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Southworth Announces New Brand Identity and Enhancements Across Global Portfolio of Award-Winning Private Club Communities

A new era for the family-owned real estate developer and operator is ushered in with a five-year reinvestment of $475M to club enhancements, new programming and leadership appointments



BOSTON /PRNewswire/ — Today, Southworth Development announces an updated look and name as the 32-year-old company embarks on a new chapter in its mission to redefine the private club category. Now rebranded as simply “Southworth,” the family-owned company has evolved beyond being a developer, shifting its focus to being a trusted curator of an elevated lifestyle whose portfolio of inclusive clubs offers authentic community and connection – for a life well-lived. This rebranding also brings about $475M worth of reinvestments over the next five years into the majority of Southworth’s current global portfolio. Updates are already underway or completed at several clubs and these reinvestments include nearly $75M in new amenities added across the portfolio over the next five years and another estimated $400M in residential development. The reimagining of Southworth comes as the next generation of family leadership, President Tommy Southworth and Managing Principal, Matt Deitch, have appointed talented new Executive Leadership to execute on their bold vision of developing decidedly different, leading-edge private club communities for a new generation.

The repositioning of the company and reinvestments into its existing clubs comes as the industry reaches a tipping point from post-pandemic consumer demands. Private, luxury, highly amenitized and heavily programmed communities focused on the family are in demand now more than ever. Southworth benchmarked the luxury hospitality industry to strategize the changes required to meet the demands of current and future generations of club members and residents. Additionally, a deep dive into the club space and extensive surveying of Southworth members shined a light on the most important elements of community – human connection and happiness. With this data top of mind, Matt and Tommy saw a clear opportunity to reposition the company and the unparalleled value it offers to those seeking an evolved private club lifestyle that better aligns with the tastes and values of current and future generations.

Childhood friends, Matt and Tommy ‘grew up’ in the business, witnessing their fathers run the company for many years. After spending the first ten years of their respective careers in management consulting, investment banking, and private equity, Matt and Tommy returned to the business in 2019, and in 2023 are ready to roll out their new vision for Southworth. They’ll do so alongside an Executive Leadership team which they’ve been developing over the past few years. New leadership appointments include Todd Grotstein, Chief Sales Officer; Lisa Hultquist, Chief Marketing Officer; Kelly Meredith, Chief People Officer; Troy Miller, Chief Development Officer; and Bill Chrysler, VP of Operations.

In addition to these Executive Leadership appointments, several critical roles have been created that speak to the updated positioning and ethos of the brand. Eleanor Brown has been brought on board as the Director of Sustainability, overseeing sustainability initiatives for the entirety of Southworth. Furthermore, James Dunn has the role of Director of Member Experience which focuses on the “experience-first” mentality of Southworth, always exceeding expectations with unique member programming, activations and amenities, in addition to increased cross-club events – driving home the unique benefit of reciprocity across the Southworth portfolio. 

An important element of the new direction is a harkening back to the Company’s roots. Beginning in 1991, Southworth communities challenged the status quo of the restrictive private club category and instead laid foundational principles of inclusion, community, family and fun. Recently, Southworth has rededicated to an overarching brand promise of “The Southworth Way,” the cultural underpinning of their comfortable, unpretentious club communities. Unique in the private club world, what started out as a member and employee code of conduct – fostering positive relationships, encouraging togetherness, and allowing each member and employee to feel welcomed, recognized, and valued – has evolved into a strategic approach to curating the world’s most connected club communities.  It’s a guiding star of how Southworth creates exceptional experiences for all members.

In addition to The Southworth Way, the Company has committed to four overarching brand pillars to guide its strategy: Be & Belong: Fostering true community and genuine belonging; Your World at Play: Delivering extraordinary experiences, every day; Life at Ease: Providing a welcome respite in a chaotic world and Inspired Environments: Celebrating the authentic character of each community’s setting. 

“We develop, own, operate and call these communities home, which means we’re here for the long term and that is a key differentiator of our company. We don’t build and run, but we continue to operate, improve and enhance our clubs, giving our members and residents confidence in the Southworth brand,” said Tommy Southworth, President of Southworth. “We are obsessively intentional about creating fulfilling private club communities, built on the bedrock of human connection. I believe this difference can truly be seen and felt by our members and the larger industry as we enter this new chapter.”

With this evolution of the Southworth legacy comes a robust lineup of enhancements across its global portfolio of award-winning communities as well as refreshed branding, websites and collateral across all clubs this year. 

Club Community Enhancements Include:

  • The Abaco Club on Great Abaco Island, The Bahamas: Over the next two years, members will see enhancements such as the addition of the Winding Bay Beach Club; renovations to The Cliff House & Tip-Top; three new activations where guests can gather for anything from beachside drinks with a view to sunrise yoga; and a dedicated amenities corridor with more pickleball courts and even a new putting course designed by Abaco resident and Open Champion Darren Clarke. In addition to all of this, the newest and most exciting neighborhood, The Cays at The Abaco Club, designed by AvroKO, will open phase one in Summer 2024. Additional phases of amenity and real estate development are soon to be announced.
  • Creighton Farms in Aldie, Virginia: New member amenities include three new pickleball courts; an enhanced tennis experience; The Paddock, an on-course F&B experience; major renovations to the clubhouse and dining facilities; and the completion of The Stable, a state-of-the-art indoor/outdoor golf training center equipped with the latest in shot tracking and swing analysis technology.
  • Renaissance in Haverhill on Boston’s North Shore: A new “19th hole” restaurant and bar named “The Boot” opened this summer, drawing inspiration from the great pubs of Scotland and Ireland, and paying homage to the rich shoe manufacturing history of Haverhill. The Boot is also equipped with two Full Swing Golf Simulators. Additionally, significant investments are being made on the golf course, highlighting its Golden Age inspiration, walkability, and architectural significance.
  • Willowbend in Mashpee, Cape Cod: This summer four new pickleball courts as well as several enhancements to existing amenities opened, including new pool cabanas, a new sun deck, a new Zen Garden, a renovated kids’ camp area, and several new social events such as concerts, themed kids programming and monthly spa-inspired events. Near-term projects will include renovations to various member spaces including outdoor bars, locker rooms, and Café Amici, Willowbend’s poolside cafe.
  • Machrihanish Dunes in Argyll, Scotland: The award-winning club just launched a new exclusive private club experience, by invitation only. Additional developments are in the permitting phase.

Looking to the future, the newly positioned Southworth will continue to invest heavily in the current portfolio and has a strong pipeline of new development opportunities. Currently, the brand is exploring both domestic and international opportunities in the Southeastern United States, the Caribbean and beyond.

To learn more about the newly rebranded Southworth and its current portfolio of award-winning private club communities, please visit the new website located at SouthworthClubs.com.

About Southworth 
Southworth is a privately held lifestyle company specializing in the development and management of private clubs and highly amenitized and programmed residential communities. Founded to challenge the industry status quo in 1991, Southworth recognized an opportunity to think beyond the restrictive private clubs of the day. Today, many national and international club communities later, the Southworth legacy continues to evolve. With a newfound commitment to forward-looking culture and values, and with the next generation of family leadership firmly in place, Southworth has reintroduced itself as the trusted curator of an elevated lifestyle whose inclusive clubs offer one-of-a-kind community and connections for a life well-lived. Located in Boston, Massachusetts, Southworth currently owns and operates private clubs and residential communities across North America, the Caribbean and Europe. These award-winning properties include: Willowbend on Cape Cod, Mass.; Renaissance on Boston’s North Shore; Meredith Bay on New Hampshire’s famed Lake Winnipesaukee; Creighton Farms in Aldie, Va. 35 minutes west of Washington, DC; The Village at Machrihanish Dunes in Argyll, Scotland; and The Abaco Club, located on Great Abaco Island in The Bahamas. For more information, visit SouthworthClubs.com.

SOURCE Southworth


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3 Tips for Fueling Summer Adventures

Encouraging children at a young age to engage in outdoor exploration can help develop lifelong skills.



(Family Features) Summer is the time to get outside and remember the importance of outdoor activities that can be enjoyed as a family. Encouraging children at an early age to participate in outdoor exploration can help foster lifelong skills.

For example, research published in the “International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health” found associations between nature exposure and improved cognitive function, brain activity, blood pressure, mental health, physical activity and sleep. What’s more, kids who play and take part in outdoor adventures learn skills like problem solving, according to the American Academy of Pediatricians.

However, for many families with little ones, this summer might be their first foray into activities like exploring playgrounds or enjoying backyard campouts.

Opportunities to be more active outdoors bring obvious benefits. With that in mind, it’s important that families embark on these activities with the proper fuel.

All the energy kids burn playing outdoors and taking on new adventures can work up an appetite, making it an opportune time to introduce new foods. It might even be a little one’s first time trying seasonal fruits and veggies that can help nourish family playtime.

“A healthy curiosity and freedom to explore are essential ingredients for successful adventures, but fueling all of that fun is equally important,” said Sarah Smith-Simpson, PhD, principal food scientist at Gerber. “Kids need well-balanced nutrition from a variety of sources to fuel their summertime play.”

Ensure your family is ready to make memories and enjoy the exciting adventures ahead with these tips from Smith-Simpson:

Get Colorful with Fruits and Veggies
Serving a rainbow of colors with an assortment of fruits and veggies means nutrient-rich snacks that are equal parts flavorful and fun. One of the best parts about fruits is they’re easily transportable to bring along for warm days exploring a nearby park. They’re perfect for a quick snack on the go – just cut them according to your child’s age and developmental stage to avoid hazards like choking then pack them in a small cooler to keep from spoiling. For preschool-age children, a variety of fresh produce can help them practice color recognition while enjoying favorite flavors. Stocking your refrigerator and pantry with apples, oranges, bananas, green and purple grapes, blueberries, blackberries and more allows children to explore a world of nutrition with bright colors that catch their attention.

Pack Plenty and a Variety of Snacks
It’s the time of year when infants and young children need extra fuel for playtime, making it important for parents to offer a variety of nutritious foods and flavors. A key part of inspiring exploration in young children begins with nutrient-rich snacks that help fuel their adventures. Introducing diverse foods can help expand palates and provides a wide range of nutrients to support the entire family.

When introducing foods into a child’s diet, consistency is key. Experts say babies may need to try a new food up to 10 times before they like it. With a variety of Clean Label Project-certified snacks, Gerber offers solutions you can incorporate into little ones’ diets and bring along for family fun. Some snacks to consider for ages 12 months and over are toddler pouches in Apple Mango Strawberry and Banana Blueberry. For babies in the crawling stage, consider Lil’ Crunchies Mild Cheddar snacks.

Hydrate on the Go
Avoid dehydration by ensuring you’re bringing enough water for the entire family on all your summertime trips, whether they’re around the block or across the country. Use refillable bottles for mom and dad, and for little ones, be sure to pack non-spill sippy cups for toddlers that help avoid messes. Fill a larger container with clean water from home you can use to refill everyone’s cups, bottles and canteens to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Find more family-friendly resources, including recipe ideas, meal planning tips and guidance on age-appropriate food introductions, at gerber.com/parenttalk.

Photos courtesy of Shutterstock



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Embrace Nature’s Call: World Naked Gardening Day

Celebrate World Naked Gardening Day on the first Saturday in May – an exhilarating connection with nature, freedom, and lighthearted fun! #WNGD



World Naked Gardening Day 

Every year on the first Saturday in May, a unique and liberating event takes place: World Naked Gardening Day. This day encourages gardeners from all walks of life to shed their inhibitions along with their clothes and immerse themselves in the beauty of their gardens, just as nature intended.

While the event is often associated with nudists, it welcomes anyone who seeks a deeper connection with the natural world. Families, couples, friends, and gardening clubs come together to cultivate their plants and nurture their souls. Gardens can be found in backyards, parks, or even indoors, offering endless possibilities for this adventurous endeavor.

Naked gardening enthusiasts are encouraged to share their experiences and stories with others, fostering a sense of community and encouraging others to join in. If participants choose to share photos, it’s important to maintain modesty by covering private parts with foliage, gardening tools, or other creative props.

Engaging in naked gardening offers numerous benefits. Firstly, it costs nothing, making it an accessible and inclusive activity. Moreover, it provides a fun and freeing experience, allowing individuals to revel in their connection with nature. By cultivating plants, we not only beautify our surroundings but also contribute positively to the environment. Lastly, naked gardening encourages individuals to be authentic and embrace their true selves.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of naked gardening, there are a few precautions to keep in mind. Avoid plants with thorns, like roses, and be mindful of cacti. Steer clear of power tools and poisonous plants like poison ivy. And of course, remember to apply sunblock to protect your skin.

So, are you ready to embrace World Naked Gardening Day? If you’re feeling adventurous, why not plant flowers or tend to your garden in the most natural way possible? Remember to keep the spirit lighthearted and enjoy the experience. You can also capture creative photos to share on social media, using the hashtags #WorldNakedGardeningDay or #WNGD.

On this special day, let’s strip away the barriers and immerse ourselves in the beauty of nature, celebrating the joys of gardening with a sense of freedom and authenticity. https://www.nationaldaycalendar.com/may/world-naked-gardening-day-first-saturday-in-may



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Catch a Glimpse of the Lyrid Meteor Shower Peaking This Weekend

“Experience the Lyrid meteor shower, a celestial spectacle gracing our skies this weekend. Don’t miss out on shooting stars streaking across the night sky!”



Spring nights are set to dazzle with the arrival of the Lyrid meteor shower, marking the first of two celestial spectacles gracing our skies this season. As we gear up for a weekend of shooting stars, let’s delve into what makes the Lyrids special, how to witness their peak, and what to expect for this year’s show.


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♬ original sound – STMDailyNews

What Makes the Lyrid Meteor Shower Special?

Originating from debris shed by Comet Thatcher, the Lyrid meteor shower is an annual springtime event renowned for its vibrant fireballs and occasional bursts of meteor activity. These bursts, which occur approximately every 60 years, promise an awe-inspiring display of shooting stars, though the next anticipated outburst isn’t slated until 2042.

How to See the 2024 Lyrid Meteor Shower

Running from April 14 to 30, with peak activity occurring overnight from April 21-22, the Lyrid meteor shower offers skywatchers a celestial extravaganza. To catch a glimpse of this cosmic show, look toward the constellation Lyra, rising above the northeast horizon around 10 p.m. While technically visible from the southern hemisphere, the northern hemisphere provides the optimal viewing conditions.

Will 2024 Be a Good Year for the Lyrid Meteor Shower?

This year, the Lyrids coincide with a bright waxing gibbous moon, potentially obscuring many meteors from view. However, don’t let this deter you; seek out dark-sky destinations for enhanced visibility, or await the upcoming Eta Aquariids shower, peaking on May 6 under a dim, near-new moon.

As we anticipate the Lyrid meteor shower’s peak this weekend, let’s embrace the wonders of the cosmos and revel in the beauty of shooting stars streaking across the night sky. Whether you’re a seasoned stargazer or a casual observer, this celestial event promises to inspire awe and ignite a sense of wonderment in us all.


Facts About the Lyrids!

The April Lyrids meteor shower is a celestial event that occurs annually from April 15 to April 29. The radiant of this meteor shower is located in the vicinity of the constellations Lyra and Hercules, near the bright star Vega. Typically, the peak of the shower is around April 22-23 each year.

The April Lyrids meteor shower is caused by the particles of dust shed by the long-period Comet C/1861 G1 Thatcher. This is the most intense annual shower of meteors that results from the debris of a long-period comet. The reason for its intensity is that the comet Thatcher has a relatively short orbital period of about 415 years as compared to other intermediate long-period comets with orbital periods of 200-10,000 years. The Lyrids have been visible and recorded since 687 BC. No other modern shower of meteors has been observed and reported as far back in time as the Lyrids.

The peak of the shower usually occurs around April 22 and the morning of April 23. Typically, there are 5 to 20 meteors per hour, with an average of around 10. However, the number of meteors seen will depend on the observer’s location, as light pollution in cities will make it harder to see them compared to rural areas. The best time to observe the meteors is during nights without the Moon in the sky, and most April Lyrid meteors are usually around magnitude +2. Some meteors can be brighter and are known as “Lyrid fireballs”. These fireballs can cast shadows for a split second and leave behind smokey debris trails that last for minutes.

Once every 60 years, the shower intensifies as the planets direct the dust trail of the comet, which has completed one orbit, onto Earth’s path. This leads to an outburst of April Lyrid meteors. Previously, it was believed that the outbursts were caused by a dust cloud moving in a 60-year orbit. However, observations in 1982 and 1922 showed rates of 90 April Lyrids per hour at the peak. An even stronger storm occurred in 1803, with up to 700 meteors per hour, witnessed by a journalist in Richmond, Virginia.

Shooting stars. This electrical phenomenon was observed on Wednesday morning last at Richmond and its vicinity, in a manner that alarmed many, and astonished every person that beheld it. From one until three in the morning, those starry meteors seemed to fall from every point in the heavens, in such numbers as to resemble a shower of sky rockets …

In recorded history, the oldest meteor shower is the one that occurred on March 23.7, 687 BC (according to the proleptic Julian calendar), which was noted in Zuo Zhuan. The shower was described as follows: “On the 4th month in the summer in the year of xīn-mǎo (of year 7 of King Zhuang of Lu), at night, the sky is so bright that some fixed stars become invisible because of the meteor shower; at midnight, stars fell like rain.” In the Australian Aboriginal astronomy of the Boorong tribe, the Lyrids are associated with the scratchings of the Mallee fowl (represented by Vega) during its nest-building season.




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