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BMe Community Amplifies Black Love and Power with $370,000 in Grants to 37 BMe Vanguard Awardees



MIAMI, June 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — This Juneteenth week, BMe Community celebrates Black leadership by awarding $370,000 in grants to 37 BMe Vanguard Award honorees. Sponsored by the McKnight Foundation, NBA Foundation, The Skillman Foundation, and The Ballmer Group, each honoree receives a $10,000 grant, plus enrollment in an advanced leadership enrichment program and access to BMe’s expert knowledge and peer networks.

$370,000 in grants sponsored by the McKnight Foundation, NBA Foundation, The Skillman Foundation, and The Ballmer Group

“The BMe Vanguard Award honors those whose love builds power,” said Trabian Shorters, Co-founder, and CEO of BMe Community. “Most of the leaders are unsung but deeply trusted by those in their communities.”

Shorters and BMe Community are nationally known in philanthropy for pioneering an approach to building racial equity and social impact that is rooted in cognitive and social psychology, called “Asset-Framing.” Subsequently, leaders in BMe Community are taught to insist on defining Black people and all people by their aspirations and contributions before addressing their problems. This simple act has been proven to build more equity without stigmatizing people, places, or causes.

“The BMe Vanguard Award is an honor and recognition of being someone with a deep, unapologetic love for Black people,” said 2023 BMe Vanguard Ron Harris, Co-founder of Shape the Nation. “It’s beautiful to see what’s possible when we’re focused on what’s right about us instead of the messages that we consistently receive about what’s wrong with us.”

The 2023 BMe Vanguard Awardees are: Aaron Randolph, Adair Mosley, Alvertis Brooks Jr., Andre Reed, Angelica Williams, Anwar McQueen, Bianca Van Heydoorn, Braxton Haulcy, Bryce Detroit, Darrian Hollonquest, Davonte Johnson, Dr. Chanel Beebe, Dr. Chanel Hampton, Dr. Laine Powell, Funlola Otukoya, Imani Harris, Ivy Ellington, Ja’Sent Brown, Jack Williams III, Jalyn Baity, James Parker, Jasmine ‘Jae’ Webb, Jeffrey Aguy, Jelani Stowers, Joy Lindsay, Justin Onwenu, Kisha Evans, Leona Medley, Marc Owens, Marcus Owens, Rafiq Kalam Id-Din, Roxxanne O’Brien, Ron Harris, Sade Daniels, Shawntera Hardy, Tatyana Denson, and Alex West Steinman.

The 37 awardees of 2023 join a network of 400 previous BMe Vanguard recipients. Together, they increase health, wealth, voting rights, and achievement for Black people and all people.

BMe Community’s mission is “building more caring and prosperous communities inspired by Black people.” Through programs like the BMe Vanguard Awards, it supports and celebrates Black people’s highest aspirations for everyone’s benefit.

To learn more about BMe Community and the BMe Vanguard honorees, visit www.BMeCommunity.org


About BMe Community
BMe Community is a network of leaders and allies contributing their talents to support Black people’s highest aspirations. Through initiatives like the BMe Vanguard Awards and Asset-Framing, it works to build more equity by reducing stigma and focusing on fulfilling people’s worthy aspirations.

SOURCE BMe Community

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Nigeria National Day

The United States and Nigeria have developed a robust partnership founded on shared values and the pursuit of a more peaceful, prosperous, and secure world.



WASHINGTON, 30 September 2023 / PRN Africa / — Antony J. Blinken, Secretary of State

On behalf of the United States of America, I congratulate the people of Nigeria on the 63rd anniversary of your independence.

The United States and Nigeria have built a strong partnership based on our shared values and common pursuit of a more peaceful, prosperous, and secure world. The United States is committed to strengthening our partnership and continuing to work together to promote inclusive economic growth, safeguard human rights, and combat insecurity. We commend Nigeria for its regional and global leadership, including its efforts to protect and advance democracy.

I send my best wishes to the people of Nigeria. I look forward to deepening our close partnership and advancing our shared goals in the year to come.

SOURCE US Department of State

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International Day of Non-Violence: Embracing Gandhi’s Legacy

International Day of Non-Violence: Embracing Gandhi’s legacy, promoting peace and non-violent action worldwide. #NonViolenceDay



Today, on the International Day of Non-Violence, we commemorate the birth of Mahatma Gandhi, a man whose teachings have left an indelible mark on the world. Gandhi’s unwavering commitment to peace and justice continues to inspire millions to this day. His philosophy of non-violence, or “ahimsa,” showed the world that there are just means to achieve just ends.

To honor this day, we can reflect on Gandhi’s wisdom and learn from his life. Familiarize yourself with his teachings and seek inspiration from his quotes, reminding us that violence only begets more violence.

International Day of Non-Violence: Honoring Gandhi’s Legacy

Participating in events organized by the United Nations or local communities is another way to honor this day. These gatherings provide opportunities to celebrate Gandhi’s life and principles while fostering a sense of unity and non-violent action.

Alternatively, engage in a random act of kindness. Let Gandhi’s spirit guide you to make someone’s day brighter, whether through a small gesture or a selfless act. By embodying kindness and compassion, we can contribute to a world that echoes the change we wish to see.

On this International Day of Non-Violence, let us remember Gandhi’s profound impact and strive to cultivate a culture of peace, empathy, and understanding. Together, we can create a world where non-violence is the catalyst for positive change.

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United States Commission on Civil Rights Releases Report: The Federal Response to Anti-Asian Racism in the United States

Based on extensive research, expert and public testimony, the report assesses the rise in anti-Asian hate crimes in the U.S. from 2019 through 2021



WASHINGTON /PRNewswire/ — Today, the United States Commission on Civil Rights releases the reportThe Federal Response to Anti-Asian Racism in the United States.  Based on extensive research, expert and public testimony, the report assesses the rise in anti-Asian hate crimes in the U.S. from 2019 through 2021, and the federal role in preventing and enforcing federal hate crime laws.

This report examines three main areas: 1) national trends and data regarding the rise of hate incidents and hate crimes against members of Asian communities; 2) local and state law enforcement’s prevention and reporting practices regarding hate crimes; and 3) federal efforts and policies that encourage greater participation in reporting hate crime incidents, as well as prosecution and enforcement efforts to prevent hate crimes.

“The report indicates that language barriers are impeding the reporting of incidents and that many incidents that do not meet the legal criteria for hate crimes, such as racial slurs or being spat on, still evoke fear but go unaccounted for in official statistics,” said Commission Chair, Rochelle Mercedes Garza. “Ultimately, the absence of adequate performance metrics poses a significant challenge in assessing the federal government’s effectiveness in combating the surge in hate crimes against the Asian community. While these barriers continue to exist, the Commission has outlined a holistic strategy to combat anti-Asian hate incidents, ranging from data collection improvements and legal enforcement to community support and education initiatives.”

“I am proud to have worked on the United States of America’s official, congressionally authorized, report on what’s been happening to our community since the dubbing of COVID-19 as the ‘China Virus’ inflicting people with the ‘Kung Flu’. Words matter, as this report shows,” said Commissioner Glenn Magpantay.

Agreed upon by a bi-partisan majority of Commissioners, the report contains the following Commission specific findings and recommendations – a first since 2019:


Data collection & reporting:

  • A major impediment to understanding the severity and magnitude of hate crimes against persons of Asian descent is the lack of comprehensive data.
  • The transition to the NIBRS data collection has been slow for some agencies: for 2021, the number of participating agencies within the FBI hate crime database was 11,834, compared to the 15,138 participating agencies for 2020 data, and many of the agencies that have not submitted 2021 data are the largest jurisdictions.


Training & Partnerships:

  • Prosecutors and law enforcement should vigorously investigate and prosecute hate crimes and harassment against Asian Americans.
  • First responders should be provided with training aimed at teaching a clear understanding of what constitutes a hate crime in their jurisdiction.

Language access:

  • Federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies and victim services need to identify critical deficiencies in Limited English Proficient (LEP) programs for individuals who need language assistance.

As part of the examination, the Commission held a public briefing on March 24, 2023, where Commissioners and Commission staff heard from subject matter experts such as government officials, academics, policy experts, law enforcement professionals, advocates, and impacted persons. The Commission also accepted written materials from the public for consideration in the final report.

The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights is the only independent, bipartisan agency charged with advising the President and Congress on civil rights and reporting annually on federal civil rights enforcement. Our 56 state and territory Advisory Committees offer a broad perspective on civil rights concerns at state and local levels. For more information about the Commission, please visit www.usccr.gov and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Contact: Angelia Rorison
[email protected]

SOURCE U.S. Commission on Civil Rights

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