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NASA set to launch Artemis 1 Mission!



NASA Update!

The launch director halted today’s Artemis I launch attempt at approximately 8:34 a.m. EDT. The Space Launch System rocket and Orion spacecraft remain in a safe and stable configuration. Launch controllers were continuing to evaluate why a bleed test to get the RS-25 engines on the bottom of the core stage to the proper temperature range for liftoff was not successful, and ran out of time in the two-hour launch window. Engineers are continuing to gather additional data.

The countdown has started and the launch is scheduled for 8:33 am EDT from Kennedy Space Center.

STM Daily News

Artemis I will be the first in a series of increasingly complex missions to build a long-term human presence at the Moon for decades to come. (NASA)

The mission is set for a launch window that opens on Monday, August 29, at 8:33 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time. Kennedy Space Center is providing around-the-clock video coverage of the Artemis 1 vehicle, which is currently awaiting liftoff from Pad 39B.

For the live feed… https://youtu.be/6SkLFDypXH0

UPDATE: Countdown Continues, Teams Confirm No Impacts from Lightning Strikes 

Overnight engineers evaluated data from lightning strikes to the lightning protection system at Launch Pad 39B that occurred yesterday. They confirmed the strikes were of low magnitude and had no impacts to Space Launch System, Orion, or ground systems. 


Artemis 1 is the first planned uncrewed test flight in NASA‘s Artemis program which is designed to eventually land humans on the Moon again. It is also the first flight of the agency’s Space Launch System (SLS) rocket and the complete Orion spacecraft. The test flight is currently scheduled to launch on 29 August 2022 at 12:33 UTC from the Kennedy Space Center‘s Launch Complex 39B, from which Apollo 10 was launched 53 years before.

Artemis 1 will last for three weeks and will test all the rocket stages and spacecraft that would be used in later Artemis missions. After reaching orbit and performing a trans-lunar injection (burn to the Moon), the mission will deploy ten CubeSat satellites[7] and the Orion spacecraft will enter a distant retrograde orbit for six days. The Orion spacecraft will then return and reenter the Earth’s atmosphere, protected by its heat shield, and splash down in the Pacific Ocean.

The original launch date of Artemis 1 was planned in December 2016, but it was delayed at least sixteen times due to technical issues with the SLS and the Orion spacecraft. Other factors contributing to the delays are the cost overruns (which is the main criticism of the SLS) and budget limits imposed by the federal government. After the Artemis 1 mission, Artemis 2 will perform a crewed lunar flyby and Artemis 3 will perform a crewed lunar landing, five decades after the last Apollo mission. (wikipedia)

For more details visit: https://www.nasa.gov/specials/artemis-i/

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Remembering Norman Lear: Television Pioneer and Social Activist

Norman Lear: Television pioneer who revolutionized comedy, challenged social norms, and left a lasting legacy of activism.



On December 6, 2023, the world bid farewell to a true television icon, Norman Lear, who passed away at the age of 101. Lear, a writer, director, and producer, revolutionized the landscape of prime time television with groundbreaking shows like “All in the Family,” “The Jeffersons,” and “Maude.” His comedies tackled political and social issues head-on, challenging the norms of the time and leaving an indelible mark on the medium. Lear’s passing marks the end of an era, but his legacy as a visionary and liberal activist will live on.

Norman Lear. (2023, December 6). In Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norman_Lear

A Legacy of Bold and Controversial Comedies:
Norman Lear’s contribution to television cannot be overstated. His shows were known for their fearless approach in addressing societal issues, providing a platform for open discussions on topics such as racism, feminism, and the Vietnam War. Lear’s most iconic creation, “All in the Family,” centered around the clash between conservative Archie Bunker and his liberal son-in-law, Mike Stivic. The show fearlessly confronted the prejudices and concerns of its time, challenging viewers to reevaluate their own beliefs while using humor as a powerful tool for social commentary.

Defining Prime Time Comedy in the 1970s:
During the 1970s, Lear’s shows dominated prime time television and captivated audiences across the nation. “All in the Family” was a cultural phenomenon that truly reflected the era’s political and social turmoil. Lear’s ability to infuse humor into controversial subjects resonated with viewers, and the success of the show paved the way for other groundbreaking sitcoms like “The Jeffersons” and “Maude.” These shows not only entertained but also opened doors for discussions on race, gender, and socioeconomic issues.

Launching Careers and Elevating Stars:
Lear’s impact extended beyond the storylines and themes of his shows. He served as a launching pad for talented actors and actresses, propelling their careers to new heights. Stars like Rob Reiner, Valerie Bertinelli, Carroll O’Connor, Bea Arthur, and Redd Foxx found fame and recognition through their roles in Lear’s iconic series. Lear’s keen eye for talent and his ability to create relatable characters played a significant role in shaping the careers of these individuals.

A Life Committed to Social Activism:
Norman Lear’s commitment to social activism was deeply ingrained in both his personal and professional life. Drawing inspiration from his own experiences and family dynamics, Lear used his platform in the entertainment industry to challenge societal norms and promote progressive values. His political activism began at a young age and continued throughout his life. Lear’s involvement in various organizations, such as The Business Enterprise Trust and the Norman Lear Center, showcased his dedication to using media and entertainment as vehicles for positive change.

A Lasting Legacy:
Norman Lear’s contributions to television and society will continue to resonate for generations to come. His groundbreaking comedies not only entertained but also challenged viewers to examine their own biases and prejudices. Lear’s legacy serves as a reminder of the power of storytelling to incite social change and encourage empathy. As fans mourn the loss of a television pioneer, they can take solace in the fact that his work will forever be remembered and celebrated.

Norman Lear’s passing signifies the conclusion of a transformative era in television history. His ability to bring political and social issues to the forefront of prime time comedy revolutionized the medium. Lear’s legacy will continue to inspire future creators to use television as a platform for meaningful discussions and societal reflection. As we say goodbye to this iconic television show creator, we honor Norman contributions and celebrate the indelible mark he left on the entertainment industry and the world.



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Genetic Testing Firm 23andMe Faces Data Breach: Protecting Your Genetic Privacy

23andMe data breach raises concerns about genetic privacy and user data security.



In a shocking revelation, genetic testing company 23andMe has announced that hackers have gained unauthorized access to nearly 7 million customer profiles. This data breach raises concerns about the security and privacy of personal genetic information. In this blog post, we will delve into the details of the incident, discuss the potential implications for affected users, and explore the measures 23andMe has taken to protect customer data.

The Breach and Its Impact:
According to 23andMe’s filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, approximately 14,000 user accounts were breached by the hackers. The compromised information includes users’ ancestry reports, zip codes, birth years, and a subset of family tree information from 1.4 million DNA relatives’ profiles. Additionally, the hackers were able to access 5.5 million profiles that utilize the DNA relatives feature, which allows users to find genetic relatives.

The Significance of Genetic Privacy:
Genetic testing has gained popularity in recent years, providing individuals with insights into their ancestry, health predispositions, and other valuable genetic information. However, this breach highlights the importance of safeguarding such sensitive data. Genetic data is deeply personal and can reveal not only an individual’s health risks but also information about their family members. Therefore, protecting genetic privacy is crucial to prevent misuse and potential harm.

Implications for Affected Users:
The breach raises concerns about the potential misuse of personal genetic information. Hackers with access to this data could exploit it for various purposes, including identity theft, targeted marketing, or even discrimination based on genetic traits. Additionally, the compromised family tree information may impact the privacy and security of users’ relatives who are connected through DNA matches.

Actions Taken by 23andMe:
As a response to the breach, 23andMe has emphasized that they are standing by the reported number of breached accounts. They are actively notifying affected customers and have implemented additional security measures to protect customer data. However, the company has not disclosed the identity of the hackers or provided further details about the breach.

Protecting Your Genetic Privacy:
In light of this incident, 23andMe customers and individuals considering genetic testing should be proactive in protecting their genetic privacy. Here are a few important steps to consider:

  1. Regularly monitor your accounts: Keep a close eye on your 23andMe account for any suspicious activity or unauthorized access. Change your password regularly and ensure it is strong and unique.
  2. Enable two-factor authentication (2FA): Activate 2FA for an added layer of security. This will require an additional verification step, such as a unique code sent to your mobile device, before accessing your account.
  3. Be cautious of phishing attempts: Stay vigilant against phishing emails or messages impersonating 23andMe. Avoid clicking on suspicious links or providing personal information unless you are certain of the source’s authenticity.
  4. Review privacy settings: Familiarize yourself with the privacy settings offered by 23andMe and make informed choices about how your genetic information is shared and accessed.
  5. Stay informed: Keep up-to-date with the latest security practices and news related to genetic testing. By staying informed, you can better protect yourself from potential risks and make informed decisions about your genetic data.

The data breach at 23andMe serves as a stark reminder of the importance of safeguarding personal genetic information. As genetic testing becomes more prevalent, individuals must be aware of the potential risks and take steps to protect their genetic privacy. While 23andMe is working to address the breach and enhance security measures, customers should remain vigilant and proactive in safeguarding their sensitive genetic data.

News on WIRED : https://www.wired.com/story/23andme-credential-stuffing-data-stolen/


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Sandra Day O’Connor Institute Mourns Passing of Founder



PHOENIX (Newswire.com) – The namesake organization founded by the first woman appointed to the United States Supreme Court is mourning the loss of Justice Sandra Day O’Connor.

“No words can describe the profound loss of Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. The organization she founded remains resolute and will redouble our efforts to continue her lifetime work and extraordinary legacy,” said Gay Firestone Wray, Board of Directors Co-Chair.

In Memoriam
Honoring the life and legacy of Justice Sandra Day O’Connor

The Institute will carry on its mission to further the distinguished legacy and lifetime work of Justice O’Connor to advance American democracy through civil discourse, civic engagement, and civics education.

“From our organization’s founding in 2009 following her retirement from the Supreme Court, Justice O’Connor led our organization with vision and intellect, and she exemplified our nation’s ideals,” said Sarah Suggs, President and CEO. “We remain steadfast in our commitment to continue her work and dedication to our great nation.”

Sandra Day was born on March 26, 1930, in El Paso, Texas. She spent much of her younger years on her family’s 160,000-acre Lazy B ranch on the Arizona-New Mexico border. At 16 she went to Stanford University for college, graduating magna cum laude with a degree in economics. She stayed for law school. Day graduated and, six months later, married John O’Connor, the love of her life. They eventually moved to Phoenix, where Sandra Day O’Connor began her rapid professional rise, which included holding positions as assistant attorney general of Arizona, majority leader of the Arizona State Senate, and judge on the Arizona Court of Appeals. She also found time to raise three sons—Scott, Brian, and Jay—and make every recipe in Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

On August 19, 1981, President Ronald Reagan nominated Sandra Day O’Connor to the Supreme Court; on September 21 she was confirmed by the U.S. Senate with a vote of 99-0.  

Her career on the Court was historic. Justice O’Connor will be remembered not only for being the first female on the Court, or for her clear-eyed judicial reasoning and writings and major decisions, but also for her insistence on civility, her penchant for bringing people together to solve problems, whether in Washington, D.C. or over tacos and beer in her Arizona dining room.

“She overcame obstacles with quiet skill and determination and, in the process, inspired and continues to inspire countless others,” said Institute Board of Directors Co-Chair Matt Feeney.

We will miss you, Justice O’Connor.  

About the Sandra Day O’Connor Institute for American Democracy
Founded in 2009 by retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, the O’Connor Institute, a nonprofit, nonpartisan 501(c)(3), continues her distinguished legacy and lifetime work to advance American democracy through multigenerational civil discourse, civic engagement and civics education. Visit www.OConnorInstitute.org for more information.

Source: Sandra Day O’Connor Institute for American Democracy

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