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Synthetic Grass Putting Green Wows Guests with a Backyard Oasis



HIGHLAND, Utah /PRNewswire/ — Artificial grass offers more than just money-saving practicality; it also offers homeowners versatile design possibilities that will transform any home into an oasis. One Highland homeowner tasked Backyard Greens with installing a personal synthetic grass putting green in their backyard so they could practice their swing any time they pleased. By utilizing three different synthetic turf products, each with its own unique functional benefits, Backyard Greens achieved a breathtaking landscape design that checked all of its client’s boxes.

Backyard putting green installation in Highland, UT by Backyard Greens

Backyard Greens recently installed more than 2,250 square feet of Synthetic Grass Warehouse’s True PuttNature’s Best, and Pet Turf artificial grass in a home in Highland, UT. TigerTurf True Putt artificial grass, used for the putting green surface, features vibrant field green blade tones and has a pile height of one inch. With a 35-ounce face weight, it’s the premier choice for replicating the feel of a professional putting green. Everlast Pet Turf, used for the fringe, features dual field green and olive green blade tones, with a 1-inch pile height and 60-ounce face weight that makes it extremely durable and perfect for homes with pets. Everlast Nature’s Best, used for the surrounding landscape turf, has dynamic field green, lime green, and tan blade tones. Its 1.75-inch pile height and 67-ounce face weight make it ideal for homes with moderate foot traffic. All three SGW turf products are manufactured with UV inhibitors for long-lasting color that won’t fade with extended exposure to sunlight. All synthetic grass products from SGW are non-toxic, lead-free, and will drain at a rate of 30 inches of rain per hour per square yard.

Backyard Greens’s client was seeking a showstopping landscape design that would wow visitors and enhance the view of Zion National Park in the background. Backyard Greens met the challenge with 2,250 square feet of three distinctive SGW turf varieties, which created a dynamic and beautiful end result that highlighted the area’s natural beauty. “They asked for an installation that would shock visitors right when they walked in the home,” explains Backyard Greens owner Cecil Read. “The view that people see is out the back windows, across the fire pit on the patio, and over the synthetic green while you watch the sunset on the red rocks of Zion National Park in the distance.” In addition to enhancing Zion’s stunning backdrop, the homeowners wanted a low-maintenance solution that could withstand 105º summers and 35º winters while handling the foot traffic of many visitors, family, and friends. Backyard Greens knew that Synthetic Grass Warehouse had the turf products they needed to get the job done well.

Backyard Greens was founded in 2004 after Read purchased the tools of a failing synthetic turf franchise. “We started looking at all of the aspects of the synthetic turf business, the methods of installation, and the artistic vision of the installers,” Read explains. From there, they began specializing in recreational turf installation with a focus on putting greens. To date, Backyard Greens has completed more than 2,600 projects across eight states, and they hope to continue opening offices up and down the Wasatch Front and Rocky Mountain range. “We hope to keep installing quality projects,” Read says, “getting better at our craft, and soon, through our Turf University, teaching other installers how to do the work the correct way.”

Backyard Greens is Synthetic Grass Warehouse’s “Install of the Month” winner for May 2023.

Backyard Greens:
Backyard Greens proudly serves clients in Utah and throughout the western United States, offering residential and commercial artificial grass installation with a focus on synthetic turf putting greens. Backyard Greens has been in business since 2004 and continues to expand throughout the Rocky Mountain range. They specialize in recreational artificial grass installation, including putting greens, custom golf rooms, and pickleball courts. You can learn more about Backyard Greens by visiting their website at https://backyardgreens.com. They can also be found on Instagram (@backyard_greens) and Facebook (Backyard Greens).

About Synthetic Grass Warehouse, Inc.:
Synthetic Grass Warehouse is the exclusive national distributor for TigerTurf and Everlast brands of artificial grass products. Founded in 2004, Synthetic Grass Warehouse specializes in turf products designed for landscaping, pets, putting greens, and playgrounds. SGW provides same-day shipping on all turf orders. Learn more at https://www.syntheticgrasswarehouse.com.

SOURCE Synthetic Grass Warehouse, Inc.

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Consumer Corner

3 Ways to Use Propane in Your Home



(Family Features) A reliable, environmentally friendly energy source, propane can help power key home systems and appliances. Readily available in the United States, the portable, low-carbon energy source is stored on-site, meaning it’s always accessible to help keep homes running regardless of severe weather or other interruptions to the power grid.

Watch this video for helpful tips this season!

Consider these ways to integrate the clean energy source into your home from the experts at the Propane Education & Research Council:

Home Heating
Whether you use a furnace, fireplace or boiler to heat your home, propane can power your heating source in any climate. Propane-powered heating sources are highly efficient, typically cost less overall due to their longer expected lifespans and emit fewer greenhouse gases than electric or wood- or oil-burning alternatives.

Backup Power
When power from the electric grid is interrupted, a propane-powered generator can provide supplemental power in as little as 10 seconds to keep vital systems like smoke and fire detection, refrigeration, heating and cooling, Wi-Fi and other health and safety equipment operational for several days and nights. Plus, propane doesn’t degrade over time, unlike diesel or gasoline, making it an ideal standby power fuel.

Because of their high performance and energy efficiency, propane-powered appliances such as cooking ranges and stoves, clothes dryers and tankless water heaters can increase the value of a home and decrease the strain on the electrical grid. Generating fewer greenhouse gas emissions than their electric counterparts, propane-powered appliances can heat and cool quicker, reduce standby losses and dry clothing faster, reducing energy usage and cost.

Learn more about propane and its benefits at Propane.com/ForMyHome.


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Consumer Corner

Sunset Home Improvement Inc. Shares Essential Seasonal Home Maintenance Tips

Seasonal Maintenance From Sunset Home Improvement Inc.



SOUTH EASTON, MA, US /EINPresswire.com/ — As the seasons change, Sunset Home Improvement Inc., a leading provider of roofingsiding, and window services, emphasizes the importance of regular home maintenance to ensure durability and energy efficiency. With years of expertise, the company offers valuable advice for homeowners to prepare their homes for different seasons.

Man in a hard hat with a hammer working on roofing.

Spring: As the weather warms, it’s vital to inspect your home for winter damage. Sunset Home Improvement Inc. recommends checking your roof for missing shingles and ensuring that gutters and downspouts are clear of debris. This is also an excellent time to clean and inspect windows and siding for cracks or wear.

Summer: High temperatures and humidity can take a toll on your home. The experts at Sunset Home Improvement Inc. suggest ensuring proper attic ventilation to prevent heat buildup, which can extend the life of your roof. Inspecting and sealing windows and doors will keep your home cool and energy-efficient.

Fall: Preparing for colder weather is crucial. Homeowners should check for drafts and seal gaps around windows and doors. It’s also the time to inspect the siding for any damage and ensure that the roof is in good condition to withstand potential snow and ice.

Winter: During the colder months, it’s important to prevent ice dams by keeping the attic well insulated and ventilated. Checking window seals and siding integrity can also prevent heat loss and keep energy bills low.

Sunset Home Improvement Inc. not only offers these essential tips but provides top-notch service to address any home maintenance needs. Their dedication to quality workmanship and customer satisfaction makes them a go-to source for all home improvement projects.

About Sunset Home Improvement Inc.:
Sunset Home Improvement Inc. has established itself as a trusted leader in home improvement services. Specializing in roofing, siding, and window installations and repairs, the company prides itself on using high-quality materials, employing skilled craftsmen, and delivering exceptional customer service. Committed to enhancing and protecting homes, Sunset Home Improvement Inc. is a name synonymous with reliability and excellence in the home improvement industry.BrandRep

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Source: BrandRep

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Extreme Weather Prep



(Family Features) As one season gives way to another, fluctuating temperatures can lead to extreme weather that puts your personal safety and property at risk. Working ahead to anticipate potential problems and put preventive measures in place can give you peace of mind that you’re prepared if disaster strikes.

Create Communication Plans
Communication is a vital aspect of severe weather planning. If you know a storm is coming, it’s a good idea to charge smartphones so you have access to weather alerts and a direct connection to friends, loved ones and emergency personnel, even if you lose power. You may not have internet access after a storm, so make a list of emergency contacts and save a hard copy in a safe place. If there’s a chance you may become separated, help your children memorize your phone number and address.

Practice Severe Weather Drills
As a family, practice how to respond to various weather scenarios. Discuss who is responsible for what and where you’ll shelter, if needed. Consider details like who will secure doors and windows and who will be responsible for guiding pets to the shelter area. Drills give you a chance to make adjustments to your plans, and periodic refreshers ensure everyone is prepared to jump into action if a storm hits.

Stay Weather Aware
Keeping tabs on approaching severe weather is essential for planning ahead. Heed the advice of local forecasters if extreme weather conditions are developing. Monitor a storm’s progress so you can take proper precautions if your home is in its path. You may want to invest in a battery-powered weather radio so you can stay up to date even if you lose power.

Prepare Your Home
You may not be able to control whether a storm hits your home, but you can take some steps to minimize the harm if it does. Keeping vegetation trimmed and away from the house helps reduce the chance of damage. Ensure windows and doors are sealed and secure any loose items outdoors that may blow in the wind, including fixtures like shutters.

If you’re planning home renovations, or you’re in the market for a new home, consider building with disaster-resistant materials. Homes built with insulated concrete forms (ICFs), like those made by Nudura, are less susceptible to high-speed winds and impact from flying debris. ICF block construction means you are protected by layers of insulated expanded polystyrene foam and solid concrete, so in addition to standing up to serious storms, you can expect other benefits like energy efficiency, sound dampening and fire resistance.

Stock Up on Safety Supplies
When a storm is raging, you’ll be grateful for a stash of emergency supplies, including batteries, a rechargeable power source, flashlights, a battery-powered weather radio, non-perishable snacks and water, first aid supplies and at least a couple days’ worth of prescription medications. If you have small children, activities like coloring or activity books can help divert their attention from an extended visit to a storm shelter.

Find more insights into homes that can weather any storm at nudura.com/stormsafety.

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