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Embrace Liberation: Celebrating National Nude Day

Celebrate freedom and body positivity on National Nude Day, an empowering reminder to embrace our natural beauty. #NationalNudeDay #BodyPositivity



In a world where societal norms often dictate how we present ourselves, National Nude Day offers a unique opportunity to break free from conventions and embrace our natural state of being. Observed on July 14th, this day encourages body positivity, self-acceptance, and the celebration of individuality. Join us as we explore the significance of National Nude Day and the empowering message it conveys.

What is Nude Day about?

  1. Embracing Body Positivity:
    National Nude Day serves as a powerful reminder that our bodies are beautiful in their natural form. It challenges the unrealistic beauty standards perpetuated by media and encourages us to appreciate ourselves and others without judgment. It’s a day to celebrate the diversity of bodies and foster a culture of acceptance.
  2. Empowerment and Self-Acceptance:
    Shedding our clothes on this day can be liberating, symbolizing the acceptance of our bodies and embracing our flaws as part of our unique identity. By embracing our natural state, we break free from the pressures of conformity, nurturing a positive relationship with ourselves and boosting our self-esteem.
  3. Connection with Nature:
    National Nude Day also provides an opportunity to connect with nature in a profound way. By being in our natural state outdoors, we can experience a sense of freedom and harmony with the environment. It’s a chance to feel the sun’s warmth on our skin, the breeze caressing our bodies, and to appreciate the beauty of nature without barriers.
  4. Breaking Taboos and Challenging Stigma:
    National Nude Day challenges societal taboos surrounding nudity and fosters a more open and inclusive conversation about body image. It encourages discussions about body positivity, consent, and the importance of respecting personal boundaries. By engaging in these conversations, we can challenge the stigma associated with nudity and promote a healthier mindset.
Handsome young man on the beach with sunscreen lotion

National Nude Day is not just about shedding our clothes; it’s about embracing our bodies, fostering self-acceptance, and challenging societal norms. It’s a day to celebrate diversity, promote body positivity, and encourage conversations that lead to greater understanding and acceptance. So, on this day, let us shed our inhibitions, embrace liberation, and celebrate the beauty of our natural selves. Happy National Nude Day! https://nationaldaycalendar.com/national-nude-day-july-14/

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Nude Hiking in a National Park – Coronado National Forest

“Nude hiking in secluded areas of national parks, like Coronado National Forest, offers a liberating experience amidst nature’s beauty.”



Coronado National Forest. (2023, November 14). In Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coronado_National_Forest

National Parks are often associated with stunning landscapes, diverse wildlife, and outdoor adventures. However, for those seeking a unique and liberating experience, there are secluded areas within these parks where nude hiking is not only possible but also quite common. While enjoying this activity, it is crucial to be mindful of others who may not appreciate nudity and to respect park regulations. One such place where nude hiking is known to occur is Tanque Verde Falls, located in the Coronado National Forest near Tucson, Arizona.

Tanque Verde Falls:
Tanque Verde Falls, situated in a narrow canyon, offers naturists a chance to connect with nature in their most natural form. Although caution is advised due to occasional heavy rainfall and rising water levels, the area provides opportunities for sunbathing on sandy beaches or large flat rocks. The falls themselves create a picturesque backdrop when water levels rise after snow melts or heavy rains. Visitors can choose between the main naturist area near the falls, commonly frequented by straight singles and couples, or venture further up the canyon to an area preferred by the LGBTQ+ community.

Safety and Precautions:
While embarking on a nude hiking adventure, it is essential to remain aware of potential hazards. Tanque Verde Falls is home to various desert wildlife, including rattlesnakes and gila monsters. Staying cautious and respecting the natural environment are crucial for a safe and enjoyable experience. Additionally, hikers should pack essentials such as water, snacks, and appropriate footwear, as there are no nearby services.

Alternative Location: Ka’u Desert, Volcano National Park, Hawai’i
For those looking for a nude hiking option on the Big Island of Hawai’i, Ka’u Desert in Volcano National Park offers a secluded area away from the crowds. However, it is important to be mindful of clothed visitors in the vicinity. Accommodations can be found in the well-located cottage known as Funny Valentine, providing a comfortable stay on the Hilo side of the island.

Nude hiking in national parks provides a unique way to connect with nature and embrace personal freedom. While it may be challenging to practice outdoor nudity in the United States due to cultural differences, secluded areas like Tanque Verde Falls in the Coronado National Forest offer naturists an opportunity to enjoy this liberating activity. By respecting others’ boundaries and the natural environment, hikers can have a memorable and fulfilling experience surrounded by the beauty of nature.

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Cypress Cove Nudist Resort: America’s Premier Clothing-Optional Haven

Explore the freedom of Cypress Cove Nudist Resort in Kissimmee, the largest clothing-optional haven in America, offering a unique escape in natural surroundings.



Cypress Cove Nudist Resort, nestled in the heart of Kissimmee, Florida, stands as the largest clothing-optional resort in America. Spanning over 300 acres of lush, natural landscape, this haven for nudist enthusiasts offers a unique and liberating escape from the constraints of everyday life.


Established in 1964, Cypress Cove has a rich history of providing a safe and welcoming environment for those who embrace the nudist lifestyle. Over the years, the resort has grown to become a thriving community, attracting visitors from around the world. Its commitment to promoting body acceptance, freedom, and a sense of unity has contributed to its enduring popularity.

The resort boasts a variety of amenities including pools, a lake, tennis and pickleball courts, a nature trail, and a spa, ensuring that guests can fully immerse themselves in the natural surroundings. Regular events and activities such as yoga classes, dance nights, and nature walks provide opportunities for socializing and relaxation.

Cypress Cove has not only become a sought-after destination for nudist vacationers, but it has also played a pivotal role in advocating for nudist rights and fostering a culture of body positivity. Its enduring legacy as a premier nudist retreat continues to attract a diverse array of guests seeking a truly unique and inclusive vacation experience.

Visit their webpage for more information:


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What is Nude Recreation Week?

Nude Recreation Week is a real event that promotes the idea of enjoying the outdoors without clothing.



What Is Nude Recreation Week?

Nude Recreation Week is a real event that promotes the idea of enjoying the outdoors without clothing. It is a week-long celebration of the human body and its natural state. The history of Nude Recreation Week is a fascinating one, with its origins dating back to the early 1970s.

The idea of Nude Recreation Week came from a group of naturists who wanted to promote the benefits of nudity in the outdoors. They believed that nudity was a natural and healthy way to enjoy the outdoors, and that it allowed people to connect with nature in a more meaningful way. The first Nude Recreation Week was held in 1976, and it has been celebrated every year since then.

There are many ways to celebrate Nude Recreation Week legally. Many naturist organizations offer events and activities that are open to the public, such as nude hikes, beach cleanups, and other outdoor activities. There are also many private resorts and campsites that cater to naturists, and they offer a variety of activities and amenities for those who want to enjoy the outdoors in the nude.

The opinions about Nude Recreation Week are divided. Some people believe that it is a healthy and natural way to enjoy the outdoors, and that it promotes body positivity and self-confidence. Others believe that it is inappropriate and offensive, and that it should not be allowed in public spaces.

On one hand, some people argue that nudity is a natural state for humans and that it should be celebrated. They believe that nudity is not inherently sexual or offensive, and that it is a healthy way to connect with nature and with other people. They also argue that nudity promotes body positivity and self-confidence, and that it can help people overcome body shame and negative self-image.

On the other hand, some people argue that nudity is inappropriate and offensive, especially in public spaces. They believe that nudity is a private matter and that it should not be displayed in public. They also argue that nudity can be sexualized and that it can lead to inappropriate behavior and harassment.

In conclusion, Nude Recreation Week is a real event that promotes the idea of enjoying the outdoors without clothing. It has a fascinating history, and it is celebrated by many people around the world. While opinions about nudity are divided, it is clear that there are many ways to celebrate Nude Recreation Week legally, and that it is a healthy and natural way to enjoy the outdoors.



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