and welcoming environment where players of all ages and skill levels can play, socialize, and improve their skills. Each facility offers dedicated indoor courts separated by fences, top-tier court surfaces, event space, a ball machine, and a state-of-the-art reservation system powered by CourtReserve. Dill Dinkers offers court reservations for members and visitors, as well as clinics, private and semi-private lessons, leagues, business advertising, and court rentals for private events.

About Dill Dinkers Franchising
While the company offers single-club franchises, the focus of its expansion efforts is with Regional Developers who acquire a territory of 1M or more in population, open a flagship location within that territory, and then develop the territory with additional units they own or with independent franchisees. Regional Developers are compensated for attracting franchisees and providing support locally to all Dill Dinker locations within their territory.

For more information about Dill Dinkers franchise program, visit: www.dilldinkers.com/franchising or contact Dr. Ben Litalien, CFE (blitalien@dilldinkers.com).

SOURCE Dill Dinkers



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Senior Pickleball Report

Exciting Insights: Houston Hammers & Pro Pickleball | June 09 Podcast Recap

Discover the Houston Hammers and their inspiring journey in pro pickleball! Tune in to the People of Pickleball podcast for all the exciting details. 🏓🥒🎙️



We have a thrilling new episode of the People of Pickleball podcast that you simply cannot miss! This time, your host, Mike Sleeves Sliwa, sits down with the one and only Dr. Rommie Maxey, a member of the ownership team for the newly formed Houston Hammers. 🏓

"Podcast Episode Cover Image: Interview with Dr. Rommie Maxey, discussing the Houston Hammers and pro pickleball."
Join us for an in-depth conversation about the Houston Hammers and the world of pro pickleball with Dr. Rommie Maxey!

In this exclusive interview, Dr. Maxey reveals intriguing insights about the Houston Hammers, the latest addition to the National Pickleball league. But that’s not all! They dive into an enlightening discussion about physical therapy specifically tailored for players over fifty, a crucial aspect for pickleball enthusiasts at this stage of life.

Discover what sparked Dr. Maxey’s passion for professional pickleball and team ownership, and be prepared to be inspired by his journey. Oh, and did we mention they talk about the absolutely cool team logo too? 🤩

We don’t want to spoil all the juicy details, so make sure to tune in to the full episode. It’s a fantastic opportunity to gain some valuable knowledge and get a behind-the-scenes look at the Houston Hammers. 🎬🥒🎧

Don’t miss out on this captivating episode of the People of Pickleball podcast! Hit that play button and be ready to be amazed. 🎙️🔥 Remember, there’s always more to discover, so stay tuned for the full episode! https://youtu.be/kLASTshH7Lk

Houston Hammers



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Wickle Elite 1: A Game-Changing Pickleball Paddle

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Picklin is revolutionizing pickleball practice with The Dink Net! Improve your dink game and revolutionize your practice with this portable net that sets up in under 60 seconds. Perfect for practicing your skills anywhere, The Dink Net enhances muscle memory and helps you become an expert player faster. Picklin is dedicated to enhancing your game with innovative products, ensuring your transition into pickleball is smooth and enjoyable. 

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Senior Pickleball Report




NOBLESVILLE, Ind. /PRNewswire/ — The Picklr, North America’s fastest-growing indoor pickleball franchise, headquartered in Kaysville, Utah, announced today that its 2nd Indiana club will celebrate its grand opening this fall. The Picklr Noblesville, located at 9847 Cumberland Pointe Boulevard, will be the 2nd of more than six clubs to open in the greater Indianapolis area. The 57,000 sq. ft. club will feature 19 indoor courts with high-quality outdoor-style surfacing, multiple event spaces, 3 championship-sized courts, permanent grandstands, and an upper-level viewing and lounge area. Club membership will include free court reservations, unlimited league play, tournaments and open play. Private coaching, clinics, youth academies, and private/corporate events will also be available.

“The Picklr Noblesville club is going to be the premier pickleball club in the Midwest.” – Drew Brees

The Picklr Noblesville is a joint venture between Drew Brees’ BV Pickleball Clubs LLC and Pickle Indy LLC, owned by Ron Brock and David Gilreath, local Indianapolis businessmen. Drew Brees was announced in January as a national brand ambassador and area developer of 30 Picklr locations across the Midwest.

The Picklr Noblesville is a joint venture between Drew Brees’ BV Pickleball Clubs LLC and Pickle Indy LLC, owned by Ron Brock and Dave Gilreath, local Indianapolis businessmen. Drew Brees was announced in January as a national brand ambassador and area developer of 30 Picklr locations across the Midwest.

“Our vision is to create a community where people of all ages and skill levels can come together to play this fast-growing sport. Whether you are picking up a paddle for the first time or you’re a seasoned player or pro, we will provide a warm, welcoming, premium quality environment to play and socialize,” says Brees. “This club is going to be the premier pickleball club in the Midwest. We look forward to building the area youth program as well as attracting both amateur and professional tournaments.”

“Noblesville is the second of at least six Picklr locations we will be opening in the Indianapolis area,” indicated Ron Brock and Dave Gilreath. “With interest in pickleball exploding, we are excited to partner with Drew Brees and his local team on this Noblesville location and bring together more people who love pickleball for a top-notch indoor playing experience.”

“The City of Noblesville, like many communities in the U.S., has seen a growing interest in pickleball. I’m grateful to Drew Brees, Ron Brock, and Dave Gilreath for choosing to invest in Noblesville as the next location for its pickleball franchise,” said Noblesville Mayor Chris Jensen. “In Noblesville, we prioritize the health and well-being of our residents, and this aligns with our goal to invest in the overall health of our community. In addition to the health benefits, this premium-quality facility will provide a positive economic impact, with the ability to host events of all sizes and bring visitors to Noblesville.”

This club represents The Picklr’s commitment to meeting the demand for top-notch indoor pickleball experiences while partnering with enthusiastic franchise owners who will support and nurture The Picklr’s pickleball communities nationwide.

Players can learn more about the Noblesville Picklr location here: (https://thepicklr.com/location/noblesville/).

BV Pickleball Clubs LLC is owned and managed by former NFL quarterback Drew Brees, Ben Smith, Jason Loerzel, and Aaron and Nichole Scholl. The group has combined their passions for sports and business, and experiences across multiple franchise brands, to bring The Picklr to the Midwest. While owning multiple clubs, the group is also the area developer and supports over 30 clubs across Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan.

Pickle Indy was established by Dave Gilreath and Ron Brock, Indianapolis business partners and owners of Sheaff Brock Investment Advisors, to bring exceptional pickleball facilities to Indiana communities. In exploring franchise options, The Picklr immediately stood out as offering players the premier indoor pickleball experience. Through Pickle Indy, Dave and Ron will develop multiple Picklr (thePicklr.com) locations in the greater Indianapolis area.

At The Picklr, pickleball is more than just a sport; it’s a lifestyle that fosters community, competition, and fun. With more than 300  state-of-the-art clubs, professional coaching, and a vibrant atmosphere, The Picklr offers an unparalleled pickleball experience for players of all skill levels. All locations offer professional-grade outdoor surfacing, best-in-class technology, and access to free leagues, tournaments, and clinics. Follow The Picklr on Instagram, X, LinkedInFacebook, and TikTok for news on locations and tournaments, or visit https://thepicklr.com/franchise/ to learn more about owning a franchise.

SOURCE The Picklr



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