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7 Ways to Creatively Display Favorite Photos



(Family Features) Family photos, vacation pictures, candid snapshots of friends and family – they’re often visual representations of some of your most treasured moments, so it’s likely you’ll want to give them some special treatment.

Consider these easy and affordable ways to showcase some of your favorite photos.

Variations on a theme – You don’t have to have a whole set of matching frames to create a unified look. Gather frames of different sizes, shapes and textures then paint them all the same color. White, cream or black are colors that let the eye focus on the photograph. Then when you group them together, you’ve got a cohesive display without everything being the same.

Location, location, location – Photos don’t always need to be on a wall or shelf. Try hanging a series of related photos on the back of a door or between windows.

A new use for old frames – Take a large frame with no back and paint it. Then take two pieces of ribbon or wire and attach them to the back of the frame, dividing it into three sections. Attach small photos to the ribbon or wire with mini clothes pins or other small clips.

New frames out of old windows – Fit a photo mat inside each pane of an old window. Attach photos to the backs of the mats and you have a vintage frame.

Map it out – Showcase favorite travel photos by covering a mat with a map from one of your vacation spots. Just trim the map to fit your mat, tape it to the back and insert your picture.

Get it on canvas – Treat your photos like the works of art they are by having them printed on artist canvas. There are a variety of online vendors that let you choose the size and photo treatment to create a unique piece for your personal gallery.

Put it all on the table – Add to your stylish decor and protect your furniture all at the same time by making your own photo coasters.

Find more ideas for creatively displaying your favorite photos at eLivingtoday.com.

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

Family Features

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National Kite Flying Day: Soar with Joy on February 8th!

Celebrate National Kite Flying Day on February 8th with exhilarating kite flying, mesmerizing festivals, and the joy of creating your own kites.



A kite is traditionally a tethered

Observed annually on February 8th, National Kite Flying Day is a celebration that encourages people to embrace the joy of kite flying and making. Across the country, enthusiasts eagerly take part in this day by launching their kites or planning to attend vibrant kite festivals.

The history of kites traces back to ancient China, around 470 B.C. Chinese folklore tells captivating tales of how kites were inspired by the wind’s influence on various aspects of life, such as leaves on trees, ships’ sails, and people’s hats. Kites were even used for espionage and communication purposes. Interestingly, the people of the South Sea Islands were also utilizing kites for fishing during that time.


Early kites were crafted using bamboo or sturdy reeds as frames, with sails made from leaves, silk, or paper. Vines or braided fibers completed the lines or tethers. While kites initially served practical purposes, they also held deep symbolic significance in ceremonial contexts, whether used to send messages to the heavens or elevate offerings to the gods.

Today, kites have become popular hobbies and sources of outdoor fun. They come in a variety of designs, from simple diamond kites to intricate box kites and giant sled kites. Stunt kites, known as sport kites, allow operators to perform thrilling maneuvers, including dips, twists, and dives.


To ensure a successful kite flying experience, here are some helpful tips: assemble the kite correctly, check the wind conditions (a light breeze of 5-20 mph is generally ideal), prioritize safety by avoiding power lines, trees, and other obstacles, refrain from flying in the rain, launch the kite with your back to the wind, and gradually release the line at a pace that matches the kite’s ascent.

On National Kite Flying Day, you can celebrate by flying a kite, making your own kite, exploring upcoming kite festivals, hosting a kite flying lesson, learning about the science behind kite flying, engaging in kite projects, and sharing your experience on social media using the hashtag #NationalKiteFlyingDay. So grab a kite, embrace the wind, and let your spirits soar!

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Timeless Magic: The Story of a 46-Year-Old Disney Ticket’s Return to the Magic Kingdom

“Discover the enchanting tale of a man who used a 46-year-old Disney ticket to unlock the gates to Magic Kingdom, sparking nostalgia and wonder.”



In a heartwarming tale that could only happen in the realm of Disney magic, Matthew Ables, a TikTok sensation with a massive following, unearthed a nearly 50-year-old ticket to Walt Disney World Resort’s Magic Kingdom Park in Orlando. With over 600,000 followers eagerly watching, Ables shared his incredible discovery in a video that quickly went viral, amassing more than nine million views.

The ticket, dating back to 1978 and originally priced at $8, had been quietly resting in his family home, untouched for decades. Ables, intrigued by its potential, decided to put its validity to the test. Could this aging ticket truly be a golden pass back in time, granting access to the beloved theme park with no expiration date in sight?

Traveling to Orlando to solve the mystery once and for all, Ables nervously presented the vintage ticket to guest relations at the park. As a worker stamped “void” across its aged surface, uncertainty loomed. Yet, in a moment straight out of a fairy tale, the worker returned with a yellow pass, offering Ables entry into the park that has captivated hearts for generations.

Today, gaining admission to the Magic Kingdom Park can cost an adult upwards of $109 for a day of enchantment. Adjusting for inflation, the 1978 ticket’s value would be around $38 in current times. However, Disney’s timeless commitment to magic and wonder shines through, as the company states on its website that all unexpired tickets are honored as a matter of policy.

While Walt Disney World has yet to comment on this extraordinary event, the story of Ables and his vintage ticket serves as a reminder of the enduring allure of Disney magic. In a world where dreams come true and the past merges seamlessly with the present, this tale of nostalgia and serendipity captures the essence of what makes Disney Parks a place where imagination knows no bounds.

Source: Business Insider


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The Ugly Duck Art Toy, a Symbol of Resilience and Authenticity, Makes Its Debut in the USA with Exciting Collaborations

The Ugly Duck art collectible makes its debut in the USA.



MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES /EINPresswire.com/ — The Ugly Duck artcollectible, inspired by a serial entrepreneur’s transformative journey from a small town to the pinnacle of the business world, makes its debut in the USA.

This art collectible has already captured widespread attention, particularly among entrepreneurs and businessmen who embrace it as an art toy, a source of inspiration, and a symbol of empowerment.

The Ugly Duck (TUD) serves as a tangible reminder of the entrepreneur’s path, embodying the principles of authenticity, honesty, and self-faith. Amidst a world filled with noise and false narratives, the TUD collectible represents resilience and the commitment to staying true to one’s roots.

Born in 2022 as a simple art toy, since 2023, The Ugly Duck toy has embarked on its own adventurous journey, marked by notable collaborations that enhance its appeal. Collaborations with LA-based artist PunkMeTender and legendary boxer Mike Tyson have breathed new life into The Ugly Ducks.

The “PunkMeTender” duck reflects a youthful, rebellious spirit, seeking freedom and independence in a world free from boundaries and stereotypes. Bold and vibrant, this TUD presents itself with the heart of a wild child who never ceases to dream. The collaboration with PunkMeTender symbolizes creative freedom and expressive individuality, merging artistic expression with the raw authenticity of The Ugly Duck X PunkMeTender.

On the other hand, the collaboration with Mike Tyson underscores the theme of resistance. Tyson, expressing his journey, stated, “I am The Ugly Duck from Brownsville who never imagined that once I could punch my way into a better life and fight to grow from nothing to greatness.” The “TUD x Mike Tyson” collaboration is a manifesto for those who swim against the current, symbolizing unstoppable dreamers with the tagline “The true story of the legend”.

Looking ahead, the creators of The Ugly Duck collectible art toys promise more exciting collaborations with real-life “ugly ducks” who defy conventional norms and narratives. With the tagline “Beauty is overrated. Ugliness is real,” the TUD toy celebrates the indomitable spirit of dreamers who refuse to be constrained by societal expectations.

The Ugly Duck art pieces will soon be available in the USA, and pre-orders can be placed on the official website.


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